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    Follow-up to the last thread about my work situation....where my one owner wanted me fired over (male customer flipping out on me than whining to the owner over Text Message), had a third party involved. Last week she showed up and in front of my girlfriend, apologized for the guy that tried to get me fired being out of control and a total fucking embarrassment. I wrote a very professional letter (which took several re-writes because I was mad AF), demanding that my written warning be removed from my permanent record and the other owner (not the one with the hard-on to fire me), thanked me for my professionalism, apologized for the stress I've been put under, and removed the issue from my record. So now I'm untouchable! Or something. Maybe I'm less stressed, at least.
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    The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for me. Lots and lots of paperwork to get done since my insurance is helping me out (and believe me, that has been a battle and a half). I also had to go to North Carolina for a roller derby tournament that was overwhelming for me. Fortunately I have a heckload of games ready for me on the Switch for the recovery. I never did start Breath of the Wild...
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    USA or WWE should have paid Europe to perform the final smackdown for Bryan's entrance.
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    Tony Altimore and Lou Albano as The Sicilians
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    AEW Graphics Department - "Yeah! We're going to have unique graphics for every show! It's gonna be so cool!"
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    Just a reminder that Don West was the greatest commentator in modern times (behind JBLs first run) and TNA got rid of him for Tazz of all people
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    Might is Right was a book published I believe in the late 1890s or thereabouts. It claims that anglo-saxon is superior to all other races and spews other racist views and hate towards women. In recent times it's been like the go-to text for alt-right/white superemacy groups.
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    I feel like I've done this before and I'm sure some may not like any of these, but Alexa is my #1 favorite so here are some of her matches that I liked a lot and led her to being my fav. I've always thought she's been able to have pretty good matches with almost everyone she's faced, not quite on the level of a Charlotte or Asuka but underrated in that aspect. vs. Becky Lynch (Tables Match, TLC 2016) - the last non-Charlotte Becky match that I really liked. The build up featured both's best mic work. vs. Sasha Banks x3 (Great Balls of Fire, SummerSlam 2017, RAW 8/28/17) - Probably my favorite work from both here. Ignoring the real-life heat, I always thought they worked excellent together. Great series, especially the latter two which I rewatched last year and thought still held up very well and has me somewhat looking forward to their upcoming Raw match. vs. Charlotte Flair (Survivor Series 2017) I think this had mixed opinions but I loved it and thought it really captured the Raw's #1 vs. SDL's #1 vibe pretty much perfectly. A standout match they've never gone back to. vs. Asuka (1/1/18 RAW). One of my personal favorite matches of 2018. Thought it was an amazing chickenshit heel performance from Alexa and loved the story of Asuka's dominance vs Alexa only taking control after some kind of cheap shot. They worked well together and had a great finishing stretch. Elimination Chamber (2/25/18) - Not necessarily great, but worth mentioning for the amazing Twisted Bliss off the Chamber pod and another cool instance of Alexa/Sasha working well against each other in the finish, and for her fantastic promo after. vs. Nia Jax (WrestleMania 34 & Backlash 2018) - A pair of pretty fun 10 minute matches that I thought were some of the best at putting over Nia. vs. Natalya vs. Ember vs. Sasha (RAW 6/11/18) - Another of my favorites of 2018, I remember loving this. It went 20 minutes and everyone involved was great. vs. Ronda Rousey (HIAC 2018) - Loved this and thought it was a perfect clash of the two characters. Lots of great little things and cool sequences throughout, real fun match. vs. Charlotte vs. Carmella (SDL 6/4/19) - Another where everyone involved looked awesome, this stood out to me as feeling like Alexa was back to form after injuries.
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    I was talking about musicians. He's a drummer.
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    Barbed wire baseball bat match! W*ING tested, W*ING approved.
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    Yeah, I already have a shirt with a naked Dennis Rodman holding a gimp mask and it looks nothing like that at all
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    I remember his brief program, wrestling as "Cobra," with Craig Pittman before being repackaged as NWO Sting. The storyline behind their program, per Wikipedia, is something else: That's a lot of time and effort for a really shitty form of revenge. How about just kill the guy when you get back to the states?
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    I've long believed Naomi could be just as popular as the 4HW or Alexa if pushed the same way. She's become a very good wrestler, has an cool moveset, with an inclusive gimmick that can potentially make lots of money. She's no worse on the mic than 3 of the 5 women previously mentioned. WWE doesn't see her as being worthy of promotion, and it's too bad.
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    If you're interested in how any of the Nightmare movies were made, I highly recommend watching Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy. It's an exhaustive documentary (about 4 hours, but easy to break up into chunks) detailing the behind the scenes stuff on everything from the original through FvJ, including the TV show. Each movie gets it's own roughly 30 minute section, and those are exactly the kind of facts they lay out (including both of those exact ones) There is also Crystal Lake Memories for the Friday films, and that one's over five and a half hours.
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    Naomi didn't even get a NXT run as it's currently constructed. She was part of NXT when it was still a game show. They sent her to the main roster to be a Funkadactyl, for crying out loud. She put in the work to continually get better, probably more so than any other WWE woman in recent memory. She still hasn't had a true rivalry with any of the 4HW. Shame.
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    So that's the sound of Anthem frantically trying to "Just kidding, come back!" to all the staff they fired last week.
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    If we start questioning whether beating somebody in a wrestling match is the best form of revenge, the whole genre sort of falls apart, doesn't it?
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    You mean Methods of Mayhem doesn't qualify him? You don't say...
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    Or he could have built a Weather Dominator.
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    Naomi has no DUIs. She drove on a one-way street in the wrong direction, but she wasn't drunk and wasn't arrested. Both Usos have a DUI under their belt, but neither stem from Naomi's traffic violation. WWE's way of pushing Naomi was to have her carry Lana for months, then drop the title to an ice-cold Natalya at SummerSlam 2017. She won the first-ever Women's Battle Royal at WM 34, but they did nothing with it.
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    Is it a PWG bias or is it that all Dave sees is PWG? Dude has to cover the entire pro wrestling industry every week. It's quite possible the hard working guy with a family doesn't have the time to watch weekly Beyond or every Big Japan show or even Impact which is seen by a couple thousand folks on twitter. He seems to prioritize watching the relevant promotions & when it comes to US indies he attends PWG live since it's one show every couple months in a location close to him. So yeah... he's gonna have a lot of say about PWG & discuss all the great wrestling he sees there. It's not bias, it's just frame of reference. When he manages to get away to attend a big wrestling weekend he covers other stuff (see: AAW in Chicago or the WrestleCon/Bloodsport shows in New York) and often raves about what he sees. As for the person who made a crack about PWG being stuck in 2008... how many other indies that existed in 2008 are still around running in the black? You can argue until you are blue in the face about why PWG should switch to streaming but the fact remains PWG continues to make money using the model they've stuck with all these years. If they switched & things went south, not only would there be no going back but how many of the folks who bitched about no streaming would be there to support the company? They'd just move onto the next group which is why so many indies over the years died out.
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    Might was also written under a pseudonym by somebody calling himself Ragnar Redbeard, thus me referencing that. Anton LaVey always thought it was Jack London, but that's likely apocryphal. Ironically I know about this shit from involvement in the metal scene. I doubt WWE knows anything about it, it's just a ridiculous coincidence.
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    That actually came up in an IWA-mid south event back in like 05. In the end Rhino tossed out zg and his prosthetic to win the match
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    This is great, especially the penalty kick. It also reminds of something I've been thinking about for a while. We all know the reason no wrestling promotion has ever instituted some kind of instant replay system is because promoters want heels to be able to get away with flagrant cheating. It's a cornerstone of pro wrestling storytelling that most promotions, certainly in North America, would be hamstrung without. For the same reason, promotions have very rarely run storylines in which referee decisions have been overturned because blatant cheating was caught on tape. We're all completely used to this. It makes some sense, within the fiction of pro wrestling, for all referee decisions to be treated as final for matches that aren't taped. That would cover virtually all matches before the 1950s, and many matches in subsequent decades, arguably up to the present (though smartphones complicate that a bit). But the vast majority of those matches in the post-TV era would be at small low-budget shows. And yet the practice persists even in WWE, the biggest and most extensively-documented promotion ever. So, for as much as Vince McMahon talks about taking wrestling out of the carnivals and smoke-filled VFW halls, he remains completely reliant on a storytelling trope that hasn't made much sense outside of a carnival or VFW hall in over 50 years. I say that with one big caveat: it actually makes perfect sense if you assume that in kayfabe, the promotion wants the heels to get away with cheating all the time. I think this is one reason that the idea of the heel authority figure caught on the way it did, and why it's had so much staying power. The audience is already disposed to be resentful of a wrestling promotion that sits back and lets their heroes get screwed over and over again. The heel authority figure just makes this dynamic explicit. It's intuitive. I sometimes think about what it would be like if a promotion went completely the other way. I don't just mean having no outside interference and mostly clean finishes, since that's been done, especially in Japan. I'm talking about having matches overturned because of cheating caught on video, having a second ref at ringside who comes in immediately when the first gets knocked out, stuff like that. Dealing with classic pro wrestling situations in a more realistic way. It might be interesting to see what new ideas people come up with within those restrictions. But it'll never happen.
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    Not sure if this goes here or in The Good Place thread. Edit: A follow-up from El Jefe himself.
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    1990. Were you Hogan or Warrior? Or were you like Jesse?
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    That shot at Kalisto the other day was brutal.
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    They had a better deal but lost it at an Outback Steakhouse.
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    Tully's faction locks Cody in a cage. Gal Gadot comes to the rescue in full Wonder Woman garb and tears off the door.
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    I feel like Naomi is overlooked because she's been around and treading ground since before the 4HW. The same way for the male roster, there's before and after the Shield. Hunter's shiny new toys took over and there's a lost generation.
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    Hopefully the FOX producers make pet projects out of some of the underutilized talents and talents that Vince does "see" whatever he wants to see.
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    Now watch the Cubs go on a tear and scramble into the wild card. Just. Watch.
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    I'd be careful with that. They might put "Would gladly" in front of it. Nobody has "Wrestling Fan" as a custom title, do they? Someone should. We could blame them for EVERYTHING~!
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    Perfect... Becky loves those. WAKA WAKA!
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