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  1. I was at Walmart earlier today (looking for the new MOTU Origins, which they had none of) and saw my first AEW fig in the wild. A black haired Kenny Omega. They also had the ring and AEW title.
  2. So happy for Rohit for winning the title. He's a friend of mine and it's so cool to see him get the big win.
  3. So I found out today via a random message on Facebook that I likely have a "long lost" half brother. This guy's wife sent me a message as such, and the information she gave points to this happening about a year before my parents were married. He would've been born two and a half months before their wedding, so the conception would've been a year before. I don't remember all the full details of my parent's courtship, but I believe it was brief, just a couple of months, and they were married right before he was shipped out to Vietnam, so the timeline does match up. She told me that my dad did kn
  4. I really truly hope that the Best Match Ever starts with Randy Orton just kicking Edge square in the sack as soon as the bell rings and then beating him down with a chair for 2 minutes before walking away as the announcers cry about Randy ruining the Best Match Ever and the whole thing just being a ploy for Randy to get revenge from Mania.
  5. Would Tito winning the title be relative to when Jinder won it?
  6. Why was it that Fantismo advanced in the tournament over Tozawa when they both are at 2-1, yet the others in Group A with the 2-1 record will have a triple threat to see who advances?
  7. I'd love for Seth to pull a Mac from Always Sunny and gain 50 lbs and develop a Dad Bod over the next few weeks/months as he starts to lose focus in the ring because he's busy at home preparing for the upcoming birth of his child.
  8. I watched the making of TROS documentary in the Extras on Disney+ and while they were going through I was thinking "Yeah, that was a good part. Oh yeah, that part was cool. I liked that part" etc, despite otherwise not really liking the movie as a whole. Then I figured out that the movie is basically a big spot fest. Lots of neat little moments when thinking back or watching a scene out of context, but when put all together from beginning to end, it just doesn't gel and nothing really means anything. I think this movie was the most disappointing for me out of them all, even the prequels. I ha
  9. I've noticed whenever there's a squash match, they refer to the "jobber on duty" as NAMEOFGUY, from NXT. Yet the guy is not somebody who is a featured NXT performer, just somebody training at the PC. Point being, why would anybody who hasn't watched NXT be inclined to tune in on Wednesday nights when the job guys on RAW and SD are so-called "NXT Performers"? Doesn't make NXT look very great as a brand.
  10. I'm unable to log in to the Network both on my Roku as well as on my phone. Would be fun if the Network crashed on top of all the other craziness that has happened with the show this year.
  11. Since there will be no crowd, they can pretape and edit every match beforehand so nothing has to be LIVE. I say go all out with that and film/edit every match like an over produced action movie. Why not go all in with the thing at this point?
  12. Showerthought for the day: Why aren't there "near two counts"? Like, I've seen plenty of times where somebody kicks out JUST before the two count, but the ref still counts two even though the opponent has kicked out. If a ref is able to stop their count so quickly when it's a kickout right before 3, they should also be able to do it on 2. Carry on
  13. I don't mind that the EC has become the lead-in to Mania for the "other" main title shot. One brand gets their title match decided at the Rumble, the other brand gets their title match decided the next month in the EC. Makes each brand's contender earn their shot. That, of course, was thrown out this year when Reigns just decided he wanted the title shot, but.....y'know. WWE gotta WWE.
  14. Make it a TV Title that is defended every week. The challenger each week is "randomly" drawn from anybody currently in the Top 10 ranking.
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