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  1. Got my account set up and the app installed, but I can't get anything to actually play in the app. This is on both my Roku as well as on my phone. Keep getting connection errors. Launch day issues, I know, but my first 10 minutes so far have not been pleasant
  2. Jumping right in to The Mandalorian first thing tomorrow morning. And I'm going to try to see if my 5 year old will be at all interested in the 90's X-Men cartoon.
  3. I agree. She could've fallen against the ropes and used them as support as she fell to the mat and writhed in pain. But instead, she treated it more like she got shampoo in her eyes in the shower.
  4. Everybody is giving "creative" crap for this Shorty G stuff, but have there been any reports saying who's idea all this is? Michael Hayes? Bruce Pritchard? Or maybe Chad Gable came up with it, including the horrible outfit, and he just has bad, cheesy taste. Not making excuses for the bad idea, but it has happened before where everybody crapped on a bad idea or bad booking or a bad gimmick name and it came out later that the talent was the one who came up with it.
  5. There was a show on the Network at this time called Breaking Ground, which was a docuseries "behind the scenes" thing about the PC and NXT, of which Aliyah was a significant part of. As was Bayley and Carmella and a few others. It was actually a really good show and I wish it were still on.
  6. So at the end we hear Luke say "The Force Will Be With You", much like Obi Wan said to him after his trench run on the Death Star in A New Hope. But the LEIA is the one who says "Always" after. Is this possible foreshadowing Leia's death and becoming a Force Ghost along with Luke to help guide Rey on her journey?
  7. Drake to SD and Truth to RAW? Poor Drake. Now he'll never get to consummate his marriage
  8. My thoughts on the Draft, as if anybody cares: Overall, the entire Draft concept was poorly done and a total flop. Moving forward, though, I think it looks like RAW will actually be the better show based on their roster they now have. Usually it's been SD that has the more "workrate" roster, but now with Heyman in charge of RAW and SD on FOX, that has shifted. Obviously, none of the current champs were going to switch shows, so they just should've said that the champs are ineligible to be in the draft. Solves that one problem. Also gives a bit of weight to any title matches they may have had leading up to the Draft as the champs would want to retain or the challengers want to win to stay on their current brand. And it would've meant a little more when the Raiders then won the RAW titles and Ziggler/Roode were immediately then drafted away to SD. I mean, I just came up with that in 30 seconds. It doesn't take long to add a little logic to these things. And Charlotte Flair gets drafted two rounds before the current SD champ Bayley. Way to put over your champ. On one had, I kind of understand from a TV and storytelling standpoint keeping some "bigger names" like Corbin and Nak and Rey in the pool for the later rounds so that every round had a few upper card guys in them to make every round seem more interesting. However, thinking from kayfabe, it ultimately just makes those guys look worse when low card guys like Lucha House Party and Humberto Carillo get drafted before them. I think maybe only the very first Draft when Heyman and Bischoff were on stage trying to outdo each other as GMs of the brands was the only time they did a "draft" correctly. Each pick seemed to make sense and it seemed like they were actually trying to out pick the other strategically. Ever since, it has been horrible. I think the "shakeup" idea was much better. Keeps things more as a surprise where you don't know who's been moved until they come out and made for more interesting TV. Could've even said that FOX and USA already did the draft behind the scenes and we have to wait until the show airs to find out who was moved.
  9. For the champions, I believe in the past when a branded champ was drafted to the other brand, they still competed on the show they held the championship for, but once they lost it they were moved to the brand they were drafted to. I don't know if I'm making that up or if it's something that did actually happen at least once, but that's how I feel like I remember it
  10. I think tiny, cute, heel Kiari Sane may quickly become one of my favorite acts in all of wrestling
  11. If this were RAW, they'd start with the title match, have it go 15 minutes and end in a DQ when the rest of UE interfere. which would bring out Street Profits and Velveteen Dream to even the odds. That would then set up the "main event" 8 man tag of Riddle/Dream/Profits v UE.
  12. He can just get Matt the Radar Tech to order it for him
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