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  1. I remember watching that Joe/Misawa match back in the day, expecting Joe/Kobashi, and being disappointed. Last week, I watched it again and realized its a pretty solid match. I might have just been expecting too much and thinking Joe might just steamroll Misawa, and be super dominant, which wasn't even how the Joe/Kobashi match went. I don't miss young me when it comes to wrestling philosophy.
  2. Good riddance. Hopefully the world and the product is better for it. Watch him croak in like a week after making all that money.
  3. Was that the same MECW that tried to replace ECW after they folded? I remember being super psyched for any type of ECW revival back then and that name has stuck out to me all these years.
  4. Those cats just aren't selling enough. Spot monkeys, I tell ya. They'll never draw a dime.
  5. I picked up John Cosper's The Girl With the Iron Jaw for like $11 on Amazon. It's about lesser known women's wrestler Mars Bennett. It's a pretty quick read and looks pretty interesting so far.
  6. Every fucking day should be and is piledriver day.
  7. Do they actually sell big salads or do I have to combine two salads to get a big salad there?
  8. I can't get either game to work on my Dreamcast. I've got the Gameshark Lite as a boot disc and neither works. I might just have to make my own boot disc, I guess.
  9. I still have my copy of Giant Gram 2000 but I doubt I can figure out how to play it and be good. I also had the Saturn version way back in the day. I might have to try firing it up with my newly purchased Gameshark and see if I can get GG 2000 to work. You're supposed to be able to play imports with the GS but when I tried Toukon Restuden 4 the other day, it didn't boot up.
  10. I want that Packard poster. That's my neck of the woods. I remember ECW running there back in 99 and 00 when I was in high school. Sweet poster.
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