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  1. Vice City Stories is even better. I think the game as a whole is the most under-rated GTA entry.
  2. For N64, ParaLLel64 has gotten a couple of updates and runs a lot of N64 games very well now, at least on my laptop. Some games aren't as good on the PS/NES Classics, though. Also the quality of Chinese stuff you get from sites like AliExpress can be all over the map, also the shipping can either be a couple of weeks or couple of months, and that was pre-COVID.
  3. It's annoying and similar to Dirty Jobs using Faith No More's "We Care a Lot" as the theme just because of the "It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it" lyric... which is being used ironically about people that define themselves via media.
  4. Sad news and such a young age to pass at. As a young metalhead, the Road Warriors/LOD were my favorite tag team and I'm glad I got to see them live several times. I also got to meet Animal at a couple of promo events he did in the Minneapolis area. Seemed like a very old school tough guy who took kayfabe seriously, but he was treating all of the fans with class and hung around for quite a long time signing autographs and taking pictures.
  5. The Geico "aunts" one can kiss my ass, especially since it's on every commercial break when I'm watching hockey and baseball on ESPN+. EXPIRED! EXPIRED! EXPIRED! Get the fuck out of my house. Is bitchy aunts a thing or is Geico desperately trying to create a subset of the Karen meme?
  6. If you want a course creator, The Golf Club games have one, and the games are dirt cheap. I got the first one on PSN for $2. I actually really liked GoldenEye 007 Reloaded and might still have the gold Wii pro controller around somewhere. When I got it, I was living in a duplex with gamers living in both units, so we had fun playing split-screen local multiplayer, and the online was actually really fun and quite active as well. The PS3 version was also really fun. I should try and dig it out sometime.
  7. Pit Fighter is unironically one of my favorite games of all time. The pseudo-sequel Guardians of the Hood is garbage though. I wish the Genesis exclusive sequel would have come out. There was an EGM article about it and it looked pretty close to completion.
  8. The Nissan "girl power" commercial with Brie Larson is godawful. I guess at least it's not yet another car commercial trying to make the company look like a saint during a pandemic.
  9. There is a single player part, but it's really short, like 5-6 hours.
  10. It's the one in 6. I'm surprised people would still talk to Kaz, because he must have stunk while carrying like 100 cans of tuna.
  11. I'm pretty sure I would be kicked out by the gang for how much time I spend in the arcades or eating beer and chicken wings. Or finding cats and giving them their special tuna so that they let me pet them.
  12. For trophies, it depends on the game for me. I try to 100% a lot of the old-school games (like the Arcade Archives, Anniversary collections, etc.) since score chasing was a big deal for those and I think it gets me more out of the game. I don't really bother with most modern games though unless I really like them. Usually they are too grindy or involve multiplayer. I did 100% Sleeping Dogs and the Yakuza games I have. Especially for Yakuza, it gives me an excuse to keep coming back and it fits the playstyle of the game as a whole. To each their own, though. If someone is getting
  13. I got JC3 with all the DLC for like $5 on sale on PSN. I couldn't see myself actually finishing it without the DLC goodies, especially the jetpack. I didn't bother with most of the challenges, they just seemed too frustrating to me.
  14. Shout Factory put out a good DVD a few years ago of Hapkido and Lady Whirlwind. It's out of print now, but you may be able to find it on eBay. http://hkfilm.net/dvdrevs/madouble.htm Supposedly, Fortune Star charges a lot for the rights for US companies to use the Golden Harvest library, even for one-off showings at festivals. Which is probably why we keep getting the same 4 Bruce Lee movies over and over and nothing much past that. Also if you are in the NYC area, Angela Mao runs a restaurant (I think in Long Island) and is cool with talking about her films, taking pictures, s
  15. It's on sale for $10 or under regularly, and if you like 5, New Dawn takes place a few years after the end of it and ties into some of the characters. The companions are the best in the FC games and I really liked the way you build up your base in order to get access to the better weapons and vehicles. It's fairly quick to get through the story, maybe 10-15 hours, but there are challenge maps/bases that you can replay that could have been a separate DLC/add-on themselves. I will still play it occasionally for those.
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