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  1. Since there will be no crowd, they can pretape and edit every match beforehand so nothing has to be LIVE. I say go all out with that and film/edit every match like an over produced action movie. Why not go all in with the thing at this point?
  2. Showerthought for the day: Why aren't there "near two counts"? Like, I've seen plenty of times where somebody kicks out JUST before the two count, but the ref still counts two even though the opponent has kicked out. If a ref is able to stop their count so quickly when it's a kickout right before 3, they should also be able to do it on 2. Carry on
  3. I don't mind that the EC has become the lead-in to Mania for the "other" main title shot. One brand gets their title match decided at the Rumble, the other brand gets their title match decided the next month in the EC. Makes each brand's contender earn their shot. That, of course, was thrown out this year when Reigns just decided he wanted the title shot, but.....y'know. WWE gotta WWE.
  4. Make it a TV Title that is defended every week. The challenger each week is "randomly" drawn from anybody currently in the Top 10 ranking.
  5. I remember a talking point about "giving away PPVs" on the Network being that WWE would actually make more money that way because 100% of the Network money goes right back to them, but they have to split a percentage of the PPV money several ways before WWE got their share. Also, with the PPV model, there would be PPV Parties where one person gets the show and many people show up to watch it. With the Network, the thought was that every one of those people who would go to a PPV Party would now subscribe to the Network, ultimately ending with with more revenue that way as well.
  6. Fiend drops the title to Goldberg at SuperShowdown, then goes on to beat Cena at Mania to get his heat back. Reigns wins the Chamber and goes to Mania against Goldberg to win the title. Reigns/Fiend post-Mania feud for months and months until all of Reigns's good will and any interest that is left in the Fiend is completely gone.
  7. Beat me to it with this reply. Yes, Becky just beat Asuka with the Rock Bottom in their last match on RAW. The one where Shayna attacked her afterwards. I don't recall Becky ever really using it or winning a match with it before that.
  8. I hate spam finisher matches. Cole hit a Sunrise on the floor on the outside. 3 minutes later it's like it never happened as Chiampa is right back up and delivering offense. That should've been a death move. Imagine Randy Savage ramming Ricky Steamboat's throat into the railing and less than 5 minutes later Steamboat is on the top rope hitting Savage with the crossbody. I don't wanna sound like an out of touch old timing, but it just don't make sense. And after all that, a weak belt shot is enough to keep Chiampa down. No, I did not like the main event
  9. Nikki Bella had multiple title reigns, including the longest continuous reign in the company at the time and headlined the first ever women's only PPV against Ronda Rousey. Brie......um.....married Daniel Bryan?
  10. Thank you to those who posted their support and thoughts on my unemployment situation. After having a few days to process and think about this, I am choosing the positive route in my thinking. This will be a good thing, ultimately. I don't think I'll ever get another job that pays what I was getting paid at my current job, but my wife is about to get a raise, plus she is tapped for a promotion next year that will close to double her salary. I have confidence that I can get a somewhat decently paying job and we won't be any worse off than we are now. Our only concern is our health benefits. Her job does offer insurance, but it's not great. I will likely take a month or two off to actually be home with the family before I start seriously looking for a job. I work 2nd shift and 4 days a week am not at home at night to be there for dinner, to put my son to bed, to go to his karate classes with him, and generally just be around. I'm really looking forward to being home. So, yeah. A huge turning point in our lives. It will be very strange to be back in the hunt for a new job, and then to start all over again at the bottom of the ladder. But it will be ok. It won't be easy, but we'll make it work.
  11. I just got news that the position at my current job being terminated. I have been at this job for 22 years. It is the only real job I've ever had. I have no other work experience outside of a few retail jobs I had as a kid, and that was over 20 years ago. My wife and I are barely scraping by right now as it is. There is no way I'm going to find a job that pays me what I've been making at this job. Really trying to figure this out right now, and don't know what's going to happen. I will get a severance package that will last us about 6 months, so that's good. I do hate my job, but stuck with it because the money and the benefits were good. I just don't know what I'm going to be able to do to help keep my family afloat. I really don't want to go back in to the same field, but my work experience is very limited. Just kind of freaking out right now and am worried about what we're going to be able to do.
  12. They seemingly moved on from Liv/Lana and on to Liv/Riott, so back to 5.
  13. Thoughts on who will be announced as his match at the Saudi show? Maybe Goldberg/Reigns?
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