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  1. MICRO MAN!!! NGD are great pick for this, as I think most people who don't follow mexican wrestling aren't even aware of them, or have only seen them on Fantastic Mania. As the highest (and only) vote on Demus in GWE poll I have to give him a shout out. He had great 2 years since escaping CMLL minis hell, mixing it up with some "regular" sized opponents. It's still indy lucha, so not for everyone, but if somone likes gritty, bloody brawls in tiny, often seedy places his work is definietly worth checking out.
  2. Dorada probably doesn't have one match as good as Revival best tags, but he's been extremely consistent throughout the year. Can't recall bad preformance by him. He's usually the highlight of any trios match he's in and thanks to Liga Elite and CWC he had some good singles (I recommend the ones against Rey Escorpion, Cavernario and Hechicero). Plus, after CWC, when everyone knew he was leaving CMLL, he never phoned it in and worked every match with his usual energy, doing all his dives and taking crazy bumps, like he did not care that he colud get injured and lose WWE contract. Maybe not the s
  3. After CWC ended? At least 10. And 50+ other before that.
  4. Two awesome heat machines and two of the most punchable faces in all of wrestling square off. Miz had fantastic year, mostly due to his promos and Talking Smack appearences, while Rush was coasting a little and wasn't as good as he was in previous years. Still voting for Rush as his Park stuff was amazing and he is easly the best dick in all of wrestling, when he wants to be. Plus this luscious hair.
  5. Hechicero leads 3 to 0! I don't think Omega will catch up so this poll should be closed.
  6. I've always hated Gargano and never cared for Ciampa before their stint with WWE, but they've had hell of a year, especially the Revival feud. I've been a huge fan of Kamaitachi when he was in Mexico, but after that he is kind of disappointment to me. I still like him, but I'm kind of worried he will end up like Namajague, who I loved in CMLL and instantly stoped carring about when he returned to Japan. Voted DIY (even with this stupid name).
  7. Tough draw for Cobb. I've seen a lot of him last year and really enjoy him, either as Matanza or as himself on the indies and would take him over many others in this tournament. But man, Hero was a beast last year and it would be really hard for me to vote anyone over him.
  8. That sums up my thoughts about Goto. Don't hate him, don't really like him, he's just there. Meiko is still the best joshi wrestler in the world. Easy one.
  9. Sabre had some nice tags in Evolve where he held his own and any time he interacted with Hero was great, but to me he's still pretty bad when his opponent dosen't force him out of his comfort zone. On the other hand LA Park is always worth watching, even if the matches he's in aren't, plus Park-Rush was the most fun I've had watching wrestling last year.
  10. The fact that Jericho is leading this is insane, considering that, if he worked for CMLL, he wouldn't be 30th (maybe even 50th) best wrestler on their roster. Meanwhile Cavernario is easly top 10, maybe top 5 guy. I mean, I kinda enjoyed Jerichos schtick last year, especially compared to my downright hatred for him in the prior years, but come on.
  11. My new girlfriend, who never saw a wreslting show in her life, was captivated by womens match. She loved Sasha but sobconciously knew that Bayley deserves to win. If WWE is looking for untaped demographic of women who dosen't regularly watch wrestling, their on the right track. She then left the room after seeing Balors entrance, saying that it's to dumb for her. This one is a keeper. All in all a great show. I've loved the opener, if only for Liger with the selfie stick. Plus seeing him in WWE ring was awesome, Tag match was nice, with the good showing from the new champions. Main was fine, l
  12. Great finale, with main event as the match of the night. This show was made for binge watching, as I saw 15 episodes in the last few days and it was an awesome ride. Closing video reminded me of outros in Tekken series, as it gave some closure while setting up things for the future. Nice to know that Aero Star is a true spaceman (or alien, or whatever). On topic of luchadoras, is there any reason why Fabi isn't yet involved with the promotion? She would kick so much ass, if they ever bring her in. Bonus points if her sister and father come with her. (BTW, I've checked how old is she and was bl
  13. Is it Rheinghans? That belly to belly is fucking impressive.
  14. Jos Leduc vs Pierre Lefebvre from Quebec, with French commentary. You can't get much more Canadian than this. Plus Tarzan Tyler and young Haku. I really enjoy Jos as a wrestler and especially as a promo man, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of him is Bill and Buddy Show, when Dundee kept calling him a great scientific wrestler, while Leduc pummeled pair of jobbers into oblivion.
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