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    I have that Elias shirt and have twice been asked about who Elias is and where I saw him in concert since the dates on the back don't include a stop in Michigan.
  2. #205LIVE

    So..... an Alexander/Murphy or Alexander/Gulak final?
  3. Fastlane IV - 3/11/2018

    I'm thinking multi-team tag match at Mania with the Bludgeon Bros taking the titles
  4. In Your House

    On a whim, decided to watch the 2011 Elimination Chamber show. Really good show with a hot crowd from beginning to end. Even the opening match with Kofi and del Rio had the crowd really going. Both Chamber matches were really good. This was peek heel Michael Cole, but it wasn't really too bad in this show other than the Miz/Lawler match. I remember being totally against Miz as Champ back then, but he held his own and was great on the mic in his pre-match interview. I always gave Miz props for his mic work, but didn't think he had it in the ring until recently. Was I just too involved in my own "smarkiness" at the time to give Miz his due in the ring? Or was this match an anomoly? I mean, I do remember the ladder match with King on RAW being good as well. Kind of makes me want to revisit some of The Miz's other matches from around this time. Any recommended matches of his from then, or should I not bother?
  5. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    Why do people still stick to this idea that it is a WWE Only HoF? It is a HoF created by Vince and WWE, for sure, but they are clearly reaching for it to be an all encompassing Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame. They have inducted many guys who never even wrestled with WWE, and many more who may have had a cup of coffee with WWE but obviously made their names and built their HoF careers in other companies. That said, DDP's run in WCW was HoF-worthy. He was #2 face in the #1 company during the hottest run wrestling has ever had in the US, and he's one of a very few guys who would be considered "home grown WCW superstars". His WWE run was pathetic and WWE botched him far worse than WCW botched Bret Hart.
  6. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    I'm pretty sure MMC is not canon, otherwise they would've played up the Braun/Alexa "budding romance" thing from two weeks ago on RAW. Plus, lots of heels teaming with faces and such. No mention of RAW or SD storylines on MMC, or vice versa.
  7. WrestleMania XXXIV

    I figure as we're right at the beginning of "WrestleMania Season", we might as well have a thread to discuss the build over the next couple of months, as well as begin the speculation on what the final card will be for the show. With so many titles between the two shows, there end up being so many matches on the shows now. I took my crack at trying to put together a card featuring everybody I could in prominent roles on the show. And with rumors that the Andre Battle Royal will play a bigger part in the show this year, that also opens it up to some of the other bigger names to still have a spot to shine. I came up with this 14 match on the main show card with 3 matches on the pre-show. In the past when I've tried coming up with the final Mania card this early........I've been way off. So I guess we'll see how I do this year. Brock Lesnar v Roman Reigns - WWE Universal Title AJ Styles v Shinske Nakamura - WWE World Title The Miz v Finn Balor - IC Title Bobby Roode v Rusev v Jinder Mahal v Randy Orton - US Title Alexa Bliss v Nia Jax - RAW Women's Title Charlotte v Asuka - SD Women's Title Cedric Alexander v Neville - Cruiserweight Title The Bar v Rollins/Ambrose v The Revival v Good Brothers - RAW Tag Titles Ronda Rousey/Braun Strowman v Stephanie McMahon/HHH John Cena v Undertaker (or Elias) Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn v Shane McMahon/Daniel Bryan Sasha Banks v Bayley Bray Wyatt v Matt Hardy - Ultimate Deletion Match Andre Battle Royal Winner = Samoa Joe Becky/Naomi/Natalya v Riott Squad - PreShow Pete Dunn v Tyler Bate - UK Title - Preshow The Usos v Bludgeon Bros - SD Tag Titles - Preshow
  8. #205LIVE

    Surprised Roddy won. What do they do with Itami at this point? I figured it would be Itami and Alexander in the finals at Mania. And along with Roddy slipping and calling him Kenta, Nigel also called him Kobashi at one point.
  9. WWE Champions

    I actually unlocked quite a few new guys recently - Yoko, Mankind, Shawn, Shield Ambrose. Guys who a few months ago I would've been super stoked to have and use. But they just sit now at the bottom of my roster list unloved and unused.
  10. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Greatly looking forward to Season 2 of Legion

    Well, there was that ONE guy who was paralyzed by Marty Jannetty
  12. WWE Champions

    They should do an event where they allow us to just bundle all the leftover crap all together and get rid of them to unlock more Titus O'Neil and Dean Ambrose TP posters

    Visually, this looks amazing. However, the dialogue used in the trailer is very cliche and, well, boring. "I'm putting together a crew" "I've been running scams on the street since I was 10 years old" "I might be the only one who knows who you really are" "I'm going to be a pilot. The best in the galaxy". Is this Star Wars or Fast and Furious? However, it is written by Lawrence Kasdan, so I'm hoping that these lines were just for the trailer and that the movie itself contains better dialogue and story. I was skeptical of this movie since it was announced. The trailer doesn't do much to help with that. I'm hoping I'm wrong.

    LT won when Salt and Peppa sang him to the ring at WM11 Sasha lost when Snoop rapped her to the ring laat year.

    Must be one of those springy ones, and that's how he's able to make the jump