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Haters gonna hate!

At the Sammy awards Izzy hits the stage "I'm sorry John Cena and Seth Rollins but Sasha and Bayley had the best feud of the year..."


"Of all Time!... ALL TIME!"


or "The Slammy's don't respect wrestlers! I also think Cena should've shown respect and given his Slammy to Bayley!"



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I feel like I am supposed to know the person with Bayley

I also feel like I don't want to know who the person with Bayley is

I assumed that was goc himself.


Fuck no. I saw it on twitter and it made me laugh.


Take it FWIW, but Punk shit all over the concept of the Wellness Policy on that Cabana podcast. And the last PPV, Rollins' pimply back proved it's bullshit.


Am I on roids too??

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