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  1. I'm not sure if this has been covered but how in the world is Roman the face when he beat up a defenseless senior citizen unprovoked? Hell, Elias didn't even provoke him and he got beat up twice. Then, Elias looked like a Giant geek putting down his guitar as Roman came out. In the WWE Universe, everyone is an.idiot.
  2. If Schiavone ends up doing AEW announcing at some point, he should bring back this look.
  3. Styles was super overrated, IMHO. He sounded great when Heyman was producing him, like in the original ECW and ONS 05 and 06 but when he announced anywhere else, he was just kinda bland. Plus, sure he knew the move names in ECW but isn't there more to being a play-by-play guy then just knowing the moves. Say what you want about Vince but he certainly knew how to put guys and stories over more than he ever called moves by their technical names.
  4. Was Mean Gene good? I need to pull out my best of AWA dvds now.
  5. Lately, I've been thinking how Tony Schiavone should be in the WWE HOF, and I was wondering who you guys thought were the five greatest play-by-play (not color guys unless you want to list them too) guys in history My Top 5 Jim Ross Vince Tony Schiavone Mauro Ranallo Gordon Solie I haven't really seen a lot of matches where Gordon announced but I feel he should be on there, out of respect maybe. Was he good or was he just a fan favorite?
  6. Yea, that's pretty much my situation. I think I watched one shitty Whatculture video and now all I get is more videos like that in my feed, and then I continue to hate-watch some of them. What is wrong with me? To be fair, Wrestling with Wregret did have some cool videos on defunct promotions, that beneath all the shitty, obnoxious humor, had some good footage and basic info. Who knew that the Warlord was in the AWF?
  7. Are YouTube shows like WhatCulture and Wrestling with Wregret supposed to be funny?
  8. Anyone know if Hot Topic has started selling AEW merch yet?
  9. Shit, I remember all those pushes in TNA that Matt Morgan got. That dude sucked hard.
  10. My main problem with the WWE is that is seems way too rigid and scripted, so I'd like to see more emotion in the promos, etc. Less usage of forced buzzwords and nicknames and catch phrases. I get that this sort of thing is part of wrestling but not to the degree Vince has the made the WWE into. I need to feel like this is some sort of competition and not just a bunch of actors. I think they should just encourage everyone to just go out and try to have the best match on the card, every show maybe. Workrate won't sell nearly as many tickets as stories and characters but it certainly helps. I think it was much easier to differentiate a product from the WWE around 10 years ago but now it seems a little hard. The WWE routinely puts out decent matches across all their major shows. They also have the women's division more pronounced than ever. I'm not sure there is too much they can do to completely differentiate themselves. What is the opposite of WWE exactly? Maybe they need Russo.
  11. Michelle McCool is enjoying a nice ski weekend with her dad.
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