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    I know I'm not alone in this. We all felt great about how WrestleMania 30 played out. Vince had to be dragged kicking and screaming to get the title on Bryan but they did it and it was a tremendous show. We had Bryan as champion. The Shield going strong. Cesaro winning the Andre battle royal which was treated as a big deal. We had Rusev starting up quickly after that. It felt like we were on the cusp of something special. A changing of the guard. That's what makes it more frustrating. I know there's people in the company who know what they're doing. You watch NXT and it's completely different but even if you leave out NXT, RAW puts out some really great angles from time to time also but they blow it every single time.
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    Haha. I sat next to a kid who was maybe 19 at a ROH show a few months back. He had the old NWA title belt. I was like "Woah, that's cool the classic NWA belt." There was a nameplate on the belt, so I say "I don't remember a nameplate on the belt. Whose name is on that Ric Flair, Harley Race?". The kid goes "Nah, I went old school.......Christian Cage". I literally died a little inside.
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    Flash sale at WWE Shop: 40% off all t-shirts. 20% off all belts if you're one of those dudes I want to punch at shows.
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    Yeahhhh... I really don't need to spend that money. But fiscal responsibility is booty.
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    This thread has shown me what my own personal hell is
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    It's crazy to think that if WCW went out of business 5 years earlier it would've been "The fans want Austin? Fuck em, they'll get Wildman Marc Mero"
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    A New York franchise up 3-0 in the LCS, and on the road against a continual bridesmaid franchise? What could possibly go wrong?
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    One of us... one of us... one of us...
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    At least it's a feud he can win.
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    I don't think he's cool enough to like those movies. He probably thinks they're "the ones with Freddy" like someone's grandma would and shit I can't fucking wait for the game though, horrid voice acting aside
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    I'm not a huge Star Wars fan in any sense. I know the basics behind the core story, and that's it. All of these trailers have me excited, and wanting to watch the previous six films.
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    I'd love to give New Day some of my money, but it's not worth people thinking I'm a brony.
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    I would trade an exotic shard for weapon parts, at this juncture. The weapon part drought is real over here.
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    Nah, Al Davis had totally lost it on the business side as well as the talent evaluation side at that point. Vince is creatively worse than at any other time in his career (yes, I would hold '94-'95 gimmicks and booking above this current-day garbage), but he's still a savvy businessman as seen by how well he is doing to forge relationships with organizations in the wider corporate world and how he has somehow kept Bonnie Hammer in thrall so that even with these shitty ratings, they're in no danger of cancellation by USA.
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    Since it's way too early to start the thread already - Chris Rock will be hosting the Oscars
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    If those five walked into a bar when they were all the same age, I know exactly who would be the first to talk shit and who would throw the first punch to defend them. Nowadays, I know who exactly would be the first to talk shit and the first to let them get their ass kicked.
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    Terrible? Please. This might be a feud that Cesaro can actually win.
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    Uh, I dunno. Temporary server hiccups? Did you go through all of the unplugging and replugging required of our electronic devices these days? I was trying to do the low-flying challenge yesterday when two guys came along in an Insurgent and started fucking with me. OK, fine. After I won, I found myself pretty near the beach, and the two guys had turned into three guys, so it was 3-on-1 on the beach. Hey, what do you know, it's getting pretty late (yawn) ... time for bed (exits online). I'm not that bright, but I'm not that dumb, either.
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    There are so many things which I simply do not understand about you, nate. So many things... I caught the recent release The Final Girls, which was pretty cute. Weird to see Alia Shawkat in any kind of a horror film at all. The premise of the film is basically Last Action Hero except with an 80s slasher flick, having a bunch of modern-day teenagers getting sucked into a horror movie. Some people have given this one a lot of grief for being PG-13, claiming it's too tame; but if you remember how little gore that most 80s slasher flicks actually had (the MPAA was a harsh mistress back then), this one is about the same level of overall bloodiness.
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    That god Mark Henry is around to prevent me from banning all of you. In response to the WWE tweeting out the Pop-Up Power Bomb gif
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    Between seeing the Millenium Falcon for the first time, along with the Han and Leia Love Theme, I can't help but to literally get misty-eyed and grin every time I watch the trailer. I hope I'm not the only one.
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    For the next 2 months....
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    I'd definitely rather my first feud on the main roster be with Dolph Ziggler than Stardust.
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    Summer's shown herself to be pretty good at what she does, and going against Ziggles isn't a bad entry point. I think is a pretty good start for Breeze.
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    And a hardy FUCK YOU to TARU for blindsiding this guy and causing him to have a stroke. Worthless piece of shit.
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    I think that Nikki Bella is one of the most aesthetically pleasing women they've ever had on TV and even I would rather not see her on my TV as much.
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    I'm going to enjoy Summer Breeze calling the main roster uggos.
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    What is RAW's absolute bottom? Like if Vince just aired 3 NXT episodes in that time slot, what would happen? Viewership would double because fuck you NXT is awesome.
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    The hour long 30 for 30 basically conveyed Du Pont's craziness way better than the movie did. Until you actually see this fucker think he is a world class athlete despite having the body of someone with full blown AIDS, you don't know how much of a lunatic he was. The 911 call was just soul crushing though.
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    Its just that the teams there give us so much material. . . . . As opposed to Buffalo?
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    Watched It Follows and thought it was scary as shit! It's about a girl who ends up being chased/followed by a demon/spirit/ghost whatever. That scene where totally made me leap. Only topped later by the scene where I really loved it. I'm admittedly early in my 2015 watching, but I wouldn't be shocked if I had this Top 10, maybe Top 5 come the EOY list. Also watched Red Army which is a documentary about the Russian Ice Hockey team of the 70s/80s. It was interesting but didn't really delve as much into their training methods as I would have liked, and only veiled references to what a monster of a coach Tikhonov was. Also, I would have loved them to call Slava Fetisov on his shit a little more. There were a couple times he said things that seemed untrue/double-standard and it was just let go. Cobain: Montage of Heck which is the documentary about Kurt Cobain. If you're wanting insight into the music, you're not going to get much of it right here, as this is more of a focus on Cobain, the person. There's some interesting stuff and I thought the animated footage set to recordings of Cobain speaking were really well-done and super effective, but I thought it was weird how quickly they glossed over hugely important moments in his life (Signing with Sub Pop, replacing the first drummer with Dave Grohl, signing with Geffen, recording 'Nevermind') are all either not addressed at all (In the case of Grohl and recording 'Nevermind') or just barely mentioned in passing (the two label signings). Still, it's quite good and the last stretch is super-depressing with footage of Kurt nodding off while holding his daughter, being junkie-thin, and covered in sores. Hausu which might be the most insane movie I've ever seen. It's definitely worth watching, just for the scads of insanity throughout. I think my favourite process of watching the film might have been going to IMDB afterwards where someone posited the theory that
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    Show me where on the doll RGIII touched you.
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    Never forgot. Ohio is the state that inspires more of its native sons to literally leave the fucking planet than the entire rest of the country combined.
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    The Irish whip is stupid. Why don't they just stop running?
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    That shouldn't make me as happy as it does but here we are It's the perfect time for the retun of RNN updates. ORTON: VERY THANKFUL
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    Rowan recruited Baguette Steampipe. Hey look at my face, you like this sheep mask? Look in your closet, there's one for you. Don't like it? Neither do I! ...Get the hell out of here! Ever see a guy say goodbye to a mask?
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    STUNNER PARTY! > Superkick party
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    The 30 for 30 "The Prince of Pennsylvania" is airing tonight since the Kevin Johnson one got indefinitely postponed. It airs on ESPN at 9 p.m. ET. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAjl1V1aGxE
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    Who fucking cares who you want to see naked? What is the point of even saying this?
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    Marvel: "The new Captain America is fighting the Sons of the Serpent, a racist hate group." Fox News: "OMIGOD Captain America is fighting conservatives!" Did Fox News give away the game here?
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    I said that somewhat in jest. I do think - if they're not gonna give it to Ambrose or Owens who could both use the rub - it makes sense to have a big return to take it off Cena and I don't see "Medal" or "Cult of Personality" playing at HIAC, so... Is it possible that Cena opens the challenge up, for Samoa Joe to come in and take the title, and this be an optimal outcome?
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    He should start wearing that sweet hat he sometimes wore during promos in 85/86:
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    The biggest difference between this and the prequels is that Lucas didn't give a shit about our nostalgia.
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    One of the better "feuding foes turns tag champs" angles they've done
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    Let's see here.... FInal Fantasy X - Otherworld Chaos Theory - Ruthless Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - The Summoned (an awesome remake of "Those Who Fight Further") Devil May Cry 4 - Forza Del Destino
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