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1 hour ago, John from Cincinnati said:

As much as we all wish it was real, that appears to be a fake tweet.

Maybe he says that in his Youtube review of the show, but there's no way I'm watching it. 

Kind of sums up the takes for this show though. I mean I am sure the usual losers on YouTube have been enjoying making 10 videos a day about this show but other then that the general consensus among the actual fans I have seen is that it either looks like a show for them or it doesn’t. 

Personally when I saw the twerking thing I was just surprised twerking was still a thing. ? 

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Still an episode behind, but I was able to mostly catch up this past weekend after my father returned from the hospital. So far the show is still pretty fun for us if nothing amazing. Everyone is generally good at their roles and nothing is taken too seriously at the moment. I think the handling of the courtroom drama is fine as its within a far more ridiculous and fantastical world than our own. Its been nice seeing more Wong, and I love Maslany as Jen. 

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Ok, I loved the group therapy episode.  Dislike that wedding guy was one of the baddies.    

Since Intelligencia here is a bunch of shithead MRA's (or at least leveraging their energy), what are the chances Hulk King is Leader or MODOK?

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I completely forgot Intelligencia was a briefly a real group, so it could be MODOK or the Max Thinker (which could bring Awesome Andy, fitting with the Slott comics they seem to be drawing from), but given the way the show is going I wouldn’t be surprised/kinda hope it’s Red Ghost.  I’d love to see the outrage if the MRA guys ended up getting turned into apes. 

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On 9/18/2022 at 2:44 PM, roofiethebutcher said:

Wong was about to be charged with kidnapping or aiding and abetting a prisoner escaping and he was back in the next episode like nothing had happened.  All Titania did was destroy government property (after running from something she could have just skipped) and committed attempted murder on multiple jurors.  They tend to gloss over a lot of things.  

This last episode should have been titled "Jen Learns About Tailors".  Pug's whole demeanor has changed so much from episode to episode that it feels like he was written as a lot of different characters and they just combined it all into one person before filming.  This show just isn't for me.  I find nothing about it funny and the writers were correct saying they couldn't write court scenes because it shows with how awful those scenes are.  I mean goodness at least talk to someone familiar with courtrooms or at the very least get tips from a writer on Boston Legal.  I'll watch one more for Daredevil but I'm probably out after that.  Also hoping the suit made by Luke for Daredevil is a one off because Melvin Potter is such a great character and I hope just like some other cast members from the original show he is back.  

Melvin Potter, if he even exists, is likely rotting in a jail cell somewhere, so Daredevil would need a new tailor.

But generally yes, I find the show not funny. That said, I did mildly enjoy some of the super group therapy stuff last week and found it somewhat amusing. 

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"Is it the kind of twist where it's like, oh there's another Hulk, and he's red?"


Some people aren't gonna like Daredevil in the MCU but I thought it works just fine. He's more quippy for sure, but that's not uncommon in the comics if he's dealing with almost anyone besides like.. Kingpin, Punisher or Bullseye. They used the Daredevil theme from the show, too.

"And she's a slut". Goddamn, I hope she kills these motherfuckers.

Oh and the Sokovia Accords were repealed, just casually dropping that in the first 5 or so minutes of the episode.

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Should have guessed Leap Frog would be in this. So where’s White Rabbit at this point? 

that was like Silver Age DD or Kesel DD, not Miller DD. 

I presume Matt is licensed in multiple states?

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21 hours ago, Zimbra said:

I'm not saying anything but @The Naturalmight want to stay up late (or get up early, I have no idea what time it comes out over there) for She-Hulk tonight.

Cheers for the tag, @Zimbra. Each episode of the Disney+ Marvel Studios shows drop a few minutes before 08:00am which is so refreshing considering:

  • WWE PPV/PLE. 1am-4am Sunday morning or Monday morning depending if it's a Saturday or Sunday.
  • WWE RAW. 1am-4am Tuesday morning.
  • WWE NXT. 1am-3am Wednesday morning.
  • WWE SmackDown. 1am-3:00am Saturday morning.
  • AEW Dynamite. 1am-3:00am Thursday morning.
  • AEW Rampage. 3:00-4:00am Saturday morning.
  • AEW PPV: 1:00-04:00± Sunday morning or Monday morning depending if it's a Saturday or Sunday night.
  • UFC PPV main card: 3:00-5:00+am Sunday morning.



Great seeing Charlie Cox in Daredevil garb for the first time in four years. I didn't think we'd ever see that first appearance look. I expected a lighter tone in Matt Murdock/Daredevil, you wasn't going to get the Marvel Netflix version and if you want that iteration, it's still there on Disney+. I liked how this Daredevil was more nimble. I popped at the Daredevil theme playing.

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