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  1. Neil Koch


    Did they take out the ability to play demos of the tables? Wanted to try Banzai Run last night but couldn't get the game to start.
  2. The Mega Drive Mini is being made by At Games from what I have seen.
  3. Neil Koch


    I downloaded it but haven't tried it out yet. I have a baby that sleeps for only 1-2 hours at a time so my backlog is getting huge.
  4. Did none of these reviewers play the previous games? Because the story and villains are always cartoony as fuck.
  5. The demo is extremely limited especially with the 35GB size. Most of the city is blocked off and none of the side activities are available besides a few restaurants. Basically you can just walk around and get into fights. You can level up some stats and carry that over to the full game, but apparently any trophies triggered won't.
  6. Neil Koch

    The EL REY Network Thread

    There's another documentary by the same people called Not Quite Hollywood about Australian exploitation movies. It has a fairly lengthy segment about The Man From Hong Kong, where George Lazenby goes into detail about how big of an ass Jimmy Wang Yu was to people on the set, like eating an onion before having a love scene so he could annoy the actress.
  7. I loved Burnout Paradise, but $40 is way too much for a remaster. I'll wait until it hits $20.
  8. Neil Koch


    Sorry for the late response. There really aren't any great young action stars in Hong Kong. The methods that produced the stars of the 70s - 90s are long gone now (like the studio system and borderline child abuse kung fu/opera training) and local audiences prefer US blockbusters anyway (except for the propagandistic stuff like Wolf Warrior 2) so most of the young actors gravitate towards comedy or romance. The industry is a shell of its former self and anything that gets produced nowadays is beholden to Mainland censorship, so any Sleeping Dogs movie is probably going to very watered down, because Mainland films can't show the cops in a bad light at all.
  9. Neil Koch

    The Awesome/Annoying TV COMMERCIAL Thread

    That guy is also the new host of Man Vs Food.
  10. Neil Koch


    The controls for the grappling hook never really clicked with me. Once I got the jetpack wingsuit, I barely used it. It always annoys me when "open" world games force you to play a certain way. I beat the game anyway, it was worth $10 I guess.
  11. Neil Koch


    It doesn't really change. Basically the game's pattern is open a new area, you take over the businesses and kill a couple of leaders, and then a couple of story missions open up. The actual story missions are fun, but it does end up feeling like a lot of filler. It's the same issue I'm having with Just Cause 3. It's fun to take over bases and towns, but it wears thin after the 50th one, especially when story missions are tied to it, so the whole game will stop moving forward. Also the fact that the enemies are the worst bullet sponges since the first Uncharted is annoying. It's shouldn't take half a clip from a LMG to kill a average soldier.
  12. Neil Koch


    There are a ton of bootleg cartridges out there, but now they usually use the term "reproductions". More than likely the guy bought his stuff from a Chinese site like Aliexpress for like $5-10 and is trying to flip them. And Gamestop is indeed losing a lot of money. Their stock is down by around 30%.
  13. They are on sale on the US PSN as well - the wingsuit one really changes the game a lot, as it turns it into pretty much a jet pack. The mech one is useful for some of the bigger bases/camps. I haven't found much use for the boat so far.
  14. Neil Koch


    If they have a lot of games, the hard drive is a good idea. Installs can be 40-50 GB so even a 1 TB will fill up fast. Maybe a PS+ subscription and/or PSN card.
  15. Neil Koch


    I'm holding off on it. Capcom regularly has sales on PSN.