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From Seth Rollins' Instagram:


"This is the photo that will define a generation."


There's a joke to be made in there about millenials feeling entitled to things they didn't earn, but... well I can't think of a good way to end this sentence.

I think there are two other recent Seth Rollins photos that better define the tendencies of this generation.

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He looks a little bit like a smaller version of my grandfather, to where I did a double take almost cause that is most certainly not my grandmother. He wasn't too much of a wrestling guy, but I remember watching Nitro (never Raw, I'm not crazy) at the house as a kid, and he would always jokingly ask where Bruno was.

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Re: The Houston Wrestling Book


I once ran across an actual physical copy in a local Half Price Books a few years ago. It was in the expensive locked glass case. I remembered looking through it and just being amazed at the photos contained inside, it's a great piece of Houston history, not just wrestling history.


It was $350 dollars. Needless to say, I didn't get it and thought I'd never seen the contents inside again. So thanks much for posting the gallery of that.

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