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DYNAMITE - 3/22/2023!


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Still can't believe Omega vs. Hijo del Vikingo is happening on this show. If they do 2/3 of the match they had planned for Triplemania, that'll be worth the price of admission. Also always a privilege to see Sting wrestle live.

Gunns/Top Flight would be better if FTR hadn't already come back and Top Flight wasn't feuding with the Kingdom in ROH. I'm sure they'll put on a good show as usual, but that's pretty filler-ish as far as title matches go. Also disappointed with the women's match. Do we really need Skye to get squashed by every member of the Outcasts?

Hopefully Rampage will have a better offering for the women. I was really hoping for Hayter since she was on the ticket promo. Same for Hangman.

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Man, this Dark Order vs BCC feud is doing nothing for me. The only way to make it better is to go back in time, let doctors know what was happening to Brody to get him better treatment so he lived, and then book this to end in a rematch between Brody and Moxley.

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6 hours ago, The Natural said:


Liking the lineup.

Me, too! I don't wanba be too greedy, but: Here's hoping they can hold off on Saraya talking about whose division it is, Jarrett saying "slapnuts" and MJF doing long sophomoric edgelord promos for a single week. Just for me. Please.

That card, on paper, has everything I want out of AEW except for a guest wrestler from Japan. Featuring the one wrestler from Mexico that I have most wanted to see in an AEW ring absolutely makes up for that, though.

Otherwise, it looks like a perfect balance of violence and goofiness!

Loads of wrestlers who got themselves over organically by being unique and interesting.

Two of the hardest-hitting WWE refugees.

By far the best nostalgia act in AEW.


Kenny vs Vikingo is a legit dream match and is gonna be insane in the best way. Everything else on the card has at least a pinch of "weird and indie" to it. This is the most stoked I have been for a Dynamite since Dragon finished his awesome run of singles matches.

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Things I remember from this episode of Dynamite

They lighted the arena and made it look larger than it is (which is a good thing, FTR)

Sting's Giant Baba phase has some good work and comedy too

I didn't see part of the first hour

Moxley didn't bleed

I guess the Outcasts are outcasts because they would get suspended from a public high school

Hijo del Vikingo is a crazyman

BCC! Hangman! Don Callis falling down!

At least Hangman got free parking for his ambulance (the big sales pitch for events at the former Independence Events Center involves emphasizing the free parking because we're cheapass misers apparently.. also the place is nextdoor to a Costco and we'd probably steal their parking if Cable Dahmer Arena charged for parking)

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Insane match by Kenny Omega and El Hijo Del Vikingo. A MOTYC. Leave the post match angle between BCC and Omega/Page/Callis for next time. Let Vikingo get his well deserved ovation and flowers from the crowd.

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