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WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

The Natural

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Since WWE brought the brand split back in 2016, RAW and Smackdown Live wrestlers only come together in the Royal Rumble match and Survivor Series. The original brand split enforced the separate rosters as well, you had RAW vs. Smackdown Royal Rumble match and sometimes interpromotional matches at WrestleMania. This means where a wrestler goes means something.

Next week's RAW and Smackdown Live will host the 2018 Superstar Shakeup and I thought we could speculate moves in a catch all topic.

The one that comes straight to mind is the Miz going back to Smackdown Live, he never should have gone to RAW in the first place and now that Daniel Bryan is back, the feud can be resumed.

Jonathan Coachman far the fuck away.

What say you?

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6 minutes ago, The Green Meanie said:

Miz is def going to Smackdown. I'm also thinking both the US and IC titles are going to be switched.

Can we draft Coach to the unemployment line in place of Kevin and Sami?

Second all this and if you allow me, my tagged suggestion as to where Coach should go.

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36 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

Coach should be traded to espn for a dvd compilation of This is Sportscenter commercials.

Speaking of, Charley Steiner would make a great wrestling announcer.


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4 minutes ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

I'll be at this show I didn't know it'd be a "Shake Up" at the time.  Hopefully it's not a bunch of talking/segments.   

On one hand, be ready for disappointment.

On the other, you get Bayley/Banks.

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9 minutes ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

Was that announced?  I thought I heard it but I was kind of falling asleep during that final hour.  I hope they get an hour. 

They made it official today

Of course now I feel like they are literally doing the blow-off because Bayley is getting (rightly) moved to SDL

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Gotta figure Alexa and/or Mickie are going Smackdown, too. I'd bet one of Rollins/Balor is headed there. Jeff Hardy. Miz (or Daniel Bryan heads to Raw, necessitating a new GM there), Baron Corbin to Raw, Cass to Smackdown.

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Yeah SDL's main event from tonight makes it obvious Bryan is heading for Raw. I'm good with that, especially if we get Joe/Bryan and Roman/Bryan after Miz/Bryan.

The Usos challenging Bludgeon Bros makes its seem like they will likely go to Raw. Honestly I'm not big on any SDL teams moving to Raw with the Matt/Bray team being pushed. On the other hand I would love to see Revival moved to SDL.

Naomi to Raw seems like a nice idea. I would love to see her vs. Nia or maybe her and Sasha reform Team BAD.

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