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    Jesus Castillo Jr, Rod Price and Bill Dundee as Jesus Price Superstar
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    Many years ago on DVDVR one of the lads wrote an excellent piece on how Southern wrestling was generally framed in the context of the Civil War from the Confederate point of view. Basically, it's gutsy babyfaces fighting valiantly in a (usually) losing cause against heels with superior numbers and firepower.
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    Mis blowing up the tractor trailer in front of the Titan last night was very silly of him to do. Fortunately, the Dolfan Moving/Demolition Services has plenty of sticky bombs.
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    Rene Dupree, RVD, Rockstar Spud French Fried Taters, Mmmhmm
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    I believe the correct response is...
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    That multi-kill bombing was more or less dumb luck. I was getting tired of getting my head sniped off by those two guys, so I decided to Allah Ahkbar some fools. I saw a white dot, called Lester, and took off. I thought it was just one guy. They must have been huddled up robbing a store, so their dots were crammed together or something. I rolled up right by the gas pump, set the bomb off, and the whole damn left side of my screen lit up with messages. Personal vehicle penalties, killed three people, etc. It was a fun surprise. The Lester invisible car bombing makes me feel like a chickenshit, but man is it fun. I got another guy who was in a tunnel in cover. I just drove slowly up to him like an NPC, parked, and waited a few seconds to see if he'd catch on. The only thing he caught was shrapnel. We're always covering each other's asses in freemode, but I want to give a particular shout-out to Mis, who pretty much saved my ass back-to-back two times in a row. I was trying like hell to line my scope up, and knew I was about to have my head split open because the guy was looking right at me, but Mis took him out. It's like "sorry kiddo, you may be trained on me because you know I suck, but you've got about 18 other scopes on you right now." I think I'm going to start switching over to main chat and playing Stone Cold clips for these poor saps. "Vince, I don't know how good your hearing is, but you got about 18,000 people calling you an asshole!" And Robert already mentioned it, but us trying to do that mission was like the damn Keystone Cops. It's bad enough that Robert walked into the blades, but me walking not 2 seconds behind him like a lemming and doing the same thing is just plain pitiful. The irony of it is that the reason I walked into the blades is because I was busy staring at my health bar while eating P's & Q's. I sure made that a non-issue real quick. And lastly, I'd like to give a heartfelt thank you to all the DVDR members who so graciously decided to dog pile one another in the "Sonny Corleone" car race, allowing me to maintain about an hour lead on the rest of the pack. It's the first race I've ever done where I could have stopped off to shop for hats.
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    Miz has been one of the better things about the show since his return. His Hollywood gimmick has finally given him something to do that fits him. Chickenshit suits him.
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    The timeline on Triple H and Steve Austin's pushes always gets fudged a bit. If you watch a documentary on Austin, you would think that Austin 3:16 was an AHA! moment and he was pushed from there on out. In reality, he faced Yokozuna on the SummerSlam pre-show and wandered aimlessly for a bit until the Bret feud happened. With Triple H, you would think that he was punished for a long period of time after the Curtain Call and that he OVERCAME DA ODDS~! to get his push back. In reality, he was jobbed for a couple of months, got the IC Title and was back on track relatively quickly. People forget that he was WWF Champion within 3 years. Neither of these are particularly egregious but there is some creative license taken to tell the story that WWE wants to tell. ---- And WWE's version of Black Saturday always omits the protests that came from the Georgia fanbase and how Vince was practically forced out of the timeslot.
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    "Hey gauys" glad to see all the posts. It does my heart good to see them and to know "my city" is in good hands. Much love to ya my brothers. Miss playin but love bein on vacation. The mayor needs a week off from time to time. I'll be back annoying your asses before ya know it. Enjoy your time away from the monkey from the mayor from the 2 beer bozo but just know although I may be gone I'm not forgotten (at least I hope) catch ya when this sum bitch gets back to Amurica mane....war, hate, and anger my peeps and as always keep your noses and the streets clean and your hands and guns dirty.
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    Felt compelled to post this based on my endless rambling about them
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    Devitt photobombing Enzo. And you can't teach that.
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    I can't even begin to count the number of times I've said to myself "shit, I'm dead" only to have the guy get killed by another crew member. It happens at least once or twice a session, if not more. Happened last night when I had guys on either side of me and one closing in, earning the coveted "Damn! We're in a tight spot!" from me, when the guy closing in was no longer closing in. And the other four of us tangled once very early in that race, which was just ehough time for RUkered to grab a 22-second lead. I never feel like a chickenshit doing the Allah Akbar - I'm dying too, screw it. I like saving the passive sticky bomb for certain situations like tanks. I think using it to get someone off a roof is kinda chickenshit, for example. Actually, I could see it if the asshole got into passive to climb onto the roof. We tried to get those guys out of the glitch with it - that's perfectly acceptable. Kicking that guy in the glitch was perfectly acceptable. Mis and I kicked that one guy just to be dicks, but he had it coming. Mis used to routinely blow up that tractor-trailer. He's gotten way better about it, but back when, he went into EVERY mission RPG's a-blazing. I can't count the number of times he blew up the document in the old Rooftop while I muttered under my breath. We got it straight, though,it's all good. I used to give "watch the heavy bang-bang here, fellas" warnings when something can be blown up. Herby~! would do Rooftop with a PV with no bulletproof tires, much to my consternation when the dudes in the SUVs would shoot out his tires. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE BULLETPROOF TIRES ON THIS THING? AT LEAST PUT THEM ON ONE CAR AND USE THAT CAR, I'M BEGGING YOU." I remember distinctly that when I leveled up to bulletproof tires, I immediately put them on every vehicle. I'd had my tires shot out enough in Freemode and GTA races to want to do that immediately.
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    Headlock and punches. My least favorite was probably the Snuka/Rockers/Kamala/Hawk feature where the legs are springloaded. The purple Warrior where the feet pushed in and his arms swung was kinda weird too. I don't think anyone else had that particular action feature. Giant Gonzales also had that feature, he was booked strong with it, hammer fist to the top of the head, took out Razor Ramon and Crush en route to his championship victory over Virgil at Wrestlemania.
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    There'll be no melee killing me. I saw that guy who gave you a ride to the airport, Valcort. Phil had just sent out an invite to a race, and I was like "lemme kill this guy one time, hang on," so I did, then left. I figured that'd piss him off. I dunno that Herby~! took the real-life running over as well as you think, Robert - he did punch the dude in the nose. I can't believe he lost his job over that - can they even do that in America? I guess he's a part-time worker. What was funny about that chopper crash is the game said I was dead, that was fine, but I thought Dolfan survived it because I never saw the game say I killed him. Alas and alack, he was a goner. Oh yeah, the guy in the plane wound up getting away. Still made $7,000 for a fail. Mis' new way of doing Method in the Madness is big money. I hated that mission, but it's really doable now. You can pretty much bypass the endless wave of assholes at the bridge coming on motorcycles. No one ever rolls forward at me, it's always side to side. I auto-aim on them before they roll, they go into the roll and I lose my auto-aim, then they shoot me as I try to get my auto-aim back. I had a good streak one night by not trying to shoot until they got out of the roll. I anticipated the roll and was ready with the auto-aim as soon as they came out of it. Valcourt, feel free to hop on with any of us. We generally pretty much constantly run around in Freemode making life tough on dots. Sometimes the dots make life tough on us, but not very often, and when it happens, it's usually me. I try to be philosophical about it, though. Game's fun when you're making life rough on someone, though. It's a dick move, but the chances are someone's done it to you before in Freemode, so you're just paying it forward. When it's going really well and we're fighting for sniper kills, it's hilarious. The guys were trying to get into Michael's house, I guess. That's a sucky glitch, 'cause the cops can still shoot you.
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    Man, fuck Bill Watts. Him as some mistreated saviour of WCW is one of the biggest smark myths in wrestling history
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    Discuss. Airbrush stands all over the country just shut down
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    For you, that was a day where the Marlins won a game and Steve Bartman became reviled... ...to me...it was a Tuesday.
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    The new Monday Night War series.
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    Cool to see the 1999 Green DVDVR Board make a comeback for one post.
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    Yeah, I'm with you. So Brie loves the man she married and supported him and made sacrifices for him, leaving Nikki, a professional wrestler, to have to wrestle by herself. And the crazy boss who treats people like garbage treated Nikki like crap afterwards. So obviously this means Nikki is completely justified to side with the crazy boss beat up her twin sister and say she wishes she had died as a fetus. I mean, who among us can't relate to that? Meanwhile Brie's character watched her husband constantly fed to the wolves and stood by him as he rose up against whatever was holding him down, lost her job for it, was attacked and turned against by her twin sister, who then told her she doesn't have a sister and wishes she was dead. Clearly Nikki is the sympathetic one who is right and justified.
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    You bastards are just gonna leave Cristobal hangin' aren't you? I like it.
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    He should be happy. Guy looks great for a guy in his late forties.
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    "Sorry." Dan's really gonna want to stab me in the kidneys in frustration after Raw on Monday, to read his post in the Raw thread. "Take that, John Cena! (stab stab stab stab)" Valcort, I take it you're VickyV? We've done missions and whatnot on several occasions. I didn't think we'd finish that one by the docks that time, but by God ... I would proabably be the one most likely to be on at weird hours. Tuesday Night Titans (a.k.a. crew members run each other off the road in races then insincerely apologize night) is tonight, usually at 7. I'll be on before then, most likely. If you wanna send me a friend request, send it to jstout423. I went to bed last night (admittedly at 6 a.m.) and said "I gotta get up and get a bunch of stuff done before Titans." I then woke up at 3:30. OK, so I gotta get some stuff done before Titans...
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    Oh, come on. This one writes itself: Bring in Faby Apache to manage them and you have: Three Mengs and a Faby.
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    This WWE Super Card game is fucking bullshit. What a piece of shit game. I can't stop playing it.
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    I honestly thought the Kennel from Hell was going to be awesome.
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    Taker had that coat as well as the hat, so he was doubly useless. I hated the figures where the legs weren't separated. Can't put a sharpshooter on those things. Bret Vs Marty Jannetty- always a stalemate.
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    Meltzer's nickname is 'Dynamite Dave'. It was trademarked for a while but I'm sure enough time has passed that he can use it again.
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    Using the rpg rules (so take that with what ever grains of salt you want) Force Ghost is open to both sides
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    Stephanie was de facto face in their feud after Brie turned out to be awful at acting. I could see some sociopaths rooting for Nikki out of spite. I can understand people preferring Nikki or Steph because they think they're better performers than Brie, but I don't see how anyone can think that they were the babyfaces, or sympathetic, or justified in their actions, in those feuds, which I've seen a few people say. While this makes perfect sense, Brie's poor acting makes it very difficult to show any, to quote Big Poppa Pump, sympy at all for her.
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    Haku, Scott Lost, Chris Bosh - The Meng Dynasty
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    This gif just reminds me of how fucking wrong all of us are when we're like 'blehweh Cena.' Damn, kid. Damn.
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    Shawn Daivari, Jinder Mahal, Sonjay Dutt: The Fabulous Mullahs.
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    Kevin Steen did a good job of marrying up.
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    I have the network. It's fine. To me it's worth $10 per month to save myself the trouble of torrenting to see the one or two good matches from the PPV, all of NXT and whatever else I want to watch on a whim. I wish I had more time to watch more stuff but it's cool to know I have an easy option when I do feel like watching some wrestling.
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    I really thought Harley Race was going to beat Hulk Hogan for the WWF title when I went to the Garden in summer of 87. I thought for sure King Harley was going to win the belt and hold onto it until Mania James
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    Swagger's got a pretty poor grasp of psychology (frequently missing easy heel moments with Zeb distracting the ref back when he was with Cesaro - I bet Dutch died inside a little bit each time) and he has zero presence for a guy that big and that intimidating looking. Part of it is his punch is the drizzling shits and he's a charisma vacuum, but there's more to it. He doesn't exude confidence in himself, so why should the fans care about him? I've rarely been drawn into a Jack Swagger match or feud because he's transparent as hell, he's fake fighting. He should be way more aggressive, leaning on guys and laying in strikes. Just because you aren't charismatic doesn't mean you can't have a bad ass presence in the ring. When you look at his eyes, you rarely see a passion or intensity but you can see the wheels turning as he figures out what he should be doing next in the fake fight. Swagger has all of the tools but can't put it together. He's 32 and got all of the time in the world but if he hasn't done it yet, can he ever do it?
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