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  1. There's a lot of shit tier people like MetalJesus who are doing it just for the clicks and to drive up prices on eBay. But she's genuinely a fan of oldschool games, which makes her videos/posts a lot more fun. She has a lot of love for the PC Engine and Iron Maiden.
  2. Her Twitter is a good follow if you like oldschool games.
  3. I don't listen to Gilbert's podcast much anymore, but that episode was really good.
  4. I started listening to this a few weeks ago and like it. The hosts thankfully don't have the snark that you might expect given the subject, they actually end up liking some of the games they play though like Night Trap. And bringing up Dreamcast with no mention of PSO???
  5. She's apparently going to be hosting a reboot of Supermarket Sweep.
  6. FYI the movies aren't subtitled. That being said, there's some good ones in the list. I highly recommend Hong Kong Godfather. Beardy Leung being his most badass.
  7. The Flight School isn't all that bad. I actually did it on an iPhone using touch controls. Toreno's mission "S.A.M." where you have to fly to/from the base super low to avoid the radar is one of the worst in the game, though. For the Vigilante missions, you can steal a Rhino from the army bases and then store it at the airstrip's garage. The highways around Las Venturas are an good place to spawn the missions and you can turn the cannon around and use it as a speed booster.
  8. EA Access is on PS4 now, anyone try this out? Kind of interested in it because of the sports games, which I tend to lose interest in pretty quickly.
  9. Eh, I thought it was way easier than NES/SNES. But you are right about it being finicky about the brand of USB stick. I found that Sandisk 64GB by far works the best.
  10. Revenge has more features and a bigger roster. FYI Target has the PS Classic for $20 this week. It's worth that for just the controllers and it is easily "hackable" to add a ton more games.
  11. I think they would probably follow some sort of F2P model where you get X dollars per day. If you can gambleusing Shark Cards, that's opening a shit show. Which it probably will be anyway, since you could easily have a group of friends playing and throwing games so one person could make a lot of money and then distribute it to the group. @Raziel I would stick to solo sessions and/or spawn out in Sandy Shores and then do solo missions. It's been a while since I played, but there were a few missions that had good payouts for a few minutes of work, especially on 2X $ and RP weekends.
  12. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0101-CUSA14034_00-PES2019F2P000000 A free-to-play version of 'PES 2019' is here!* Now you can play the Online myClub and PES LEAGUE Mode, as well as the Offline Exhibition Match and Training Mode all for free! Create your very own dream team with myClub, where current and historic superstars can be signed. World renowned legendary players like Beckham and Maradona feature, as well as FC Barcelona's Ronaldinho, and Inter's Recoba, Cambiasso, Djorkaeff and Adriano. More Legend players will appear in-game throughout the year in myClub! Aim to be the best PES player in the world by competing in this season's PES LEAGUE. Users will be able to qualify for global events by participating in the CO-OP (3v3) ONLINE Championship, time limited tournaments, or the newly introduced PES LEAGUE myClub - either in 1v1 or CO-OP competitions. PES LEAGUE is an online mode which features exciting tournaments to compete against each other to become the best PES player in the world.
  13. PES is a solid soccer game. Not as many bells and whistles and the graphics aren't as good as FIFA, but it plays better IMO. I'm kind of surprised they are putting it on PS+ since they already have a F2P version out that you can get quite a bit out of without paying for anything.
  14. Dungeon Explorer is pretty good. Basically a Gauntlet clone but a little deeper and more character options. Really great soundtrack. Ninja Spirit is really fun, it's one of my favorite TG16 games. It gets nuts when you have you character fully powered up with multiple ghosts and weapons. I really like Alien Crush, even though it's not as good as Devil's Crush. I like the Giger-esque design and the soundtrack is another good one. I'm sure this is going to be as easy to mod as other minis, so you'll be able to throw on whatever games you want.
  15. The PC Engine version with the white hockey mask. I'm one of the few nerds that had a TG16 back in the day so I'm interested in this, especially since it has CD games.
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