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LANA ‏@LanaWWE  13m13 minutes ago

I was stuck in a cab in #Glasgow Scotland with @trinity_fatu this was my worst nightmare. Now off to #WWENewCastle 



The best part about that picture (aside from Lana) is that those jeans look like they are some kind of knock-off stonewashed Levi's from the 80's that you would buy in a foreign country for the equivalent of USD200.

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#TBT Angelfire image hosting banner...it's been a while old friend.



Aww... I shouldnt be surprised by this.


The site I found these on is fucking creepy

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Oh yeah - Shane is definitely in that "I am so happy I don't give a fuck" phase.

Good for him.


Though I do miss him on my TV


Do you really?



Triple H, as is tradition, makes sure to lose clothing during a brawl.

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