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  1. Jindher Mahal and John Cena Naomi, Nia Jax, and Ruby Riott
  2. I'm at work tonight and my wife sends me this text: He (5yo son) wanted me to put my jammies on and I went to the bedroom and closed the door and started changing. He opens the door a little and says "Julius (our cat) wants you. He'll probably attack your boobs though." I'm like "What?? Why??" He said "He'll probably think they're lasers or something. You've got little bumps on them." He shrugs lightly and casually walks out the door.
  3. So I just finished watching Episode I beginning to end for the first time in years. It.....was not bad. I mean, Jake Lloyd's acting was bad. The writing of a lot of that dialogue was really poor. But overall, not as much hate for it as I remember. Even Jar Jar wasn't THAT bad. I just wish that they had given him some sort of character redemption in the Battle of Naboo. Everything he did was by clumsy mistake. Let him step up there and take charge and actually show some real worth. But instead he's tripping over droids and falling off of transports. If he had shown some actual skill there, I think it would've made for a good character arc and there wouldn't be as much hate for him as there is/was. But, overall, yeah....I dare say I may even have LIKED it. Could be after years of Star Wars intake on my part that I fully grasp the storyline he was trying to tell now instead of it being more of a confusing mess of trade disputes and bureaucracy. Maybe I'll try watching Episode II again and see how that holds up. I currently have Attack of the Clones as the worst of all 9 movies. I just remember the "romance" between Anakin and Padme being so awful that it brought the whole movie down. We'll see.
  4. Why the assumption that if Reigns wins he goes after Brock? I feel like Brock being in the match itself purposely sets up for somebody from Smackdown (or NXT in a long shot) to win the whole thing, and Reigns getting that win to go on to Mania and be the one to finally put down The Fiend seems like the story to go with. Whomever eliminates Brock will be Brock's Mania opponent. And Cain Velasquez did announce that he is going to be in The Rumble, so..........
  5. Pretty sure I remember when the Network came out and the Benoit question was asked, they said that while they were not editing him out of shows anymore (which they did do on the old WWE 24/7 channel, I believe), they would not explicitly promote his segments or matches anywhere on the Network. Thus, he will not be involved in search results or advertised in the descriptions of any shows or PPVs. Outside of going back to completely taking him out of the shows, I feel like that's the best way they could handle it.
  6. Taz is looking like Gabriel Iglesias
  7. A lot of people (rightfully) crap all over the Lana/Lashley angle, but I'd say whatever this Erik Rowan thing is way worse. Only thing that it has going for it is that it's segments are like 3-4 minutes rather than 10-15. It makes no real sense and no matter what it ends up being in the cage, it can't translate to anything good in the ring or a true compelling story. Who is going to get over with this? It's just dumb all around. What is the point of Rowan's new pet??
  8. My guess is the Keaton clip in the trailer is the end credits scene and that Keaton will not be in the film proper. But, put him in the trailer to trick more people in to showing up in theaters. Anybody else see the Spider-Man poster on the wall while Morbius walks by? Has "Murderer" spray-painted on it. Sony linking their films to the MCU? Was this perhaps a part of the Marvel/Sony agreement over Spider-Man rights?
  9. A few weeks ago, RAW was full of squash matches using some JTTS guys (Ryder, Tozawa, etc) with a "big" match at the top of each hour, and I personally loved it. It seemed like the live crowd was more in to the show beginning to end, as well, as the squash matches were kept sub 5 minutes and still entertaining enough to keep interest, and they were more in to the longer "main event" matches as well. I was hopeful they'd go to that as a regular format, but.....not so much.
  10. Finally saw it again earlier today. I liked it better upon 2nd viewing. The little things that bothered me on first viewing didn't bother me as much. I caught a bit more of the dialogue and story I missed the first time around that helped out a bit. It's still in 3rd place out of the new trilogy, and it's still far from a perfect movie, but it's better than I thought immediately after the first viewing. I think my biggest issue is that it's supposed to be the big ending. 40 years and 9 movies later, it's supposed to tie up the Skywalker Saga, but so many strings were left dangling at the end. It seemed to have opened up just as many if not more things that it closed, like yet another trilogy was being set up. Or a TV show on Disney+ with Poe and Zorii and Babu Frick detailing Poe's past life with them. I think there's just too much talent involved and too much good in it to outright call it BAD. It's kind of like how I talk about current WWE with a co-worker. They just have too great a talent roster to say that they are a bad show. I don't exactly like the overall story telling, and there are some pretty bad moments throughout if you focus on them, but if you get Cesaro in the ring with Mustafa Ali and let them go for 10 minutes, that 10 minutes is going to be great no matter if the storytelling of why they are in the ring together is good or not. ROS is chock full of great moments and wonderful performances, even if the overarching story from beginning to end may be lacking. I'm one who actually did like The Last Jedi, so that puts ROS in 3rd place in this trilogy and pretty far down my list of favorite overall SW films, but it's way better than ANY of the prequel films. Maybe a 5.5 out of 10
  11. Been watching Star Wars: Rebels on Disney+ with my 5 year old recently. It's really good. I haven't watched Clone Wars. I've tried. Started it up and watched a few episodes a number of times, but it never clicked with me. This did right away, with me and the kid. Now he's asking to watch Rebels in the morning instead of PJ Masks. Way better.
  12. With the Usos returning last night, what about the possibility of Naomi winning the Rumble? Or at least being the SD challenger for their Women's title
  13. For Ryback, I had figured they were going to head to a Ryback vs The Shield match at Mania. Ryback had been screwed so many times by The Shield, I could've seen him asking for a match against all of them in a gauntlet match. The Shield were undefeated at the time, and my fantasy booking had him beating Ambrose and Rollins before finally getting beat by Reigns. Makes Ryback still look strong, but technically The Shield wins in the end and stays undefeated. Instead, he gets dropped in to a last minute feud with Mark Henry and losing on a fluke pin, and that's when his push and overall mystique really ended.
  14. It was the medal Leia was holding on her death bed, so it was likely Han's medal from ANH. Something that would likely mean a lot to him for multiple reasons, much more than a consolation prize
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