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    I feel like I've done this before and I'm sure some may not like any of these, but Alexa is my #1 favorite so here are some of her matches that I liked a lot and led her to being my fav. I've always thought she's been able to have pretty good matches with almost everyone she's faced, not quite on the level of a Charlotte or Asuka but underrated in that aspect. vs. Becky Lynch (Tables Match, TLC 2016) - the last non-Charlotte Becky match that I really liked. The build up featured both's best mic work. vs. Sasha Banks x3 (Great Balls of Fire, SummerSlam 2017, RAW 8/28/17) - Probably my favorite work from both here. Ignoring the real-life heat, I always thought they worked excellent together. Great series, especially the latter two which I rewatched last year and thought still held up very well and has me somewhat looking forward to their upcoming Raw match. vs. Charlotte Flair (Survivor Series 2017) I think this had mixed opinions but I loved it and thought it really captured the Raw's #1 vs. SDL's #1 vibe pretty much perfectly. A standout match they've never gone back to. vs. Asuka (1/1/18 RAW). One of my personal favorite matches of 2018. Thought it was an amazing chickenshit heel performance from Alexa and loved the story of Asuka's dominance vs Alexa only taking control after some kind of cheap shot. They worked well together and had a great finishing stretch. Elimination Chamber (2/25/18) - Not necessarily great, but worth mentioning for the amazing Twisted Bliss off the Chamber pod and another cool instance of Alexa/Sasha working well against each other in the finish, and for her fantastic promo after. vs. Nia Jax (WrestleMania 34 & Backlash 2018) - A pair of pretty fun 10 minute matches that I thought were some of the best at putting over Nia. vs. Natalya vs. Ember vs. Sasha (RAW 6/11/18) - Another of my favorites of 2018, I remember loving this. It went 20 minutes and everyone involved was great. vs. Ronda Rousey (HIAC 2018) - Loved this and thought it was a perfect clash of the two characters. Lots of great little things and cool sequences throughout, real fun match. vs. Charlotte vs. Carmella (SDL 6/4/19) - Another where everyone involved looked awesome, this stood out to me as feeling like Alexa was back to form after injuries.
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    Yeah, I already have a shirt with a naked Dennis Rodman holding a gimp mask and it looks nothing like that at all
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    Naomi has no DUIs. She drove on a one-way street in the wrong direction, but she wasn't drunk and wasn't arrested. Both Usos have a DUI under their belt, but neither stem from Naomi's traffic violation. WWE's way of pushing Naomi was to have her carry Lana for months, then drop the title to an ice-cold Natalya at SummerSlam 2017. She won the first-ever Women's Battle Royal at WM 34, but they did nothing with it.
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    Is it a PWG bias or is it that all Dave sees is PWG? Dude has to cover the entire pro wrestling industry every week. It's quite possible the hard working guy with a family doesn't have the time to watch weekly Beyond or every Big Japan show or even Impact which is seen by a couple thousand folks on twitter. He seems to prioritize watching the relevant promotions & when it comes to US indies he attends PWG live since it's one show every couple months in a location close to him. So yeah... he's gonna have a lot of say about PWG & discuss all the great wrestling he sees there. It's not bias, it's just frame of reference. When he manages to get away to attend a big wrestling weekend he covers other stuff (see: AAW in Chicago or the WrestleCon/Bloodsport shows in New York) and often raves about what he sees. As for the person who made a crack about PWG being stuck in 2008... how many other indies that existed in 2008 are still around running in the black? You can argue until you are blue in the face about why PWG should switch to streaming but the fact remains PWG continues to make money using the model they've stuck with all these years. If they switched & things went south, not only would there be no going back but how many of the folks who bitched about no streaming would be there to support the company? They'd just move onto the next group which is why so many indies over the years died out.
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    1990. Were you Hogan or Warrior? Or were you like Jesse?
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    The last Dusty Rhodes Classic was great. I don't get the "shitty tournament" talk. It's been an annual NXT tournament for some time now and has always aired on Wednesdays... They could run the tournament in September of next year and Cody's fan base will still say they are only doing it to counter AEW. And what's wrong with them promoting it? It's their product, they have to promote it. I just think this entire "whatever WWE does is a shot at AEW" mentality is a little embarrassing.
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    Nope. I agree with you, Naomi is awesome. She's a good high flyer and she can brawl. Definitely underutilized.
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    Super random, but Charlotte's Twitter game has been on point as of late.
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    I don't even understand the point here? It was a series of comps featuring the best stuff over many years. 9 hours actually seems like too little, hence why there were 3 volumes of 3 disc sets. If you watch RAW, Smackdown, NXT, NXT UK & 205 Live weekly you are consuming 9 hours of WWE programming ***on a weekly basis***. I'd saying fuckin' hell to that... LOL And yes if PWG switched to streaming the rules would change but stuff like that just goes over the head of the folks who just say they want convenience but in reality they just want the shows up on torrents faster than waiting a month for the guy who rips it off the DVD to get his order.
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    Right? Your average person on the street is polite enough to think it but also keep it to themselves.
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    Oh shit, Vannata vs. Diakiese, yes please! I wanted to say "wow, is this ever a card for a card's sake" but there are good/fun fighters sprinkled throughout.
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    "Numerous countries and regions outside the U.S. and Canada"
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    I knew I should have used the green text...
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    Never thought of it that way, but that really is a perfect comparison and explanation of Natayla.
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    I adore hype men commentators like David Crockett, Dusty, Booker, and Don West. I've been watching some prime TNA garbage matches and he's just so great at adding emotion to matches. I wonder how many times David said, "LOOK AT HIM, TONY." Kills me every time. edit: As for Naomi, her promos are the shits and while she does some fun and creative stuff in the ring from time to time I don't see her as some unheralded super worker. She's fine.
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    Given that anyone interested will find some way to watch it in full before the Saturday, and that a late night Saturday broadcast isn't going to catch too many channel-hopping eyes, I don't see this being a huge success
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    Congrats on finishing up the Recluse and Revoker quests. There is no way in hell I could finish up Recluse w/o miraculously becoming a Comp god so that one is kind of dead for me this season. I'm really hoping changes coming in Shadowkeep will help me next season.
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    Your trusty VLC player should work.
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    Killavolt went down on the first try, kinda. He I got him down to a sliver of health before he knocked me into FFYL with no adds around to kill. I pumped him with my legendary incendiary pistol and just after I went down the flames got him. So I popped the challenge for getting a second wind off of a boss character without actually getting a second wind.
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    I hate, hate, HATE Jurassic World. I think my wife's comment about the movie was that Bryce Howard's character alone set women on screen back by about a decade. We never even bothered with watching Jurassic World 2 and we're people that will wind up actively watching bad movies to keep up with what they're reviewing on How Did This Get Made?, but Jurassic World 2 just seemed like a whole other level of bad. Maybe the bigger thing about the third movie is that Colin Trevorrow is directing again and is writing it again with the same people that he wrote 2 with. So expect another shit show at the fuck factory.
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    Yeah I am buying that shirt I know some of you will want this one though:
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    YEEEEES Canseco made his MMA debut some years ago with DREAM in Japan against Hong Man Choi. He walked out with a baseball bat in a black gi with a black belt and got squashed in under a minute so he'd fit right into pro-wres.
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    Rick Masters had to have been an influence on the Joker in The Dark Knight. He went through the trouble of retrieving some of his counterfeit money after a job was botched, only to immediately throw it in the fireplace afterwards. He burnt his own paintings. "Some men just want to watch the world burn." Indeed.
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    So why is D1 being taken offline as well? Finished the solar kills and Rumble part of Luna's Howl so now I'm back to HC kills 2 Electric Boogaloo. That precision part is going to make this such a pain in the ass. I'll probably stick to Ace since I seem to get precision kills with it almost on accident sometimes.
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    You're using it to impugn the motivations of anyone who disagrees with you about Sasha and dismiss their perspective. So I think it's fair to assume you didn't mean it in a nice way. But you've done your duty and reacted to some cheap jokes about Sasha like someone lit your personal Bat Signal. So... mischief managed? I guess?
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    Concluding that someone is a super fan of a wrestler is an attack? In what sense? Dolfan changed my title to We Stan the Boss. I laughed when I read it and I think Dolfan is awesome. I didn't look at it as a negative at all, I'm a fan and that's fine and if people want to pick little arguments with me about pro wrestling that's fine too. Or should I have been upset?
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    I don't think she's very good but if someone wants to point to a few matches I could go back and watch then I'd give it a shot. I can't think of a match off the top of my head right now that I can point to and say "right there... that's a great performance." Also, chill with the personal attacks, I don't attack anyone on here ever, I will debate and argue but I never get personal. I like everyone here and respect your opinions even if I don't agree with them.
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    So, I got DAZN up here in Canada this year for the sawkur coverage (they own Champions League, Premier League, and Serie A rights in Canada) but it also comes with NFL Game Pass. As a result of that, I've been getting into the NFL pretty hardcore for the first time since I was a kid. I instantly fell in love with Brian Baldinger's analysis of every flipping game on Baldy's Breakdowns on week 1 and some of the film session stuff the NFL Network has him do (that interview he did with Akiem Hicks was so great!), but I'm a little confused. Is it not a regularly scheduled show? There didn't appear to be episodes for week 2 or 3 and instead he has all of his clips on his Twitter. Was that a one off? Is it random? Do I just need to follow his twitter? Maybe it's the soccer tactics nerd part of me that loves the intricacies that Baldinger picks out, but stuff like this is my jam: "Dang, man! I just wanna go to the state fair with Patrick Mahomes and just pop balloons. I want the biggest teddy bear out there, period."
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    Get a room, lads. Broken bloody record. Changing the subject: People mock Cody for taking shots at Triple H, and bring up that people love Trips now because he invented NXT and got more eyeballs on our indie Wrestling darlings. But actually it's a genius move, when you consider the audience AEW is aiming for. Because they are aiming for the lapsed fans, the ones who watched in the Monday Night Wars era but tuned out after the InVasion. And those people, most likely they did watch some WWE after that. And they might have seen Triple H feuding with Booker T, making it racial and winning clean. They might have seen Triple H squashing Sting. If they tuned out before the network and NXT were a thing, they would still think of H as the living embodiment of all that is wrong about WWE. So in that context, aimed at that audience (assuming it exists), it's a great play.
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    Boy if only someone had said that.... a post before
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    That Club vs Raiders tag opener was a really well done sprint, goddamn
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    Vince is objectively an old billionaire lunatic. He's about to waste billions of dollars again for minor league football nobody asked for or wants. Well, a certain demographic might have asked for it but I doubt they ever stopped watching the NFL, despite their protestations to the contrary. Also WWE constantly shits on their own reality by acknowledging that NXT is a brand under their umbrella yet NXT scrubs often receive better pushes on the main roster than more talented in-ring performers who thrived in NXT, for sports entertainer related reasons. You might as well never have certain wrestlers ever leave NXT if all they're going to do is play chump for the same old contrived archetypes (often portrayed by not-ready-for-primetime in-ring performers) on the main roster. "You no speaky Engrish, no TV time for you, go do the YouTube video game channel."
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    It occurs to me that one ironic effect of the ongoing death of kayfabe is that, in at least one respect, it makes pro wrestling MORE like real sports, not less. Real sports generally don't have competitors that are good guys or bad guys to the audience in general (though I'm sure there are notable exceptions); typically there are various competitors that different people like for various more or less arbitrary reasons, so that a player or team can be the hero to one part of the audience the villain to another. People get excited by storylines and rivalries, but they don't need them to have a clear good guy/bad guy dynamic. That can help, especially in combat sports, but it's not necessary. So, ironically, pro wrestling moving away from even pretending to be legit made the relationship between the performers and the audience more like what you find in real sports. The problem is that for this to work as mass entertainment, you need a large core of fans who just like the competition itself, and will happily watch it even when they're not all that invested in the outcome. And because most of what happens on a pro wrestling show is heavily stylized fake fighting with all kinds of goofy conventions, it's an extremely dorky thing to like. That severely limits how big that crucial core of fans can be. So pro wrestling is destined to be a thoroughly niche thing from now on (for this among other reasons everybody here already knows about).
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    Before I press play, have to wonder out loud how bombed Jerry is gonna be in this match FMW's first show
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    WrestleWithThePlot is more his speed.
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    Season 6 was light on book material and it had some of the best episodes of the entire run including 'Battle of the Bastards'. I think the issue was more that a lot of plots were rushed at the end.
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    Sid was a legend. A great character actor, a star in blaxploitation films, television (he played 8 different villains on Mission Impossible!), Roger Corman movies, and even a Bond movie. He was a favorite of both Tarantino and Rob Zombie (Sid once said he would sign on for any movie either of them did, without even asking what the role was) He was one of the all-time great heavies in film and tv. A large man with a booming voice, dripping with charisma, able to switch from genial to menacing instantly, sometimes in the middle of a line. I knew this was coming from what I heard last week, but I'm still devastated.
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    Plenty of people loved Guns n Roses and thought Faster Pussycat were shit. Even though that style of sleaze metal got over long before they were introduced to an MTV audience.
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    My favorite Indy band is not Workrate.
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    I also find the other Matt problematic.
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    I honestly think that's the key here. While everyone has been overwhelmed with Thanos' attacks on New York, the Universe, and San Francisco, not to mention dealing with all the havoc caused by Ultron and Zemo, there's been something else looming out there and I'm guessing we're introduced to that threat here. If it's not that, then we'll see some part of this movie be a launchpad for the next era of the MCU just like the stinger at the end of Iron Man launched everything we saw over the last 10 years. And I think that thing needs to be Victor Von motherfuckin' Doom.
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    Why is there an empty space between David Dastmalchian and Jai Courtney?
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