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WRESTLEMANIA XL - 4/6 & 4/7/2024

Dolfan in NYC

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Main event was awesome.

Poor Seth had the worst weekend tho.

Bayley and Sky were the show stealers of the weekend.

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Things I thought while I watched and mostly listened (sometimes I have to put a podcast on instead)

Crowd is way better, I guess the cold really did get them down

I don't think I noticed the camera work on some of the ring intros last night, that's a nice touch

Didn't anticipate Rollins/McIntyre to be a bomb fest, I dug it. Great cash in too. Punk was a little shaky on commentary, maybe he knows he's about to be exposed! (Dun dun DUNNNNN) CM indirectly cost both guys the title

Smart move adding some names to the 6-man and keeping it short. Bummer about that one table buckling at the finish. Final Testament coming out after Judgement Day were there reminds me of how unnecessary they are

Knight/Styles was better than I expected. I always forget LA is like Cash Wheeler and can break out a wild high spot when he wants to

Had the volume down for the US title triple threat but it looked like it was executed well, the highest compliment a triple threat match can attain. Owens has been lazy in the ring this year but he's also eating pins from Logan Paul so fair enough. KOs deal is up soon, maybe he'll try something else

9 pm and only two matches to go, hope we end even earlier tonight! Also, they've shown Mercedes Mone, Omega, Jericho, and the Young Bucks in recap videos tonight

Bayley against Iyo Sky was truly great, I think it might be my match of the weekend. The singing was annoying because I don't know what it's for, so glad it stopped for the right parts. Sky with all kinds of fantastic combinations and reversals, Bayley was 

Haha, Cody's big entrance was verging way too close to an American fascist rally for my liking and then he popped up in his goofy-ass Skeletor mask and I fell out. Dude just can't help himself. And Brandi exists again! Roman's entrance ruled too. Is that fucking Charles Robinson?

Main event was pretty good all things considered. Crowd was less split than last night, that's for sure. First part of the match was a fine example of the WWE main event style, it even reminded me of Austin/Rock a little and I would like to see one of those go to a real finish. And Act 2 was a good time too even if SHIELD Seth was a weird call (and Moxley fake out?). Then Cody hugged literally everyone in the world

A lot of HHH and Rock fluffing this weekend. And I never thought Bruce Prichard would make air again, he sure as shit better be cleared of everything

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Things I Remember from Night 2 of Wrestlemania 40:

Former ECW owner Stephanie McMahon makes an appearance

Drew has bagpipers, Seth has Mummers

Drew is the champion for a few seconds and then CM Punk unleashes the law of unintended consequences and now Damien Priest is the champ

Bubba Ray got a paycheck tonight

A brawl I don't remember I lot from aside from a Dudley Boys spot

LA Knight and AJ Styles had a fun suplex off the top rope

Logan Paul is still champ, they did the mascot thing again

Bayley is now an Egyptian and won the title

The Main Event was Clusterfuck Rules and lived up to the stips. A brawl for a bit.

Then Evil Uso

Then Good Uso

then they do a spot cooler than what they did last night

Then Solo does stuff and walks off assuming it went to plan

Then Cody kicks out

Then Solo does more stuff and walks off assuming it went to plan

Then Cody kicks out

Then John Cena finally shows up

Then the Rock shows up, Solo takes a table spot too

Then Cena gets taken out

Then Seth Rollins shows up in Shield gear and immediately gets nerfed like a dweeb

Then the Undertaker enters like he's now Sabu. Then he takes out the Rock and disappears.

Then Cody and Roman wake up and Cody wins the title.

I think that main event could have used interference from Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat, Rikishi, The Barbarian, A fake Goldust, Kane, The Boys, John Kruk, and The Hulkster.

Now that some have gotten what they've wanted, it's time to find out how they're not actually happy about it.

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Night 2 kicked off with elaborate entrances that made the whole thing feel a lot more big time. Not saying every match needs this, but for the bigger ones it definitely adds a level of specatcle that adds to the whole thing. A Prince Karhis reference at Mania was not something I thought I would ever hear. Drew winning wasn't a surprise but I thought the match itself was just kinda there. I get they were playing off Rollins being banged up from last night and has a bad knee, but this seemed short and not as much a struggle as I was expecting. That all makes sense with the post-match activities. Didn't expect Punk to get physical at the end. I had predicted Priest would finally cash in at the end of the match, and for once the MITB winner doesn't end up looking like a geek. Drew has really been operating at a high level lately, but honestly I think this was a fantastic piece of booking. Punk gets his revenge on Drew and we get a program between Drew and Priest with plenty of fuel for the eventual feud when Punk comes back.

Six man tag featuring Bubba Ray was a decent enough ECW tribute match. Normally I dislike sports entertainment style hardcore matches but they didn't do anything too obnoxious here.

Didn't pay much attention to Knight/Styles but it seemed fine for what it was

The US title three way would have been much better as a one on one. Paul continues to be a total natural at wrestling and took a great beating early on. Owens and Orton doing the "we hate this guy but we can't both win" thing and eventually going after eachother was a nice story. Owens' running shit talking and conversation was a good touch. I think they rely on the no DQ aspect of multi-person matches a bit too much but the brass knuckles and other spots they did in here all made sense. Paul's mascot probably didn't make any friends saying fuck repeatedly.

The WWE didn't waste any time signing The Boys after their release. I thought it was funny how no one on commentary knew what to make of Bayley's entrance. Great match with excellent selling of the leg by Bayley and some innovative offense by Io. It really picked up in the closing stretch and the crowd went home happy with Bayley finally coming out on top of the feud.

Throughout the first half of Cody/Roman it was just a matter of waiting for the inevitable run-ins and other dog and pony show parts to start up. I'd been expecting Uso and Rollins (even though his bit was just a distraction more than anything) but Cena and Taker wre a surprise (especially the way Taker was able to get in and out of the ring as fast as he did). A massive wave of relief hit me when Cody ended up winning. Samantha's inflection during her announcement at the end really helped seal the deal too.

Overall this was miles better than the first night, but half the matches having a no DQ stip was too much. Was there some type of Nascar pit crew repairing the announce desks between every match? It seemed like somebody threw the crap off of them in every match.

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That was the most sports entertainment match to ever sports entertain and I loved it.

Seth is the ultimate company man because he looked like a GOOBER tonight.

This weekend was Bizzaro WrestleMania 39. Night one had two fantastic matches and night two killed it.

Nothing touched 95% of ACTION DEAN~ but good on them for trying.

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2 minutes ago, Log said:

Just caught the last two matches. What the fuck is up with that ring announcer!!?!? She’s horrible. Is she always that bad?

I imagine her style of shouting is tough to keep up over multiple nights in a row, especially out in the elements.

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Now THAT was more like it. What a giant heaping helping of sports entertaining. Hell yeah. 

This whole thing ruled. Snoop’s commentary. Speed in the suit. The cash in. And yeah that main event was the epic Avengers Movie spectacle it was supposed to be. 

WWE at its best right there. No one does this kind of stuff like they do. 

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3 minutes ago, jaedmc said:

I thought Samantha Irvin was fucking great.

Is that the ring announcer? She was just hitting everything too hard. If every syllable is that dramatic, nothing is. 

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1 minute ago, Cobra Commander said:

it's kinda weird to wrap Wrestlemania this early though

All for it when it's stupid o'clock in the very early hours of the morning where I'm from.

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Bayley/Iyo was my most anticipated mania match from jump and I was worried because the feud was feeling a little cool towards the end but the crowd was still into it and both women delivered. Great moment for Bayley and Iyo sold that last Rose Plant a champ. 

I like that two heels ended up defeated by their own assholeness, Drew by his desire to taunt Punk and Roman by his desire for payback against Seth instead of keeping his focus on Cody. 

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Unneeded alternate idea for the run-in-palooza:

Solo comes out first, then Jimmy pretending to be Jey, then it's 3 on 1 once we figure out it's the evil Uso, then real Jey comes out, and the Usos fight, and maybe that means less of Solo acting like a Bond villain assuming that Cody would just go down

If we're going with "The Undertaker can just appear anywhere suddenly" as WWE canon, that's not actually his most ridiculous kayfabe power.

Anyways... the whole Shield thing was a fun head-nod to people thinking "Hey, is Moxley working without a contract again?"

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1 minute ago, Log said:

Is that the ring announcer? She was just hitting everything too hard. If every syllable is that dramatic, nothing is. 

I like my ring announcers to be that fucking operatic with it. She only has like three lines a match. I say juice 'em.

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