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  1. MonteCarl

    SDL is 8 Years in the Making - 8/14/18

    Not a big fan of the "family" stuff they're doing with the Joe/AJ build. Not only is it lame, it's kind of against the character of Joe they've built up over two years as just a guy who wants to kick everybody's ass. Why does he need to do these mind games by bringing AJ's family in to it? It should just be about Joe wanting to whoop AJ and take the title and leave him laying.
  2. I feel like I'm being gaslighted or something here, because I could SWEAR the argument as presented earlier was that the sidewalk slam was not the same as the Dino Bravo/Kevin Nash side slam and that the actual sidewalk slam was what we all know as the belly to back suplex. Either that or my reading comprehension is way off. But.....whatever. Not going to mix it up further with anybody over names of wrestling moves.
  3. MonteCarl

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    So, looking at the SummerSlam card, SDL has 6 matches, RAW has 5, and then the Cruiserweight title. Is this the first time SDL has had more matches on a show than RAW? Especially a "major" show like SummerSlam?
  4. Not saying you're wrong, but........I'd like you to cite an instance of a belly to back suplex being called a sidewalk slam. I'm not one to really care much about what moves are called what, but the belly to back and the side suplex are two different moves. In my 30+ years watching wrestling, I've always heard the Dino Bravo/Kevin Nash side slam version called the sidewalk slam and have never once seen nor heard of the belly to back called a sidewalk slam. Again, not saying you're wrong, but until I see or hear it cited any other way at any point within the last 40 years then, well.......you're wrong.
  5. MonteCarl

    [NXT] August 8, 2018 TV Show

    This was my first time ever seeing Keith Lee. Dude oozes charisma. Very cool finisher, too. Never saw a fireman's carry into a powerslam. They did give the German guy too much offense, but Keith came off as a major star in this match. He could really go places on the main roster if they let him.
  6. MonteCarl

    WWE EVOLUTION (All Women's PPV) - 10/28/2018

    I am not getting involved in the hair color/who's a "star" debate, but want to address a point brought up several posts back saying there is only ever one female storyline going on at a time. Currently on RAW the female storylines are: Alexa Bliss v Ronda Rousey as the upcoming title match, the Sasha/Bayley "frenemys" thing that has been going on for months, and Ember Moon vs each member of the Riott Squad. Three ongoing "stories" for the women unfolding over the last 4-6 weeks. On SD, there has been the steady climb back to the top of Becky Lynch as she tries to get back to the title and now that Charlotte is back she is in the mix which will likely lead to a Becky/Charlotte side feud, Asuka v Carmella/Ellsworth was going on for two months as a featured story on the show, and recently Zelena Vega and Lana have been a side story to the Rusev/Almas feud. SD has one less hour to fill than RAW, though, so it seems the women there don't get as much. Are these ALL top tier stories? Not at all, but they are all given time on each show and shows that there is a bit more than just one storyline per show for the women's division.
  7. What was the WCW show that had the Dustin Rhodes/Blacktop Bully match on the back of a moving truck and the debut of the Renegade? Because that would be it for me. Uncensored 1995. Yeah.....that was it. I never got WCW shows, but I would watch WCW Saturday Night as well as Main Event when it was on and I had nothing else to do. I remember them hyping up the match on the back of the truck and it blew my mind that they'd be wrestling on a moving truck. It sucked me in. And then Hogan did that cryptic interview at the end of the show implying that the Ultimate Warrior was coming in to be in his corner and, man, I just HAD to see the show now as Warrior was one of my favorites back in the day. Then the truck match kind of sucked. Then the rest of the card was slow and boring, including a DQ finish on a card advertised as having "no rules". Then it was Renegade and not Warrior. Then Hogan won his strap match against Vader by beating Flair. I don't think I ever ordered another WCW show after being hoodwinked by all that.
  8. MonteCarl

    NXT July 25, 2018

    That was a near perfect hour of professional wrestling television. Un. Da. Fee. Tid. Forget Carmella. Bianca is Money. She should win the Mae Young Classic I avoided spoilers, but due to the buzz knew something big happened at the tapings and I had a feeling Ciampa was winning the title here, but those near falls at the end, and Gargano coming out, everything....it had me completely at the end. Great match.
  9. MonteCarl


    I really did enjoy Quiet Place, but that nail in the step really takes me out of it. For one, in no build of any steps anywhere would a nail be pointing up like that in the middle of a step. It was not connected to anything. It was not holding the step to another board or another board to the step. And nobody would pound a nail in to a step from the bottom up. Second, up to that point, they went out of their way to show several instances of the mother being ever so careful about every movement she was making. If this same person did snag her laundry bag on "something" on the steps, she would not have just pulled so hard to have bent such a large nail straight up and then gone on her merry way. She would have quietly put the bag down and investigated more closely to see what the snag was and fixed it. Again, I did like the movie quite a bit, but that one point really stuck with me when I saw it in theaters, and I made sure to watch more closely when we more recently watched it at home. Still sticks out to me and bugs me to no end. Poor plot point to an otherwise really decent movie.
  10. MonteCarl

    The Old School Questions thread

    Savage probably wanted to rid WWF of the Warrior before attempting to go after the title again. If things went according to his likely plan, he beats Warrior in the retirement match at Mania, then goes on to beat Sarge or Hogan for the title at the following SummerSlam. Unfortunately, he had the power of the Warrior unleashed upon him at Mania and he lost, then he went soft when he was reunited with Elizabeth.
  11. What if when Brock is on RAW next week, Braun tries to cash in but Owens stops him from doing it to save the briefcase for his SummerSlam match?
  12. Finn v Drew ended with Seth pinning Dolph Goodnight everybody
  13. MonteCarl


    Wasn't The Rock going to be in Shazaam as Black Adam? Is that still a thing and they didn't want to spoil it in the trailer? Or is that being saved for a possible sequel?
  14. MonteCarl

    Extreme Rules X - 7/15/2018

    I know much of that is written in jest, but it kind of would make for a really fun couple of months of TV