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  1. I get Adam ‘s general point that the women’s division has lost a lot of ground since they took the title off Britt, but I’m skeptical Britt is going to save the division single-handedly. They need to build a core of women audiences want to see. I was surprised Dave now thinks Toni isn’t the right person to hook fans right now (I ageee. Just surprised to hear David say it). I think they put the title on Britt and run Toni-Britt, but Britt-Hayter sounds more interesting aside from both women being better as heels. WO said Rosa is working through a back injury. No timetable for her return, which makes the interim title thing particularly strange.
  2. Bullsh*t. Dude’s a 40-year-old man acting like a 14-year-old. He could have just ignored Sammy or talked it out like an adult. Instead he punched the guy (sucker-punched him, from the sound of it). Would you be saying the same thing if Sammy punched King? I’m skeptical.
  3. Like everything else, the student debt plan is going to be decisive. The idea isn’t getting many cheers where I live and work.
  4. Aside from the part when he seems weirdly enthusiastic about beating on his kids (in the ring during a match, of course). Of course, the kids seem equally willing to drop him on his head. I know it’s all storyline and all three are probably just happy the Gunn Club is getting a push, but it still seems weird to watch it play out. I expected him to be more ambivalent about teaming up with the Acclaim. i don’t think Billy Gunn ever had potential as a breakout singles guy, but he was never terrible. Terrible wrestlers don’t last 14+ year on the WWE. He was/is a very capable tag team guy. Honestly - silly gimmick aside - Billy and Chuck were rather entertaining. NAO was never my thing, but they were way over and the company a lot of money. Matches were decent.
  5. It’ll be interesting to see which podcast chooses to go on next year to talk about how terrible and stifling the AEW environment is. I assume it won’t be Jericho’s or Cabana’s. I’m kidding, of course. I think Punk will be doing the pods by Christmas.
  6. Fwiw, I’m listening to WO now and Metlzer is sure the PPV main-event is still Punk-Moxley, probably with stips. So he apparently thinks the injury is a work, The ThunderRosa interview was odd I can believe something else is going on. Just heard Meltzer say she would have been dropping the title if she had been put on ppv.
  7. Indi’s mostly looked bad lately. Granted, several of her opponents were greener then she is, but Bea doesn’t fall onto that category. Hard to see Indi getting a callup. And I really hope last night was the end of the Drxter-Indi stuff, Wonder if Dexter will be able to do his time at the Uso Penitentiary..
  8. I would call it a cash grab. But I’m not at all sure it will make money, is Killer Klowns remembered fondly by horror fans or something? I would have guessed most gamers have barely heard of it. It was fairly obscure even 20 years ago, I had low expectations for Gamescon, but was really into last night’s show, I haven’t played much - or even thought about gaming - since spring, but there seems to be a fair bit in the pipeline that will me back into it. Seems like September through November could be packed for me. Rather curious about TLoU remake and ready to dive back into that, and there seem to be a lot of AA games that seem promising. Steelrising, Requiem, Plague Tale, Scorn, Callisto Protocols, Evil West, Soulstice have my attention, at least. Seems like at least a few of them are likely to be veny good. I’ll be surprised if God of War doesn’t deliver. Less sure w out Bayonetta 3 and Gotham Knights but high hopes.
  9. Fwiw, Meltzer and Alvarez have both said multiple times that Dolin and Jane aren’t ready for the main roster. They though the tag team tourney match was bad. I think I watched the tag match, but i don.’t remember a thing about it. From what I have seen in NXT, I ‘m not really convinced TA needs called up. Mandy’s epic title run hasn’t done much for me either.
  10. Smoky Mountain had the Beat the Champion Television Championship. Once you won the belt, you defended it against opponents “picked at random”. If you made four successful title defenses, the title was vacated and the now-former champion got a $5,000 bonus.
  11. I feel like that’s something we would remember if you brought it up before now. I do hope Garcia’s babyface turn is just a fake out. Seems too early, It is hilarious that Jericho wants to confront a member of his own faction to find out where the guy’s head is at, but decided to wait a full week and do it in the ring. I guess they don.’t see each other in the locker room?
  12. Wondering if I’d enjoy Jeff Parker’s X-Men: First Class book. The all-ages tag is sort of scaring me off. I’m also not a fan of lighthearted series like Batman 66. Giffen and DeMatteis’ JL stuff are some of my least-liked comics ever, if that helps. On the other hand, I did enjoy Superior Foes of Spider-Man an awful lot. And a few of thr DC/Hanna Barbera crossover books will eventually make my reading list. Also, pretty much everyone should go back and read Parker’s Agents of Atlas run. Great run that deserved to be more widely read.
  13. Long evening at my place last night. We had several rounds of heavy rain last night and thought the animal shelter we volunteer at was going to experience major flooding. So the wife and I joined the evacuation effort and ended up bringing home 9 dogs and 4 cats for the night. Yes, that’s a lot. I feel like I’ve spent the last 15 hours walking dogs non-stop. Actually, that was what I did - in between heavy showers - in an effort to have as few accidents in the house as possible. Fortunately, it was a bit of a false alarm, Shelter took on water bur didn’t suffer major damage and was put back in order this morning, Also have one of our nieces staying on our couch. Her parents are on vacation and she’s having a mini-meltdown about her upcoming marriage. Her life plan at the moment is to graduate college in a few months, marry the boyfriend, move to the South and support him for four year while hie is in chiropractic school. Problem is, she’s not ready to move several states away from family snd maybe not come back. And, the boyfriend is the son of a chiropractor. Like a lot of chiropractor’s, his family believes most illnesses can be treated by chiropractic adjustments so they don’t believe in running to the doctor every time their child has a fever or a cough. They also don’t believe in vaccinations. The boyfriend never had his childhood vaccinations and managed to get through school because the school he attended slipped up and never actually checked his records. Boyfriend is a good guy from a good family and the niece loves him but isn’t cool with some of the more out there tenets of chiropractic medicine. And the niece is 21 but a sheltered 21. She doesn’t seem ready to move away from family and start a new life without a support network in place. Her sisters and cousins generally seemed more mature at 21. My daughters seemed a lot more independent at that age. Niece is at at our place because her parents are on vacation and apparently she doesn’t want to be on her own right now, which seems a little odd for a 21-year-old. lol, life could be worse. My sister took my 80-year-old mom to church and breakfast this morning. Over breakfast, mom mentioned she across getting some old books ready to donate to Goodwill and then casually asked if my sister would be interested in a copy of the Kama Sutra. Lol, now I have a lot of questions, but there is no way in hell I will ever ask any of them. Some mysteries are better left unsolved.
  14. They’re not. That line was meant more for Hit Row, Lumis, Kross.
  15. I don’t watch AEW regularly and didn’t feel like looking it up. Probably should have googled it but didn’t take the time. Sry.
  16. I forwarded your sourced thread to some experts. I’ll see what they have to say. If I’m wrong, I’ll say so. I apologize for the car example. Wasn’t meant or be offensive. My point is the same: we all make hard choices every day and we all give up something to get something. No choice is life has universally positive outcomes. oh, and you don’t know me well enough to know who I have empathy for or how much empathy I have.
  17. Is FTR even healthy? One of them - the bald one, I think - has been working through a torn labrum and aggravated it at the ROH ppv. I’m guessing that is why they were off tv for a few weeks and haven’t done much lately.
  18. Has Voodoo Murders been going for 17 years straight? I had no idea they were still around.
  19. I think Punk will stay a babyface and will regain the belt and hold it until at least Spring. Supposedly, the original plan was for Punk to go on a long undefeated streak. TK also supposedly wants Punk as the top guy through the tv negotiations in the hope that he will pull in some causal fans who recognize his name from WWE. He is also supposedly one of the few names on the roster tv execs recognize. TK didn’t insist on the convoluted “interim champion” angle to put the belt on Page or Moxley. I think Punk will win the belt and hold it until spring or summer 2023. Whether that’s best for business or not, I dunno. I don’t think it will quell the locker room tension though.
  20. Trips is really overestimating how much l want to see some of his pet projects. I really don’t care if Kross costs Drew the title at the PLE or becomes his first challenger. Hit Row doesn’t do much for me wrestling or rapping and they need Swerve to make it work. I still have practically no interest in Liv or Mandy. The shows seem better in a lot of ways, but it still seems like a chore. Maybe large improvements will have to wait until they can turn over the roster and sign a few people from AEW. In the meantime, I’m kinda looking forward to football and the fall sports starting. Generally haven’t watched either promotion in the fall and don’t think this year will be the year that changes.
  21. Well, the difference is that sports science has advanced quite a bit in the past 60 years. How much do you really know about exercise physiology? Or endurance sports at the professional level? (endurance sports are running, sprinting, bicycling, swimming, triathlon, etc.). If you follow endurance sports at all, you notice that men’s records are almost always faster across the board. The reason for this isn’t misogyny or homophobia and it doesn’t have a lot to do with muscles and hormones. Two of the biggest reasons are that, all other factors being equal, men usually have higher vo2 max values (the maximum amount of oxygen a person can take into their lungs and process at one time. More oxygen you can take in and process, faster you run or swim) and higher lactic acid thresholds (lactic acid is what builds up in your system when you exercise hard. The higher your lactic acid threshold, the longer you can run, swim, bike at top speed). Basically, your max vo2 and lactic acid threshold are determined by a number of biological factors and aren’t going to change much just because you take hormones or testosterone or whatever. So far, the people governing endurance sports haven’t figured out a way to level the playing field because top make swimmers and marathoners are going to have higher vo2 max values regardless of whether they transition or not. (You can train yourself to increase vo2 max marginally just like you can train yourself to hold your breath longer. But there are still limits. The fastest female marathoner in the world is sill going to finish 15 minutes or so behind the fastest male marathoners). There’s a lot more to it. I’m simplifying a fair bit but you get the gist. If you want of know more, PM me. I know quite a few exercise physiologists including a few pioneers in the field and I’ve been taking classes and trying to educate myself for about 30 years. I ran track and cross-country in high school and college and have finished 57 marathons since college. Wasn’t a great college runner, but my marathon career has been respectable. Won age-group trophies at some major races. I started studying sports science in the early 90’s figuring I would pick up some info that would help me train better. I also have two physical therapists in the family, both with doctorates. One of them works for a major D1 athletic program. Anyway, there are of differences which are hard to overcome if you want a level playing field. I don’t see this as an issue. Seems like if you transition, you should expect to give up a few minor things. I mean, I make decisions every day which affect my ability to hsve other things I want. If I decide to leave my wife today, I probably can’t go to a thanksgiving dinner at her mother’s. If I quit my job, I have to give back the company car. If I become a Buddhist, I probably won’t be able to receive communion at church. Etc. As the wise man Jagger once said “You can’t always get what you want.” Life is a series of choices and trade-offs. My life, anyway. Like I said, I know quite a few exercise physiologists, sports scientists, and physical therapists who have studied physiology at some length. It’s cool If you want to cling to the extra bone theory to support your sociopolitical views, but I find it sort of insulting. Most everyone I know in the field is a very smart person who studied long and hard. Hard to believe, but they’re not misogynists or homophones just because they have a different opinion. Actually, the more I think it, the more insulting the idea is. Lol. Forget I offered to answer a pm if you wanted to know more. I’d you want to educate yourself, Google!
  22. Makes some sense, but most boards i traffic - admittedly, a very small sample size - let you upload from your device in some fashion and DVD used to. It’s not a big issue to me, but I think I’m past my tipping point where it’s worth it trying to post. The site is just too user-unfriendly. It’s become a frustration. I was going to throw up a funny pic from my drive to work this morning, but it’s not really worth the time it would take to upload the photo to a pic sharing site just so I can cut and paste the link. It’s definitely not worth the time when you consider that, depending on the web browser, I might get an error message or the box to post the link might just just never appear (I often get the never-ending pinwheel when I try that). Add to that the more-frequent-than-not errors when I try to embed tweets, the frequent inability to navigate from page 26 to page 25 without loading the thread, and various other issues, and I’m wondering why I bother to post. Especially since the mods seem ok with letting people drag me for not being extremely liberal (my impression is I don’t get the same latitude).
  23. Nerve-wracking drive to work today. A wreck at the end of a large bridge stranded me in the center of the bridge for almost an hour. Kept looking around at the number of semis and buses around me and wondering how long it had been since the bridge had last been inspected. Bridge felt mostly stable though. I’ve sat in traffic on it before and felt a bit of a vibration. Still spent the hour gripping the steering wheel a little too tight. I have a bit of an issue with heights.
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