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  1. Help me out here, who was the guy that did a version of Hulkamania (obviously not called Hulkamania) before Hogan came around with it in the AWA? I'm not talking about Superstar Billy Graham but I remember reading about a guy that had a gimmick that Hulkamania was based on.
  2. I'm just going to put this here because I feel like it and it amuses me but I think one of the women in one of the major US companies should be obsessed with Garfield. Maybe someone like Dana Brooke could go to catering and always demand lasagna, and she could also sleep in a box with a blanket and a teddy bear. She would then need to be woken up for her match. Her promos would also be just her thinking sarcastic things about her opponents, and she'd never actually speak with her mouth. Also, she'd refuse to work on RAW because she hates Mondays. That is all.
  3. I'm starting to think that young upstart Shane will end up becoming a world champ before Drew
  4. Piper must've needed some shots afterwards from all the Ed Leslie DNA he got in his mouth
  5. I'm a page off but how come no one has ever done an Iron Man Tables match? The Dudleys and the Hardys see how many tables they can put each other through in a half-hour.
  6. Yea, that had to be scripted unless he is actively trying to get fired
  7. I kinda grimace when I hear people talking about AEW as competition or that it's another version of the Monday Night Wars. Let's just wait and see how the next set of shows does and how they handle the TNT show. I think the biggest hurdle will be how many viewers they're doing by February. Sure, this show was real good but wait until they have to do 52+ shows a year and be compelling too. I wouldn't mind Marvez being gone. He comes across like a better third wheel than Saxton or Renee but he didn't really add too much other than to set up the other guys for talking points. Another thing is that I was disappointed in the little backstage interview segment they did with Kylie Ray as I thought it looked a little low-rent. I should mention that I really got a kick out of the Cody throne thing and what it represented. The Attitude Era of the WWE was garbage, to me, except for the really good angles, and there were definitely less of those than bad shit thrown against the wall and sleaze. I tend to separate the AE of 97-99 from the overall wrestling boom of 95 onward, in my mind. I generally like the latter but not the former. It was a good message and a great symbol for forward thinking. BTW, does anyone know if they were using a 20x20 ring?
  8. I don't really want to go into too much detail but I really enjoyed the show, and I could maybe see myself buying more shows in the future. I subscribe to the Network but I never watch their shows and lord knows how long it has been since I actually paid for a show. IMO, none of the matches were bad and I really enjoyed the Joshi match and Cody/Dustin. I thought production was pretty solid and commentary was pretty decent too. I actually liked Marvez the least, which is surprising. I liked JR's enthusiasm for the main and Excaliber was amazing, if not channeling Mauro's over-announcing things. Most of the guys in the matches looked like stars, and even some of the battle royal guys were decent. The ending was a bit overbooked but it was still pretty exciting even as I figured Moxley would show up at some point. By the end, Jericho seemed like an afterthought after the heat was seemingly put on Moxley, then Omega, and back to Moxley. Admittedly, I'm just nitpicking.
  9. Yea, I'd like to know those ideas too. I've come to accept the belt for what it is, a fun, useless title that will give some scrubs tv time. Plus, we've gotten R-Truth calling it the Euro title. Assemble the geeks.
  10. I can't fathom Omega losing in his first match. Really, Jericho shouldn't lose either but someone has to. Losses can be ok, and Jericho can still look pretty damn strong if he loses. I don't really think Page will be in the Battle Royal, and I pretty much expect Moxley to be 21 since it would be the biggest surprise they could pull off for Saturday. Then, they book Omega/Moxley for All In 2 and spend the months in between giving Moxley wins and propping up Omega too, and Omega wins the belt. Hands down, Omega should be the first champ, IMO. Hell, Moxley could win the battle royal, come out and attack Omega after the win, and Jericho could help him and form a bit of an alliance, and then do tags or something until All In. Jericho/Moxley v. Omega/Cody with Cody taking the fall for Moxley, etc.
  11. What about Aries? Would it be worth it to bring a guy like that in for a job and a good match?
  12. I loved Beefer as a kid but I can't see his career path being much different than how it ended up. I can't picture Vince actually belting him, just a chase at Slaughter or something. It's not like Brutus was so amazingly talented that he'd be able to draw. Nowadays, he'd probably get one of the belts though, maybe.
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