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    I was in efeds. I am on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, AND Snapchat. I am 43 years old. Fucking kids...
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    Adam Silver's first couple years as NBA booker have been fascinating.
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    This is going to be a really important show in the medical community because Noelle sleeping with that clown has to be proof that CTE can be passed on through genetics.
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    Thunder/Warriors games are about to be fun for all the wrong reasons. Westbrook might try to fly. OKC crowd will vomit. The last Seattle Supersonic fan can finally rest now.
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    I love people saying that he took the easy or cheap way out, when he picked the destination that puts him under the most pressure. If he resigns with Oklahoma, no pressure because it was "the right thing to do" *gag* and if he and Russ lose again it's because the front office didn't give him the right support. If he signs with Boston, no pressure because, even though he puts that team into the top 2 or 3 in the East, I don't think anyone would consider them yet ready to beat Lebron or one of the West teams. If he signs with Miami, maybe a little pressure, just because he would be doing what Lebron was doing. But again does anyone think him teaming with old Wade would be able to get past Lebron or the West? People probably crack a lot of jokes about the signing, though. If he signs with the Clippers, no pressure, everyone just laughs a bit. Instead he signs with Golden State. If that team wins less than 65 games, people will think they're a failure. If they lose in the Finals, or worse don't even make it, people will think they're a failure. If they win the title, people will try to discount it as bought or expected. If they don't break all kinds of offensive records, people will think they're a failure. He literally cannot win. Good on him for having the balls to go through with it.
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    Rusev MACHKA ‏@RusevBUL 1h1 hour agoColumbus, OH Good for Durant. When you are not a leader you look to follow. And he will follow all his life. Even Bulgarians pro wrestlers get it
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    I hope they go 82-0 and sweep through the entire playoffs just to spite haters.
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    I feel like I know how everyone else feels in the RAW threads now.
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    You...undying thousands pledged their loyalty to you, but when it was time to stop doing talk shows and start typing, you refused the coawrl. And you...your publisher gave you a huge advance, three personal assistants, and an IV line of crushed tostitos, but when they asked how many pages you had, you refused the coawrl. And you...a major cable network gave you more free advertising than any author has had since Margaret Mitchell, but when it was time stop gloating at comiccon and finish the damned book, you refused the coawrl.
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    If Duncan is going to announce his retirement, it would be the most Timmy thing ever. Let Kobe have the farewell tour. Announce retirement after KD gobbles up all the headlines. Leave as 5 time champion.
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    Imagine Larry Bird signing to play with Magic Johnson. These players are complete bitches. Durant wanted to alleviate ALL of the pressure of being a star in the league.
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    GSW are officially villains. But I will watch every single second of that team next season.
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    Fuck the Cardinals. This has nothing to do with the ongoing series. It's just a general statement that needs to be made on occasion.
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    He can and will opt out after this year - so he's not even leaving money on the table. He took these Warriors seven games. Why would he never win a title? I don't know how anyone doesn't think this makes him look bad. It boggles my mind.
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    You're sleeping with a clown too?
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    You can also tell its fake because it mentions "finishing a chapter"
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    It's easy to say that when you're on the Celtics and the Lakers, though. What about all those great players from that era who weren't and are largely overlooked? Too much focus on the player and not enough on the organization here. Thunder weren't willing to do what LeBron and Curry's teams were to win. If they were, Durant would still be there and probably would have a title by now.
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    Today in, "I've Just Got Something in My Eye."
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    Slightly more modernized version. It also has sound.
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    I second everything you said here especially the Joe Lacob. At the same time, he got it done so I can't hate. As for Durant Vs. Curry, Durant is a 6'11 freak of nature. You can't teach it. Curry is very good, but he isn't that and I believe Durant can effect the game more on the defensive end. As I was saying: Sam Amico @AmicoHoops One NBA team exec who says he was previously interested in trading for Andrew Bogut texts he's no longer interested. "I'm not helping them." 12:32 PM - 4 Jul 2016 People are mad.
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    If the Warriors roll with Ezili and Varejao as the 5 for the season and have to play the Wolves in the playoffs, KAT may put up 35/17/5/5 or something insane. It is Thibs destiny to valiant fall against a team with 4 times the talent of his own, while he rages and sweats on the sideline.
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    In no world is Durant the third best player on that team. He's a top 3 player in the NBA. Also, I wish we'd stop citing "Oh, (80s superstar) wouldn't have teamed up with (rival)". Do you know why they didn't ever do that? Because the NBA landscape was different back then, and the Lakers and Celtics had 5 hall of famers already. They were super teams. The only reason I'm upset about this is because I don't want Joe Lacob to have nice things happen to him.
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    Durant was always a bitch. He couldn't beat LeBron head to head and he couldn't beat Curry either lol
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    How hilarious would it be if no one traded for Bogut?
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    "It's the hottest wrestling cassette on the market today, daddy! Whooo, Baby Doll looking so fine, taking on that wimp, Jim Cornette! In a hair match, Shaska Whatley and Jimmy Valiant! Ronnie Garvin illegally taping his fists against my main man, Tully Blanchard! The Rock& Roll Express against my cousins the Minnesota Wrecking Crew! Who wins, who loses, my lips are sealed!"
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    Now that's not in the spirit of this thread. The only two allowed responses: 1. A detailed account of how much ass you kicked in freemode. 2. If you're me, a detailed moaning about how much you got your ass kicked in freemode.
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    Rule 34 may apply. Don't even bother thinking about it lest you cry yourself to sleep at night.
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    Found Russo's account, you guys.
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    In hindsight my school were right to view me with suspicion if they read my emails from the communal school computer for an e-fed featuring a necrophiliac repackaging of Tugboat and The Big Bossman managed by Mr Fuji.
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    I real wish I wasn't on my phone so I could post the old man yells at cloud photo
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    Are you not listening. Their t.v. is broken. They're going to miss Fall Guy an Different Strokes.
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    Ok, it's July 2nd. Canada Day is officially over.
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    The closest thing I can compare this to is Wilt leaving Philly to join Baylor and West in Los Angeles. Anyway, in the NBA, legacy matters. Payton is a champion but nobody looks at Payton as a guy who led a team to a championship. The same for Mitch Richmond, Glen Rice, Michael Finley and others. Ring chasing, right or wrong, absolutely is used as a factor in determining a player's legacy. Many factors have to play out but if a healthy Warriors team wins the title, big whoop. If Curry or Green go down and Durant steps up in the Finals, it will rehab the rep of being a bandwagon superstar.
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    I was gonna ask how people felt about Pearson as an opponent for Brooks in his first fight. I think at first glance people were kinda down it was Pearson and not like this big name. Actually, I think it is kinda nice they're aren't (at least initially) trying to match a free agent super tough. If he soundly beats Pearson, then you can go from there instead of what they did by giving Alvarez the fight with Cerrone. The lightweight division is vast but you're not going to find a bunch of Donald Cerrones just hovering outside the UFC. With this matchup, Pearson is around the level of opponent Brooks faced before beating Chandler, but probably better than a Dave Jansen. It's also not a young prospect who might be hindered by losing to Brooks or could tip the apple cart over by making Brooks look like someone not worthy of being put in that position. Pearson has faced more name opponents and has legit experience, but I don't think anyone is expecting him to just go tit for tat with Brooks.
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    Lanny Poffo's shorter than I remember.
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    Deservedly so, Gallagher is the best
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    Between the Cruiserweight Classic and BOLA - I think Jack Gallagher is about to blow up
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