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  1. FC have always been glitchy, the last couple even more so because they were done pretty quickly. I did really like 5 and its follow up, New Dawn. I will echo what was said above and say to do a lot of side missions so you can get better weapons, increase stats, etc. Also if you are registered for UPlay, you can get free weapons and vehicles. It makes the story missions a lot easier.
  2. It was a parody of a car ad, Kia I think. Similar to the car commercials, maybe try not promoting $250 earbuds during a week that 3.5 million people lost their jobs.
  3. The Apple Airpods one with the girl spastically dancing around a city can eat a bag of dicks.
  4. I get tired of seeing it, but mostly because I've been in children's hospitals way too much because my stepson has had cancer multiple times. At least the Shriner's Hospital is a legit charity unlike the Kars 4 Kids scam. "And how do they get disabled kids that are better talkers/actors than normal adults?! " Getting a terminal/major disease makes you grow up fast. I've met a lot of 8 year olds who are way more mature and level headed than most 20-30 year olds.
  5. I was worried that she was going to eat at the buffet at Excalibur. That's a good way to get food poisoning. They have a pretty nice arcade there though.
  6. That's been the case in literally every other GTA game.
  7. I think it's similar to Minneapolis in that there's a lot of nice and/or bigger houses in lower middle class neighborhoods that were either bought fairly cheaply by vets via the GI Bill in the 50s and then handed down to their kids (like on Married With Children or US version of Shameless) or were vacated in the 70s as the more affluent owners moved to the outer suburbs and sold them to people like the Conners who were only able to (barely) afford them due to long term and/or high rate mortgages. A lot of the conflict between Dan and Roseanne is because that even when they are both employed, they are still barely able to pay the bills. They probably should have sold the house and moved into a smaller one or a duplex but it's a matter of pride with them that they have their own house.
  8. The PS Mini can run RetroArch and can easily take USB thumb drives with no extra adapters, and you can get them in stores for $20. SNES/NES Minis are not being made any more, so they are usually more expensive on eBay/Amazon.
  9. I have a modded SNES with PS1, PSP, Sega CD, and Turbo CD games on it. It takes more work than cartridge based games because you have to get an adapter that you can plug in the back so you can use a USB thumb drive (the default storage) is only about 250 - 300 MB depending what cores you are adding) and you have to edit the bin files. But it works pretty well once you learn how to do it. I found the PS Mini even easier than the NES/SNES Classics. I have about 200 games on mine (just PS1 games -haven't done RetroArch on it yet). A lot of it comes to what USB thumb drive you're using. Sandisk works the best by far and it seems to crap out if you go past 128 GB.
  10. There are kind of RPG lite aspects to the game. You have several skills such as driving that will improve as you go through the game. Also Franklin has a special ability where he can do bullet time and slow down. It's necessary to use at least for the first part of the game until your skill goes up. The game autosaves before/after missions and IIRC you can quick save using the phone or it autosaves if you quit to the main menu. 200 games isn't a whole lot for a modded SNES Classic. I have ones with 800 - 1100 games on them from multiple systems. Check out Patton Plays on YouTube if you want to learn how to add more.
  11. How is the arcade you can buy? Are there games you can play in it?
  12. I'm late to listening to it, but Artie Lange was on Gilbert's podcast a week or two ago and it's fantastic. I was almost crying from laughing.
  13. I think she gets her video game stuff as review copies, she writes for Japanese magazines.
  14. I don't think so, he's been being a douche on SNL as well, like he refused to go to the makeup chair so he looked like shit. He also left one of his stand up shows because the host mentioned Ariana Grande.
  15. I've had them before. They actually taste kind of fishy like a sardine. It wasn't bad with a little hot sauce on them. They were fried pretty well so there wasn't the gooey texture you would expect from eating a bug. About the only food I've said a hard no to is balut, which my Filipino in laws tried to get me to eat. Chicken feet are also pretty nasty. Trying those once at dim sum was more than enough for me.
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