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    I think we all know the true highlight of the finish. I have a feeling this will replace the Krusty the Klown's "What the hell was that"
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    So many people are mad because the good guy didn't win. And they say kayfabe is dead.
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    The first HITC match ever ended with the demonic brother of a wrestling zombie debuting. And that character is still around today. Bray Wyatt showing up via some parlor trick to take out a man who has talked about wanting to go to hell isn't anything that different. Bray and Dean will have awesome promos. They also had a Smackdown match this year that was off-the-charts great. Wrestling's a soap opera. Goes from one story to the next.
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    God... I legitimately am starting to wonder if "overly positive guy" is just your gimmick.If it is (and I don't think it is), I much prefer it to the handful of overly negative cynics around.
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    Let's just move on. I mean, hey, on the bright side, November means that we all get to rewatch old Survivor Series with Rick Rude teaming with Butch Reed or something, right?
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    I'm just gonna fantasy book it in my head that homeless man Dean Ambrose broke into Bray Wyatt's shack and stole food from his fridge and now Bray wants vengeance because that pulled-pork sandwich was gonna be for dinner.
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    God... I legitimately am starting to wonder if "overly positive guy" is just your gimmick. It's less "overly positive guy" and more "I hate the wrestling hate hive mind." There was plenty of stuff I didn't like on the show. I wish there was more heat in the tag team division. The Usos and The Dust Brothers are so awesome but the feud's a snooze. And I'm fine with "YOU COST US THE TITLES!" as an angle. But there's nothing there. The Bellas getting TV time is the worst. Sheamus/Miz stinks and I'm not much of a Miz-dow fan. You know why the "Hive Mind" hates it Gregg, because we don't love everything Creative does. You know why, because we spent 30, 40, 50 years watching as much of this crap as we can get ahold of, for decades. You know how much Creative watched... NONE. Its in the advert for the position, NO WRESTLING KNOWLEDGE PERFERRED. So when we see the only game in town continually screwing up crap that shit little Indy bookers in bumshit Indiana can book properly, its getting pretty rage inducing.
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    I'm assuming it's not a financial planning seminar
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    So, Cesaro is primed to be the next breakout babyface after WrestleMania. Now, he can't win a fall in a 2 out of 3 falls match. He's in elite company with the Bolsheviks and Young Stallions now.
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    Yeah, but douchebag Seth gets to brag now about beating Rollins even though he was about to get his head stomped in on cinder blocks. And he and Orton are now in their power struggle as Rollins waits to pick off the remains of Lesnar and Cena. Chickenshit heel Rollins is really frigging great and awesome. But being a chickenshit only works if he steals wins. You can't really steal a win in a HITC match, so Bray coming back to launch that feud gives Rollins slimebag bragging rights and puts Bray and Ambrose together. Pretty easy to see why they did that.
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    That finish man. Just fuck it all to hell. I can't wait for basketball season. Fuck.
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    Sometimes, truth is creepier than fiction. By a lot.
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    At least people here stopped posting his tweets like we should all know about how anti-funny the guy is. Jesus Christ, cheer up and say something positive about somebody. I'm begging you. I see Big Fresh hasn't been reading the tens of Ebbie posts about the awesomeness of Bad News Barrett and the Bella Twins. I see Ebbie kinda like Slappy Squirrel from Animaniacs. She'll praise what she likes, but she has a short fuse when it comes to foolishness. It's an endearing type of crabbiness.
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    This is absolutely true. I think Rusev is the best face in WWE right now, he gives no fucks and his only concern is about Lana's safety. He's like babyface Savage.
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    I like how Paige's shorts are ripping like she is some sort of She-Hulk where her ass is growing.
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    God... I legitimately am starting to wonder if "overly positive guy" is just your gimmick.
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    I dug Brie/Nikki. Both girls worked hard and managed to keep the crowd who were itching to shit on them. they've become fine little workers.
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    *sigh* I just don't get this fucking company man.
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    That main event was something like the best and worst of the overbooked, Attitude-Era style WWE match. Except for Ambrose's facial expressions and yelling at Rollins (especially that somewhat-chilling "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE TONIGHT") before the match even started, the whole thing felt less than organic. The beginning was obviously a Foley/Taker redux with a HBK-style double-bump, and Ambrose firing up off the stretcher. It worked for Ambrose getting a pop when he got off the stretcher and for the big pop when they finally got in the cell and the bell rang, but it all seemed somewhat contrived, and the lackey interference was so textbook. I don't even know how to rate it; even as I could tell exactly what they were going for when they were on top of the cell, I was still worried about someone taking a bad bump, so there was a weird sort of meta-tension there as I worried about another cage malfunction rather than worrying about the guy I was rooting for and whether he would win. I still am not sure what to think of that. Then the transition into Ambrose/Wyatt...that was less than thrilling on its own merit. The whole thing came off less like a hate-filled match where anything could happen, when it was all said and done, and more like a series of contrived spots that had an unsatisfying finish to a blood feud. I also think Cesaro/Ziggler was about ten more minutes away from being a potential MOTYC candidate. The whole thing was logical, with the chain wrestling leading into the arm work, which led to the final fall in particular. They actually struggled for holds in the first few minutes. The deadlift superplex was basically amazing. I just think the first fall was so poorly paced that it was a shame. Other than that, Rusev was really good tonight, the Bellas match was a nifty little match, and everything else was mediocre-to-terrible, especially Cena and Orton having a finisher kickout-fest where the first twenty minutes were pointless so the last six could be finisher finisher finisher finisher ad nauseam. I really hated it, actually.
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    I don't get why don't apply what they do with Cena to other babyfaces on the roster as far as letting them have meaningful wins. The whole smoke thing was just weird. Would have preferred a smiley face.
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    Fucking hell, this is making want to promise sexual favors to anyone who likes this post tbh
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    Harper is just going solo and Bray is damaged goods. Transitioning Dean onto either one will kill his momentum dead. So of course, that'll be what happens.
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    Damien Sandow is branching out in his stunt double services.
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