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  1. That's my pal Alicia! Still so surreal to see her make it to this role and be featured on WWE/NXT TV
  2. The "next Holy Grail" discussion was brought up on WReddit and several suggested Hogan appearing on the Snake Pit and the crowd cheering when Jake attacked, and then the match the two had to follow up on that.
  3. Bray said he can now control the darkness, so perhaps he will be "happy" Bray until he's pushed too far. Kind of like a cross between the Hulk and Demon Balor
  4. I think this would be the beginning of the peak. As Fowler said above, this was the show that really sparked off the "must see" aspect of NXT. And I'd say it lasts maybe around to the time of the Nak/Sami match. Yes, still good to great after that, but the run with Sami right there in the mix was peak NXT for me personally.
  5. My brother and my sister-in-law made this documentary and are currently making the rounds on the festival circuit with it. It's good. Try to catch it if you can. Hopefully it gets picked up at some point and can end up on a major platform somewhere so everybody can see it.
  6. I'm guessing this is where the Loki TV series comes in, seeing as how he died in the original timeline. Interesting that the show will feature the 2012 Loki before his face turn, though
  7. Saw it again and have this question. They all had enough Pym Particles for one trip to the past and then back to the present. Present Nebula gets taken out by Past Nebula and Past Nebula takes her place. However, she is shown giving her Pym Particles to Thanos, yet somehow she is still able to jump back to the present and also follow up by bringing Thanos and his giant ship through the machine. So either Nebula used the Particles to jump or she used them to jump Thanos. Shouldn't be able to be both. And how did the entire ship shrink and come through then resize to full size? Also, what was Mantis doing in the battle? She's not a warrior. She was shown a few times during the battle, but never shown actually doing anything. Seems she would've been killed immediately by the actual warriors in the battle itself.
  8. Everybody hoping for a Rhea Ripley or whomever callup for Paige's tag team are going to be very disappointed when it turns out to be Nia and Tamina. They even already started setting it up with Paige on commentary during the Women's Tag match at Mania when Paige talked about Nia being her best friend.
  9. What are the chances that the gauntlet match takes up the entire show and Kofi goes for two full hours......and then gets screwed at the end?
  10. Wife and I watched Mother! last night. What the fuck was that? I mean, the metaphor was obvious, but...... what the fuck was that?
  11. Took awhile of racking my brain to figure it out without looking it up, but I believe this is the full card for Sunday, right? This is why a show between the Chamber and Mania is a bad idea. Can't throw away any big matches because Mania is right around the corner. No real time to build the matches because it's only been 3 weeks since the last show and it's only a month until Mania. So you end up with a card like this where several big names aren't on the show and everything is hastily thrown together. Bryan v Owens - WWE Title Asuka v Mandy - SDL Women's Title Usos v Miz/Shane - SDL Tag Titles Revival v Black/Ricochet v Glorious - RAW Tag Titles Bayley/Sasha v Tamina/Nia - Women's Tag Titles Shield v McIntyre/Corbin/Lashley Becky v Charlotte Rey v Andrade - Preshow
  12. I'm guessing we get Joe/Ali for the US title at Mania, although during that match I kept hoping for either Rey or Andrade to win the title so they could do a title vs mask/hair match at Mania.
  13. So just to recap Becky's story from the Rumble until now. Becky faces Asuka for the SDL Women's title and taps cleanly. She comes out later that night taking Lana's spot in the Rumble and ultimately wins the match and thus a title match at Mania. However, Becky's knee is"injured" so they tell her she has to go "get her knee checked out by WWE doctors" to be cleared for her Mania match. Becky doesn't want to as she's scared the McMahon's will screw her out of what she believes she deserves. She slaps HHH and beats up Stephanie to not have her knee looked at. However, Becky finally does get her knee looked at, apologizes to the McMahons, and is put in the main event match that she won at the Rumble. But then Vince takes her out of the match and replaces her with Charlotte and suspends Becky. Becky keeps coming out and interfering over the next couple of weeks and ultimately gets her knee re-injured. Instead of again needing her to be cleared, they now just say she needs to sign a "hold harmless agreement" and she's all good to go? Why go through 8 weeks of build around her knee to end up here? Seems like the underlying angle behind this is that Steph is still pissed at Becky, but brought her back (seemingly against her father's wishes) to save face with the company and fans, and to continue to look like she's trying to help and give the fans what they want, she puts Becky in a match with Charlotte so she can get BACK in the match at Mania. However, she knows Becky is injured and in a weakened state and does not expect Becky to be able to win her match with Charlotte, so the company gets Becky out of the way and they get the match they "really want" with Charlotte/Rousey at Mania. It sounded for a second like Cole was starting to explore this angle on commentary before getting drowned out by what was happening in the ring. But, either way, if you look at each beat of this "story" since the Rumble, it has been very convoluted and unnecessarily complex.
  14. I thought that they were going to have either Kofi pin Bryan again or have Owens take the pinfall loss for his team to further play in to the angle that Kofi deserves his title shot against Bryan and Owens doesn't. But Owens pinned Bryan clean. So there goes that.
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