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  1. Yes. It is a prequel set an undisclosed amount of time before the movie takes place, but most guesses are about 200-500 years (or trine) before the movie takes place. Starts out with 2-3 somewhat "slow" world building episodes to set everything up, then really takes off. I was thinking of watching it with my 5 year old son, but man....this show gets REAL and I think it would be too much for him. Definitely going to try to push my 12 year old step-daughter to watch it, though. I absolutely love it. I mean, I already have a huge love for the original film, so that may be a part of it, but I feel like the storytelling here is so good that even if I didn't love the movie and world so much that I'd have been completely sucked in to it anyway. There's also a really great 90 minute "making of" documentary about the series on Netflix as well. Check it all out.
  2. Where would we talk about The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix? Because God Damn does that show deserve to be talked about!
  3. Was surprised to see Brock show up, then remembered about the Fox premiere and that he'll likely win the title to give the "sports-like feel" to the show that Fox supposedly has been asking for.
  4. Both Elias and Corbin have been Shane lackeys for months. Shane steps in to replace Elias and wins. Then, at the PPV, they tease tension between Corbin and Shane leading up to the match, but when the bell rings Corbin lays down and we get King Shane. OR......Shane replaces Elias tonight and KO interferes to give Gable the win and to set up another match between KO and Shane. Neither are great ways for this to play out.
  5. Watching NXT TV right now and saw a commercial for clash of champions and it made me wonder. With the move to USA and NXT being a official 3rd brand, will NXT matches be added to future PPVs, and does this mean the end to Takeover events? Or will NXT just continue to be presented as is, and PPVs will still only be Raw and Smackdown with NXT getting their traditional takeover events?
  6. I went to see Ready or Not earlier today. I was the only one in the theater. It was a completely silly and absurd premise and a schlocky film all around, but I enjoyed it. The performances held it together. There was gore. Cringe moments. Light comedy to keep it grounded. And a crazy ending. I'll likely watch it again when it becomes available on whatever streaming platform it ends up on. Completely worth the matinee ticket and small popcorn price I paid for it.
  7. I'd assume with NXT now being on USA and an official "third brand" that they will be involved in this new Draft. There have been guys moved from NXT to the "main rosters" in the past, but now with them on USA, I can see some RAW and SDL guys being moved to NXT this time around as well.
  8. I wanna see him do that to Elias to advance to the finals in the KotR
  9. I haven't watched any of the Arrowverse stuff in about 2-3 years - and even then was just watching Flash and occasionally Arrow - but am properly intrigued by the Crisis stuff coming up. Should I try to catch up on anything beforehand, or just start watching when it all starts going down?
  10. So I saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. That.......was a movie. Huh. I mean, I can't say it was BAD, because the performances are all great. The individual scenes were great. But, yeah, there was no flowing narrative tying anything together at all. I'd be fully interested in watching the entire western that Leo was filming because the scenes they showed them shooting looked like it would've made for a good film. But, just.....what was this about? What was the story? Here's these two guys. They do stuff in late 60's Hollywood. And here's Sharon Tate. She does stuff too. Now they're getting robbed/killed by the hippies, but, NOPE. And THE END. So STRANGE.
  11. That's more thought than anybody on WWE's writing staff has given either of those ideas
  12. Guessing that Roman/Bryan doesn't happen as an actual match on Sunday, but more of the continuation of the angle. The show is already bloated enough as it is. Roman coming to the ring, calling out Bryan, Bryan reveals "it was him all along", they have a brawl, end of segment would be a good filler between some other matches to break up the flow a bit. And, yeah, using the "2nd biggest show of the year" to kick-start an angle rather than it being the blow off sounds dumb, but..........
  13. https://kapownewsblog.wordpress.com/2019/08/05/dctv-reportedly-casts-mark-hamill-as-joker-for-crisis-crossover/?fbclid=IwAR1wSxKg0OHwRxxYdxtq46J6PHIMdY4B6Jj_6swSo_HGOCk3Bxt4oFxKj5I
  14. 3 days off in a row has been the norm for quite awhile. But when you factor in the travel on the first day off to get home and the 3rd day off to get back on the road, it's always been just one real full day a week off for them. Grueling schedule, really. This new schedule seems like a good deal for the SmackDown crew, as at least once a month when there's a PPV, a lot of them will get another night off as a good majority will definitely not be booked on those shows. I wonder if they'll still have to travel to be at those shows even if they're not booked, or if they can wait to travel to the house show on Monday.
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