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  1. I want that Packard poster. That's my neck of the woods. I remember ECW running there back in 99 and 00 when I was in high school. Sweet poster.
  2. I've never really liked Taker, and I'm tired of hearing about how great he is.
  3. This would be even better if they were underwear
  4. I just dug my copy out this week and I'm loving it. I created one guy and a bunch of belts. I've got the TKO championships. First, I made a belt with matches that could only be won by submission or knockout. Then, I created a second version that could only be won by knockout. I've also currently got Scott Norton as my main World champ and I think my CAW guy Abispa and Norton as my tag champs. I couldn't think of what to name my guy so I just thought of that name that came from WCW vs. the World for Liger.
  5. Sid didn't teabag the guy he was powerbombing either.
  6. When did Sid powerbomb you guys? Are there pics or videos of it?
  7. Damn, Dolfan, I didn't know you did the RAW threads at both here and the Board.
  8. I'm planning on subbing to Peacock for Macgruber, so I figured I'd watch some of the WWE content while I have it. I'm out of the loop but what are the best documentaries they have, specifically with behind the scenes stuff? I saw a preview of the new RA2 season and that looked fun.
  9. I'm going through editing my book for shopping it to the publishers. I had my mentor at my alma mater read through it and it's so amazing to realize that we all live in a bubble as wrestling fans. I'm using some wrestling terminology and she doesn't get what they mean. Plus, she seemed to think that the WON might have been some wrestling scholarly journal that the business has going for it. It's trippy to go through and read her notes and to realize this stuff.
  10. Should've put his hands in his pockets while he did that
  11. It's inevitable. The WWE will always prop up nostalgia over newer stars
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