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  1. Davey Boy Smith. Good to great matches with workers like Dynamite, Bret, Shawn, Owen etc. Otherwise the matches were perfectly average.
  2. Drake Maverick in WWE is intersting to me, genuinely interested to see how far he can go with the size. He is good looking and talented, but that size is hard to ignore when you factor in those same looks and his style. I think the manager role is perfect for him.
  3. One ripped off the Japanese more directly.
  4. Total Divas has mainstream appeal. So much so that Kane could run for president with Daniels backing.
  5. This is shaping up to be a great card on paper. I get confused in these instances when people moan too many big matches are on the card though. It's like they have an aversion to happiness.
  6. The comparison to Lawler is whack. Lawler has worked an extremely safe style all his career - an no less entertaining than say... Bryan. Different. But different is good sometimes.
  7. The Jericho / Tyson podcast was absolutely BRUTAL. It's fairly clear Tyson doesn't know who the hell Jericho really is. Jericho tries to get his "tag match" on raw over and Mike talks about turning on Shawn at the end, so it's obvious he thought Jericho was talking about Wrestlemania 14. It was just awkward. Tyson giving Chris one word answers to simplistic questions. Just a total mess.
  8. I always think of 1996 Dynamite in MPW, completely off the gas and clearly not even working out in the gym, that guy was going nowhere in America mid 90's. But had he of taken a few years off, had he kept fit, had his medical conditions have been different its certainly interesting to think what if. Hell, imagine if Dynamite were in the same locker room as Shawn Michaels in the mid - late 90's. Good Lord.
  9. What would British Bulldog in 1993 WWF had looked like?
  10. Just found this by chance, it's in German (I think) but you can hear English and see a lot of familiar faces. I think this is from around 2002 / 2003 or somewhere thereabouts, which is interesting because I didn't think Sabu started speaking to cameras until 2005.
  11. Hang in there. A friend is in a similar position: he is very talented but has trouble finding a job at the moment and just looks on as they reveal projects which seem tailor suited to him. He works in IT designing... stuff. He confuses me when he speaks about it.
  12. There's now an audio commentary track for Nine Legends with nine guest speakers. https://youtu.be/mHu_duOHPl4
  13. Surely Tito Ortiz nodding his head for one hour whilst Mr Anderson fondles his ear is worth more than $500?
  14. I've always found latter day photos of Bam Bam interesting. I forget he was around in the 2000's, sadly.
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