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  1. Neil Koch


    Got drunk and took advantage of a 20% coupon to get the Street Fighter Arcade 1up cabinet. I dig it.
  2. That's fine, I think the lieutenants (or what ever they're called in the crew) can also manage it, like approving or kicking out people. I probably won't have the game until after Christmas. FYI - if you get the disc, it's going to have to install all of the game data anyway. A buddy at work is preloading the game and he said the file is 150GB.
  3. Neil Koch

    Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    They couldn't even integrate the single player with online, I doubt they could do it between different games.
  4. Most modern critics suck at actually playing games.
  5. PS1 mini coming in December with 20 games for $100 https://www.polygon.com/2018/9/19/17877898/playstation-classic-release-date-price-ps1-games For that price they could at least throw in an AC adapter.
  6. Neil Koch


    I liked it, but it's easy and gets really repetitive. It's one of the free games on PS+, otherwise there is a lengthy demo available.
  7. Neil Koch

    The Terminator Thread

    I thought the 3D was done very well. Shots like the truck crashing over the bridge while the T1000 is chasing John on the motorcycle were pretty awesome.
  8. Neil Koch

    The Podcast Thread

    It has to do with him being on Stitcher Premium and/or Earwolf. Only the last 6 months or so of the regular episodes are free, otherwise you have to subscribe. The Colossal Obsession podcasts are subscription only now.
  9. I got about 15 minutes in on the PS3 version before the godawful acting made me tap out.
  10. Neil Koch

    Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    I think he was talking about getting the PS4 version so he can play it on the PS4 Pro. AFAIK, they haven't made any Pro enhancements for the game, but I'm surprised they haven't released a Pro version.
  11. I believe so. It uses the Yakuza engine, which has been a PS only series.
  12. Neil Koch


    The game is changed a bit from the original. You can select from different fighting styles and there's new side missions/events, like Majima will randomly pop out (most times in different costumes/disguises) to challenge Kiryu to a fight. If you fight and win enough times, you unlock special moves.
  13. Neil Koch


    Kiwami has VF2 machines in the arcades, but you can't play them. You will be able to in Kiwami 2. Still a fun game, though. You may want to check at Target for it. I got the steelbook version from there a couple of months back for $9 on clearance.
  14. Neil Koch


    I liked the game, but it is pretty easy, short, and gets repetitive. On PS4 (not sure about other systems) there's a pretty big demo that lets you play the first set of missions and go around the city.
  15. Neil Koch

    Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    One of the pre-order bonuses for RDR2 is $500K in GTA cash, which isn't that much, but it's a sign they'll probably keep the game going for a while. It's still consistently in the top 10 sales list and a cash cow for Rockstar.