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Can't move pages back/forward


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20 hours ago, Gonzo said:

Everything seems just sort of random. Doesn't matter which browser or anything like that.

Sometimes I can use the page thing to go through the threads, sometimes I can't.

Sometimes my links to tweets automatically embed, sometimes they don't.

Not sure whether the issue is on my end or the server end, honestly.

The part that really fucks with me is I use Chrome, it works at home 10% of the time but works from my office computer 100% of the time. Both have the same version of Windows and basically everything else the same.

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Okay, so I think I figured it out.

When the board loads in Chrome and it's like this (as it is normally), I'm unable to add links or embed or anything.


When I'm in a thread and there's a new reply and I click through to it, it'll change to this, and all pages going forward while in that session, it'll let me embed and all other features.


No idea how to fix it, but at least the error can be visualized. 


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This is just going to be an everlasting issue, isn't it? I never had this issue before with Chrome, but now it's happening with Chrome where clicking on pages numbers in a thread doesn't do anything unless I right click the page number and open it in a new tab.

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