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  1. That's never been Far Cry's strong suit. I wish they would have kept going with the 5/New Dawn storyline, but I'll still grab this one when it goes on sale.
  2. Sorry, I was referring to the standalone DLC for TLOU1.
  3. I played some of Left Behind because I think it was free on PS Plus and it didn't seem like anything special to me.
  4. This is why I barely interact with most big game groups, forums, etc. There really is no discussion or discourse. I have zero interest in the game and according to some that makes me a homophobe because I don't want to play it, even though I could care less about the sexuality/gender of the characters. It just looks boring to me.
  5. I'm friends with Eric on Facebook and he is a bit of an oddball (he loves full motion video games from the 90s like I do) but his motion capture career is going really well. He did the movements for Kratos in the last God of War game.
  6. Yep, for sure. I have never actually finished the main game, but I have played the Crew Expendable DLC many times.
  7. Here's the Cantonese version with English subtitles:
  8. The Episodes from Liberty City are way more fun than the main game, especially Ballad of Gay Tony, which has a Vice City vibe to it and it has some of the most likeable and well-rounded characters in the series. I had a great time with The Lost and Damned also, but that is probably due to the awesome extreme metal radio station hosted by Max from Sepultura and the fact that it's probably as close to a Sons of Anarchy games as we'll ever get. I also really liked the Road Rash style races. Both of them are thankfully free of the dating bullshit or cousin Roman calling you 10 times a day to go bowling.
  9. She "retired" from 1987-1992 when she was married to the head of D&B Studios, Dickson Poon. That was pretty common for HK actresses at the time. Like Brigitte Lin retired from acting after she married the owner of the Esprit clothing company. And I love Heroic Trio, but I can see why some people wouldn't. It is VERY Hong Kong cinema - over the top and changes genres/tones constantly.
  10. The Hong Kong DVD/Blu Ray has been out for a while. https://www.yesasia.com/us/search/enter-the-fat-dragon/0-0-0-q.enter+the+fat+dragon_bpt.48-en/list.html I have heard it's not very good. The release date got pushed back several times and finally it just went to streaming/DVD.
  11. I'm a Sega mark, and have been getting most of the mini consoles and cabinets in general, but $50 for something that only has 4 games and looks barely playable? *wet fart*
  12. I'm getting pretty tired of seeing the commercial for the new Pete Davidson movie on every other commercial break on Hulu. It doesn't help that I'm not a fan of Davidson or Judd Apatow and the movie looks terrible to me.
  13. Anyone who hasn't needs to watch Mr. Vampire NOW. Or pretty much anything with Lam Ching Ying as the lead. He was the Bill Murray "ghostbuster"/popular/quirky actor in Hong Kong for many years. This is another favorite of mine - East vs West Vampires http://www.hkfilm.net/movrevs/drvamp.htm This is also fun - Hammer and Shaw Bros http://www.hkfilm.net/movrevs4/goldenvampires.htm Best "worst" movie ever http://hkfilm.net/movrevs5/robovampire.htm
  14. I don't like Spotify much either. Really the only reason I keep an account is to use it on PS4. But I'm sure someone will put the episodes up on YouTube. I listen to a few SiriusXM shows that way.
  15. The TurboGrafx never was formally released in Europe. It tanked in North America because NEC waited too long to bring it out, so it was going up against the Genesis, which had better graphics and sound, more well-known games, and came packaged with Altered Beast, which is kind of a shit game now, but was a big arcade hit at the time. So NEC cancelled the European release, though some distributors already had some units (basically US ones modified for PAL) that were eventually sold in stores.
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