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  1. MonteCarl


    Andrade is the latest victim to lose his last name in WWE. RIP "Cien" Almas
  2. MonteCarl

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    Maybe Naomi puts in a phone call to an old friend and we get the reunion we've all been waiting for!! #BringBackTheFunkadactyls
  3. Man....mid-2000s Smackdown was a weird world
  4. MonteCarl

    My NXT project

    I remember when they called up Emma and tried to re-create the entire program/comedy match on the main roster, and it just did not get over in the same way. I don't think Emma ever really recovered and got a true shot on the main roster. Probably the first example of something that got over with NXT not translating to the main roster, as they never ever truly explained Emma to the main roster audience. She just showed up in the audience for a few weeks, Santino plucked her out of the crowd, and away they went. And they still don't seem to have figured out how to do a proper NXT to main roster call-up.
  5. MonteCarl


    Aw man....are they going back to being live after SDL is over? I feel like it being taped before SDL really helped the show.
  6. Oh yeah. Tegan Nox, not Kai. Kai wasn't in the tourney. Just swapped the two due to them being tag partners. My bad.
  7. MonteCarl


    In last true King of the Ring PPV in, I think....2002?.....the one where Brock won, the winner was given a title shot at that year's SummerSlam. That lead to the Rock/Brock match with "PURE SPORTS BUILD!!!". Anyway, I liked that they added that stip to the tourney to give it a bit more meaning. And then, of course, they got rid of KotR the following year.
  8. I thought that Toni not becoming UK champ was because of the injury to Dakota Kai in the Mae Young tourney. I believe Dakota was slated to win that whole thing, but she got injured. They changed the booking on the fly and Toni ended up winning the MYC instead, and they changed the UK tourney to Rhea winning the belt. So now Toni finally getting the title is where they wanted it to be from the beginning. That is how I thought it went, but I could completely be wrong.
  9. MonteCarl

    SDL Is The Body of 1000 Hemsworth Brothers - 1/8/2019

    How are piledrivers banned, but leaping Canadian Destroyers are not? Carmella looked pretty good in the main event. Didn't seem completely out of place in there with Charlotte and Becky. Surprised Becky won, but Ronda interfering in her match to cost her the title and then Charlotte winning the Rumble is a decent way to set up the Triple Threat at Mania with those three. Wonder who will end up challenging Asuka for the title at Mania? Naomi? Nikki?
  10. MonteCarl

    Raw is #FTR - 1/7/2019

    I dunno what was up with that Braun segment. I think that whatever may have been lined up for Braun,he killed it dead last night with that horrible performance. It's like they either let him go out there with free reign as a test to say whatever he wanted and he froze, or he completely blanked on what he was scripted to say and he froze. There was a huge pause in the middle there where he just had the blankest of blank stares on his face, then his lips started moving a little like he was trying to remember what he was supposed to say but couldn't get it out. Either way, he looked horrible in that segment, killed any mystique he still had left, and I wouldn't be surprised if whatever was in store for him is over. EDIT: Wanted to add this real quick. This is an old friend of mine, Alicia, doing the interview of Sasha/Bayley. She was recently hired by WWE and has been doing similar work as this with NXT the last two months, but his is her first time "on RAW". Pretty cool to see somebody I know getting on WWE TV.
  11. Man, I have a whole coffee table book about this very subject at home somewhere. I'll have to dig it out to take and post some pics
  12. Saw this posted on Reddit and found it interesting. It's a list of the most losses on RAW from the beginning of the show in 1993 to the end of 2018. Chris Jericho 206 Kane 182 The Miz 156 Dolph Ziggler 154 Randy Orton 148 Triple H 142 Christian 135 Cody Rhodes 132 Big Show 132 Kofi Kingston 127 Edge 125 Goldust 120 Cesaro 116 Sheamus 113 Jeff Hardy 109 Jack Swagger 108 Matt Hardy 107 Alicia Fox 103 Bubba Ray Dudley 100 Mark Henry 95 John Cena 95 Curtis Axel 95 Santino Marella 94 Seth Rollins 83 Val Venis 82 Heath Slater 81 D-Von Dudley 80 Mickie James 80 JBL 79 Titus O’Neil 78 Test 77 Shelton Benjamin 76 William Regal 76 R-Truth 73 Billy Gunn 73 Carlito 72 John Morrison 71 Ric Flair 70 Zack Ryder 70 Trish Stratus 69 X-Pac 67 RVD 67 Brie Bella 66 Shawn Michaels 65 Alberto Del Rio 65 CM Punk 64 Kurt Angle 63 Victoria 63 The Rock 61 A-Train 61
  13. So i'm watching this show right now, and suddenly there is no commentary track at all. It was there for the opening women's match then it went to commercial, and when it came back, no commentary for the Forgotten Son match. Rest of the audio is there, just no commentary. Commercial again, Velveteen Dream video package, and now commentary track is back. Weird.