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    I hope some of this gawker money ends up going towards john graziano's medical bills.
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    Matt Fowler at IGN had a great tweet earlier wondering if Terry Bollea will share any of the money he won today with Hulk Hogan.
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    Hulk Hogan won't even put over the legal system.
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    He was really nice to me as a kid but I'm like super white
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    It should be noted that it feels like all of those Baker and Van Fleet accomplishments should have an asterisk because they have been in school for approximately 13 years.
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    The term SMW baby face somehow reminds me of when I met Cactus Jack at a SMW house show. He wasn't allowed to sign autographs unless people bought something. For folks that didn't look like they wanted to part with 20 bucks for one of his old WCW shirts, he suggested picking up the autographed Tammy Sytch 8 x 10s. I may not be exactly right in remembering what he said, but it was something to the effect of, "Only 5 bucks. Great ass shot." I didn't really have a point in sharing that, except to say I like sites where such stories can be shared. So, where were we? Oh yeah, Hogan. Seriously, I think by the time I hit the post button, he'll have already been offered to buy in to 3 promotions. Not so seriously? Him and Bushwhacker Luke vs ReDragon at ROH Final Battle 2016.
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    Octagon, the Chuck Norris movie, had ninjas in it. Octagon was named after that movie, and his mask is supposed to be a ninja face (the white part is the skin showing around the eyes) Pentagon was created as his Black Tiger. He was supposed to be an enemy ninja that studied the five angle style instead of the eight angle style Octagon mastered. You may still think the name doesn't make sense but you just aren't used to the true lunacy that would come from Antonio Pena's ideas. This is mild shit. So there were a couple Pentagons, Pentagon Black, and a thousand Mini Pentagons, but only one Pentagon Junior, who isn't related to any of them.
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    Coming off the juice when returning to WWE did not help Bubba Ray and D-Von in the long run.
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    If only IWA Kokusai was still around, Grandpa could form a trios team with the Geezer & the Scalper and then feud with Goro Tsurumi. Failing that a Ganko Pro special might work too, they've run some tribute style shows with the likes of Goro Tsurumi and I believe Ryuma Go before his passing.
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    TNA would like to announce the 30 man Gawker Guy Memorial Battle Royal this year at Bound For Glory.
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    Much Ado About Nothing is not only the very best movie Joss Whedon has ever made (by a HUGE margin), it's also for my money the best nontraditional Shakespeare adaptation ever made, with Kurosawa's Ran being the only other one that even comes close. It is a completely fucking brilliant work of cinema, perfect in almost every way ("almost" being that, like every modern version of Much Ado, it's got little idea of how to make the entire Claudio/Hero subplot not come off as the most disgustingly misogynistic thing ever, which is Shakespeare's fault in the first place). It's easily one of my favorite films of all time, period. Aw HELL no. X-Men 3 was garbage. Garbage script arc, garbage dialogue, garbage character derailment, garbage performances from most of the actors (I've never seen Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen putting so little effort into any other film), and totally garbage fight scenes. Its combination of arbitrary retcons and shock-for-shock's-sake deaths for several main characters were actively insulting to the entire franchise; there's a good reason why the entire last scene of Days of Future Past was entirely devoted to the theme of "don't worry, THAT fucking movie never happened". In comparison, Age of Ultron was just mediocre and repetitive and not-as-good-as-the-last-one, with a few genuinely really entertaining sequences which I mentioned above (and I'd argue X-Men 3 had precisely zero really entertaining sequences, aside from the throwaway joke when they capture Multiple Man (but even THAT was illogical when you think about it; how'd Magneto convince him to willingly go back to prison?).
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    First two days of this tourney are the best basketball of the year for me.
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    Fifteen years ago today, the final WCW PPV aired:
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    Hogan got laid and paid a nine figure paycheck. THAT is how it's done, Buff Bagwell.
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    Dixie carter has now left 2 messages for the Hulkster in regards to a sweet investment deal. And 12 messages about investing in TNA.
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    True art provokes such questions.
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    This is odd. EDIT: Oh man, death match of the year! ---------- I dig the Taurus match around the 18 minute mark.
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    Coke dealers everywhere are celebrating today.
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    In unrelated news, Jimmy Hart just called Hulk Hogan with an idea to bring back Wrestlelicious.
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    With the tickets, I was just wondering "wait, what the hell are those?" because we didn't get a good look at them and I didn't understand what they were supposed to signify. With the other bit at the carousel... if that happened, then I guess I walked away from the screen for a minute, because I've got no memory of that whatsoever. Mea culpa.
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    Thank you for considering my delicate sensibilities.
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    I'm aware of who VileOne is. And I'll never try to shame somebody for enjoying something.
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    Is this really worth fighting over? Jesus...
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    One of the answers to Jingus' questions is a spoiler for later in the series: Also, Grado was a murderer and a member of one of the gang's involved in his family's death. Maybe to Frank, he just needed killing.
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    The thought of Jim Ross yelling "Pho! Pho! Pho!" just came into my head and I chuckled.
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    Bayern grinds out a win in Cologne, keeping Dortmund at bay. Hamburg's loss at home against Hoffenheim puts the former within the grasps of the relegation zone and the latter on the relegational play off rank. Hannover seems dead.
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    I think I'll just look at this instead of the WSU game:
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    I think right now, between having to kill himself to make 145 and most likely becoming a mainstay at 155 in the near future, the safe fights are going to be scarce. I think the safest 145 fight actually might be the riskiest fight at 145 (especially in the eyes of most people). I think despite the fact Edgar is a hell of a wrestler and crazy active with very underrated power, the size disparity might be too much. I mean Edgar could fight at bantamweight and not be massive whereas McGregor is walking at 175-180+. That could be tough sledding for either guy. My mind would change everyday on that particularly fight. I see a potential rematch with Aldo just being a war. If that went beyond 3 rounds, it would be crazy because I don't either guy would have spectacular cardio past three rounds. Both of these dudes are going to cut so much weight before the fight. So that would be a factor. Even if McGregor doesn't catch him cold, I still think he could melt Aldo with a left hand. I think the big potential problem for Conor is that he probably won't check that many kicks. I don't think he could afford to do that. One fight no one has talked about is a rematch with Holloway. I think that fight would be crazy just because now Holloway is fighting at half speed and beating fighters. If I'm a Chad Mendes or Jose Aldo, that's a fight I am not willing to just take unless it's mandatory that I do so. At lightweight, too hard to say McGregor just beats anyone. You could make an argument either way with so many fighters and sound reasonable. The thing is with McGregor being a main event fighter, he isn't just fighting anyone. It's going to be a name. So the Diego Sanchezes or Yancy Medeiros of the world that he would absolutely dismember are kinda off limits. Though a rematch with Duffy would do big time business in Ireland. That would perhaps be their fastest sellout on record. There a safer fights for McGregor, but I am not calling anyone a prohibitive favorite. He just knocked a guy out four months ago in 13 seconds, and I am not ready to call that second fight for McGregor just yet either.
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    When I was 10 I headbutted my sister, but I did it exaggerated WWF style. Like JYD. Rear way back with the head and then I drove my forehead into hers as hard as I could. She cried, but I hurt myself too. I wasn't allowed to watch wrestling for a while after that, Many years later, a friend of mine had to some major work to the low-rider truck he owned so he bought a run down piece of shit to drive around in until he finished the work. I think he only paid $250 for it and this was like 13 years ago (but it did run). Anyway he decides he doesn't want to bother trying to sell the junker to somebody else, he's just gonna scrap it. Before he does, he told everyone at work (we were both working together at a Jiffy Lube) that we could beat the shit out of the car if we wanted. A lot of guys kicked the doors, stuff like that. Me? I climb up onto the roof of my truck, do the Macho Man finger point thing, jump off and execute a picture perfect Macho Man elbowdrop onto the roof of his car. It hurt like shit, but I got a good pop.
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    LMAO. Is this the next evolution of MM? I didn't know we took personal or political stances into account when deciding which wrestler had a better year. Touche for finding something in the ring and in the time period though. That part is hilarious to me for some reason. I anticipate Rollins bouncing back next year when his relationship with a Nazi is no longer in the voting period.
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    I personally thought it was the weakest entry in MCU:P2 and probably the worst movie that Joss Whedon has ever directed, but I still wouldn't say it's "bad". Not in a world where things like Frank Miller's The Spirit still regrettably exist. Heck, we've even got much worse examples of "lame followups which take great iconic characters played by the original actors and proceed to shit all over them", like X-Men 3 or Superman 4. It's hard to get terribly mad at Age of Ultron when it at leasts manages to give us a bunch of really fun individual moments: the party at Avengers HQ, the Hulk/Iron Man brawl, pretty much every dialogue scene with Ultron. Those were good enough to keep me from actively disliking the movie as a whole.
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    This whole Mania season is like a nightmare for the writers and agents. Like, a literal nightmare. "It was the road to Wrestlemania but most of the top stars were injured and nobody liked the guy we kept pushing but we hadn't built anyone to take his place and the Undertaker was fighting Shane for some reason and when I got to AT&T Stadium I was naked and all my teeth were falling out."
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    Who would have Hogan would come out as the victor in this whole mess? It seemed like he was completely down-and-out, but somehow he came back in the last minute and won the whole thing.
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    I know this is The Natural's routine, but I do love this picture:
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    Our own Zac Fu does the shadow cast for REPO: Genetic Opera here in Toledo as the Repo Man. He has very cleverly managed to sneak a few wrestling moves into his fight scenes. now and then James
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    Was one of them emo-looking and another a big samoan? And was the other homeless? ...and did he master your titties?
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    I have no idea why any of us thought this was a good idea, but in a beginning theater class in high school, I took a DDT on the fucking cement floor and two of us picked up the third kid and threw him through a table. Not a wrestling table, but a poker table of sorts and that fucker was sturdy. The assignment was stage fighting and so we decided to do wrestling shit in the context of a fight that would break out at a poker table in an old west saloon. We got an A, but the teacher was pissed we broke her table.
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    I'm honestly unsure of who would win an MMA fight between Rogan and Punk. I'm leaning towards Joe.
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    The Championship Playoff always brings the excitement and high drama. Who could forget Watford's amazing semifinal vs Leicester City where Watford saves a penalty and rub down the field to score a game winner at the final whistle.
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    Bayley used her injured arm a bunch with no selling during that finishing stretch. Particularly the shoulder charges in the corner. That was dumb. Oh, and one more thing... HEEEEEY, WE WANT SOME BAYLEY !HEEEEEY, WE WANT SOME BAYLEY! HEEEEEY, WE WANT SOME BAYLEY !HEEEEEY, WE WANT SOME BAYLEY! HEEEEEY, WE WANT SOME BAYLEY !HEEEEEY, WE WANT SOME BAYLEY! HEEEEEY, WE WANT SOME BAYLEY !HEEEEEY, WE WANT SOME BAYLEY!
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    I'm in this video doing awesome shit when he mentions his fans. Bunch of burly, manly looking fucking men When they show Bayley fans they're just little girls crying. I'll boil this down to one phrase: Skeleton ninja vs female Eugene Which did you want to be when you grew up? There's a better version of this that was done during the voting period which ended with the karate masters arranged in a pentagon at the end but I can't find it
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    You modded the N64? All you needed was to take a dremmel to the cartridge. Loved that game though. Really prefer it to NO MERCY because it's not all sllloowwwwwwwwwwwww
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    Chris Cornell put the music of U2's One together with the lyrics of Metalllca's One and came up with this:
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