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  1. Is this a gimmick? Cause your laying it on a bit too thick if so..
  2. Well played. I personally think Dax wants take a year off just to drink beer and turn in to a true BAH GAWD hoss. Did I say think? I meant hope.
  3. For real the guy just wants to be around his kid. Considering his past bouts with addiction he might not live till he’s 90 to watch his son wrestle. If TK gave him the out then good on him.
  4. Only if we can fit Darby in to the bazooka.
  5. I like this idea though I think if you’re going to kill someone in wrestling you go big or go home. You’ve got to live up to Abby getting the electric chair, car bombs and drive by shootings among other things.
  6. I really loved the Holiday special. “You guys just found these instruments?”
  7. If you’re not opposed to owning it physically the entire deal is on the Youtubes. I went through a ton of them. Their’s one that is a bit weird that involves Cruise wearing a diaper and moving around in it very strangely as Dusty eyes him like a Thanksgiving turkey.
  8. Whatever they do to get out of this bleak garbage universe we’re stuck in now. It was ok when Nolan was doing it but Snyder is not a competent enough film maker to understand human emotions in a way that you can set a movie in a very dark tone and bleak setting BUT and this is the part Snyder has 0 insight on and that is a light at the end of that dark tunnel.
  9. Looked like one of those trailers that should be in front of Tropic Thunder. 75% was just Brendan Frasier crying like he had to sit through Bedazzled for multiple viewings.
  10. Alternatively Santana and Ruby could form a mixed tag team and come out to this-
  11. Sorry I was just riffing on the old Bret thing. On the Konnan thing I remember on his podcast him talking about all the stuff he would say at the start of his promos in WCW and how one of the lines he used he completely made up and just sounded bad and how that was the only one they ever actually asked him to stop using.
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