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  1. So Nakamura has to win the title at MitB, right? On one hand, it's only been 6 weeks since they had their first match together at Mania, but they've already seemed to run this feud in to the ground and I'm ready for it to be over. If Nakamura wins the title, that means the feud continues. On the other hand, if Nakamura loses, it makes him look horrible for never really getting a win over AJ the entire time, and then where does he go from there? I'm also still waiting for the "all time classic dream match" they've been talking about that lives up to the hype of their NJPW match, because none of them have been close to "classics" so far. I chalk that up to the poor booking of the match finishes rather than the guys involved, though.
  2. MonteCarl


    So, decided to watch WCW Spring Stampede 1999 on the Network. I'm only about 10 minutes in to the show (opening match a pretty awesome so far one between Juventud Guerrera and Blitzkreig) and already Tony Schivonne has made a crack about not even knowing Thunder aired "this past Thursday" after Mike Tenay was taking about the show, and then also mentioned about how fans are still filing in to the arena because their tickets have been comped. Way to put over your product, Tony.
  3. MonteCarl


    I don't know why that is such news. It's long been reported that the movie is going to be about the band leading up to and ending at their "revival" performance at Live Aid. And the rumors were that Cohen quit because the band wanted Freddie's death to happen at the halfway point of the movie and the rest of the film would be how they still persevered and went on without him after his death.
  4. MonteCarl


    So basically just a little after Luke and The Gang destroy the 2nd Death Star, kill Vader, and topple the Empire? Shouldn't things be "happy" during that time? Doesn't seem like much to base a series around. There are no more Jedi. The corrupt Empire is dead and the Republic is being rebuilt. Would it basically be how the First Order rose back up from the ashes of the Empire? I dunno, just seems an odd timeframe to set a new series.
  5. MonteCarl

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    I feel like after three qualifiers on each brand, they will do a battle royal with everybody (including losers from the other qualifying matches). Why else have the entire roster cutting promos on how they'll qualify and enter the MitB? It's not like Kurt Angle is going to give The Ascension or Zach Ryder actual qualifying matches. And, like you said, there are some other "big names" already out of the MitB match because of the qualifiers they've already run, so putting Ruby Riott or Peyton Royce or Kevin Owens, etc in a "Last Chance Battle Royal" makes sense.
  6. MonteCarl


    Ask Charles Robinson about that one
  7. MonteCarl

    YOUR SOUL... IS MINE! - SDL - 5/1/2018

    Where's Sanity? EDIT: Also, did Lana finally drop her accent?
  8. MonteCarl

    [NXT] April 25, 2018 TV Show

    They'd get slimed if they said "I don't know" They'd get "watered" if they said the word "water"
  9. Don't know if it was mentioned before, but John Cena was on Chris Hardwick's ID10T podcast a few weeks ago. It was interesting to hear John talk "inside Baseball/Wrestling", drop the F-bomb a few times, and then talk about how much he loves Nikki and wants to get married and have kids with her (this was taped a little before Mania and pre-breakup)
  10. MonteCarl


    It was good for a 45 minute introspective on a life story that could easily take up more than 2 hours. The early stuff was very interesting to see, and I don't think I've ever seen footage of Vince Sr speaking before, so that was pretty cool. The handheld footage from in the crowd the night Bruno lost to Koloff was cool, too. I'm sure the footage has been around for a long time, but I had never seen it. Overall, yeah, not a bad way to spend 45 minutes.
  11. MonteCarl

    The Netflix Thread

    Wife and I watched The Ritual the other night on a whim. It was good. Dunno what else to really add other than that. But I'd say if you're home on a Thursday night with nothing else to do/watch and are flipping around trying to find something, you could do worse.
  12. MonteCarl

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    I may put it on in the background during the day at home and try to sit down and watch some of it while my kid is napping, but I'll likely wait until Sunday to watch it and then only watch the Rumble and the matches that have gotten good buzz, if any.
  13. MonteCarl

    The Walking Dead.

    Ah, so now Fear is just another group trying to survive in the exact same world and time as the original? The whole hook for me when Fear started was that it was taking place right at the beginning of the apocolypse, so I thought it would be interesting to see how it was handled when shit started going down. But then they burned through the entire "beginning" in the first handful of episodes. And then every character was horrible and unlikable. That's when I tuned out. I've heard OK things about Fear recently, but still don't think I'll be checking it out.
  14. MonteCarl

    The Walking Dead.

    I haven't watched Fear since the first season, and I didn't even finish that. So I'm curious how Morgan fits in with them, because aren't/weren't they in LA? And Morgan was in Atlanta. Did the Fear group migrate East, or Morgan went West before the heading back East again to eventually catch up with Rick and Co a couple of years later?
  15. MonteCarl

    Bruno Sammartino has died

    So, Bruno was 82. That cage match was in 1986, 32 years ago. He was 50 years old in that cage match, and considered retired and "past his prime". Taker is 53. Hogan and Flair both wrestled in to their 50s. HHH is 48. Just wondering why Bruno "retired" at such a young age, even when other guys like Bockwinkle and Gagne stuck around in to their older years as well.