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  1. This guy would probably have an epic meltdown if WWE banned him from their shows.
  2. A binge watch of the Attitude Era (WrestleMania 13-17). I just started. We'll see how this goes.
  3. I've decided to binge watch the Attitude Era (basically from WrestleMania 13 - 17) and holy fuck is that South African RAW hard to get through.
  4. How are they going to handle EC3? Will WWE acknowledge that EC3 is Ethan Carter III and thus acknowledge Dixie? Or will he just be EC3 with no explanation for what the fuck that means?
  5. They really should have put the Intercontinental Championship on Bob Backlund so he could also complete the Triple Crown.
  6. I need to start saving now so I can go crazy on WrestleMania weekend next year.
  7. Yeah, he'll do better than Hogan but not as well as Rock. Cena is a naturally charismatic dude who has great camera presence. He won't be an A-list guy but he can have a solid career. And Cena being off of Total Bellas while filming movies is nowhere near as weird as Bryan not being there because WWE doesn't want him on camera. At least with Cena, he isn't there because he actually isn't physically present when they're filming.
  8. Daniel Bryan is a big enough star that you can't yank him without fundamentally altering the show. I haven't seen Total Bellas in a while but I can't imagine you can have a show where the husband of one of the stars develops Chuck Cunningham syndrome and disappears.
  9. You could make the argument that he should've had one reign during the Nexus angle. I would've had him go over Orton at Survivor Series after Cena helps him win (since the stipulation was that a Barrett win frees Cena from Nexus but an Orton wins means that Cena is fired). Also, I would've had Nexus last until WrestleMania with Barrett riding in as WWE Champion.
  10. Daniel Bryan has a daughter with his WWE employee wife and is currently a star on an E! show with said wife. If Bryan leaves WWE, that screws up Brie's gig on E! (since WWE wouldn't want him on the show anymore and you can't do a reality show about the Bellas without Bryan at least showing up sometimes). There are many business reasons why Bryan likely won't leave WWE.
  11. I honestly would've thought that Wade Barrett would be a multiple time WWE Champion by now. What a missed opportunity.
  12. Emma did some good work with Paige in NXT but she wasn't a spectacular talent. She was in the same boat as Paige where she looked good compared to what passed as women's wrestling in WWE before she showed up but she was outclassed by what came after.
  13. I'm in East Lansing right now visiting friends and the local coverage of the game was interrupted for a good 15 minutes with coverage of a tornado warning just north of Ann Arbor. There is literally a wind advisory in Washtenaw County (where AA is) and a severe thunderstorm warning in the county immediately to the north of AA.
  14. I'm pretty sure that this was his standard entrance in July and August of 2003 but I could be wrong.
  15. I honestly just want the NWA put out of its misery. Tim Storm is a fucking disgrace and it hurts my eyes to see him with the ten pounds of gold. I'd rather have Roman Reigns with the 10 pounds of gold than the miserable sack of shit carrying it now.
  16. I can easily see it actually. I can see Heenan playing a Lawler-esque stooge for McMahon and taking digs at Steve Austin every chance he got. I imagine Heenan having great chemistry with Mr. McMahon.
  17. This makes me wonder if WWE and TNA or ROH have at least talked about putting their stuff on the Network. Seems weird that WWE would just float the idea without some reasonable certainty that it could happen. And with AJ being a current WWE guy, TNA/ROH on the Network would be great for him. The same goes for Joe and Roode for that matter.
  18. I mean, this hasn't really gone away. There was a movie that came out a few years back that had Brandon Routh (of Superman fame) playing a Native American.
  19. Honestly, we should just be happy that Vince didn't just slap a turban on an Italian guy and call him Indian. Chief Jay Strongbow and Muhammad Hassan show the versatility of Italians to seemingly play any "brown person" race, at least in the eyes of the McMahon Family.
  20. And all he really did was apply the name to Crockett's yearly Thanksgiving card in Greensboro. Starrcade was a combination of various things that were thought up by other people and put together by Dusty. Considering Dusty actually left Crockett and never asserted any trademark on Starrcade, I'm 99% sure that he wouldn't give a fuck.
  21. If Vince Vaughn isn't playing a white Alberto Del Rio then the whole movie is a waste.
  22. Yeah, I was more referring to its kayfabe history. A lot of great moments have happened in the NWA territories. The organization has always been filled with shitty carnies but they, at one time at least, put on some of the most entertaining professional wrestling ever seen. I also prefer old school southern wrestling over all other forms so I admit my bias there. Also, Jerry Lawler as NWA World Champion is 30 years too late but it'd be a decent mark out moment.
  23. I have family in Charlotte and I've heard a fair amount of Ric Flair stories. It seems like anyone who have lived there for a long time has at least one. I appreciate an NC paper keeping kayfabe with Naitch on that one. Also, Ric Flair and Hip Hop [img[p
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