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  1. Meltzer told a third version of the story years ago. Per Dave, Tully failed the drug test intentionally to get released and got an offer from WCW. Vince leaked the failed drug test to WCW and they pulled their offer and instead wanted to pay Tully $500 per appearance. He refused and Roma got his spot (ugh). As part of this story, Meltzer also claimed that Vince made sure that guys he wanted to pass tests knew when they would be tested (hence Tully supposedly intentionally getting coked up to flunk the test). Thinking about it now, Tully and Arn's contracts were up anyway, so why w
  2. I’d feel a lot better if I could see his hands.
  3. Watched Survivor Series 89 last night and my wife asked me if the guy in the blue shorts was actually black or was doing a Soul Man gimmick (1980's movie about a white man who tans himself black to get into Harvard). The guy in the blue shorts was Rick Martel . This led to a debate about who had the darker skin - Rick Martel or Bad News Brown (who was on Martel's team). It's.... a lot closer than it should be. Now I can't unsee Rick Martel as a black man. It's disturbing. SS '89 is such a weird card. Teams seemingly thrown together at random. Weird finishes (Dusty Rhodes wi
  4. WHO is joining the Heart Foundation? I thought he'd join the Heenan Family/
  5. Apparently there's a lot of speculation that Conor McGregor will be on the first Fight Island card.
  6. Good for Apollo Crews, I guess, but him getting any sort of push, much less winning a belt, seems odd to me. Is RAW that short on talent? Nothing against Crews (I enjoyed his work on the indies), but putting a belt on him makes me wonder if Creative isn't mailing it in more than usual during these crowdless shows.
  7. Yeah, although the character was meant to be unpopular. Boyle's character was a waitress/stripper who married a very old billionaire and inherited his money when he died. She came in and bought the hotel the characters worked at, and had plans for the place that would have cost most of them their jobs. Found an interview where one of the showrunners said the idea was to babyface her eventually. One of the ideas was to have her lose all her money and take a job at the hotel. It sounded like there were long-term plans for Boyle, but she ended up not liking the gig and took it out on p
  8. As I said earlier, I don't think it's a work but Bliss' tweet doesn't sound like it was written by a twenty-something in 2020. that way anymore. "How dare you, sir" sounds like she's either tweeting in character or HG Wells is ghost-writing her tweets. Real people don't use that phrase anymore. So, yeah, I can believe a WWE writer wrote that tweet for her (to take the Youtuber dude down). Writing dialogue that would never be spoken by a real person is a WWE staple.
  9. I hooked my Wii up again after a lonngggg break. Basically, I like the Wii library quite a bit but am not a fan of the Wiimote and nunchuk, and the wife hates the Wii enough that she doesn't want it left plugged in full-time. Too many cords. Especially the controller sensor bard and it's long-ass cable. Anyway, yeah, one of my favorite consoles, really. I'll never own more than 40-50 games for it (my PS2, PS3, PS4 collections run into the hundreds each), but the Wii games I do own, I really like. I like old-school platformers, so the Wii has a lot there. Three Mario platformers
  10. What? You don’t believe Lexi Kaufman normally walks around saying things like “How dare you, sir”?’ i’m assuming it is not a work but the tweet isn’t worded like something i’d expect a real person to say in 2020.
  11. Alexa Bliss is trending on Twitter. Apparently, she's involved in some sort of dustup with a Youtuber. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alfredkonuwa/2020/05/25/wwe-superstars-call-out-wrestling-media-personality-for-harsh-comments-about-alexa-bliss/#4d21ada63250
  12. I would have thought Shawn would insist on being a top.
  13. I read an article a year back or so that pinpointed that scene as the "death of LA Law". Not sure I agree. The scene is from season 5. There were a fair number of changes onscreen and off-screen around that time. By season 7, Jimmy Smits was off to do NYPD Blue Susan Dey had left the show, the popular CJ Lamb character was written out, etc. Question: I noticed E shows have odd start and running times. For instance, all the Las Vegas episodes on today run for 55 min (w/ commercials) instead of an hour, so the start times are odd (1:10, 2: 05. 3:00, 3:55, etc.) I flipped through t
  14. Randomly flipped past E! this morning and discovered they were running a Las Vegas marathon (the tv show from about 15 years ago). They happened to be airing the Mothman episode, so I watched. Mothman is the samewhat infamous third season episode where they wrote out Lara Flynn Boyle. Boyle was brought in as a trophy wife billionaire who took over the casino. Basically, producers were hedging their bets because James Caan was unhappy over the long working hours and threatening to quit (he ended up staying for season 4). Unfortunately, Boyle was a allegedly a pain to work with and the
  15. Sammy wasn't that well known at the time either, was he? And he was still wearing the panda head to the ring so it was kinda hard to take him seriously. Question: Is QT Marshall a friend of Cody's or something? He's gotten more of a rub than jtts normally get and Melter mentioned his name over the weekend. Apparently, he helped put together the Stadium Stampede match
  16. There's a top-rope piledriver in the Fire Pro games that looks insanely brutal. Even in animated form, it makes me wince. I think maybe it was added to the series for Pegasus Kid/Wild Pegasus/Benoit, but I really don''t remember. You'd have be insane to agree to take it, so I'm assuming most of his opponents said "yep, no problem". I think it's top-rope. Might be from the second rope/turnbuckle. Been a while since I played Fire Pro.
  17. #72 was his number in high school (saw a pic). Soonerstats.com says he wore #92 during his one year at Oklahoma (he quit football after his freshman season to concentrate on wrestling).
  18. He's worn out his new knees already? It's only been a couple years since the knee replacement surgery.
  19. The Tiger-Phil-Peyton-Brady charity match is currently delayed due to rain. The guys are out hitting balls in the rain and they seem to still be hoping to play, but there's a very good chance of rain through at least 6 PM. The network keeps showing shots of one of the greens and it's basically underwater, 2020 - the "gift" that keeps on giving. If they don't get it in today, the backup plan is to play tomorrow. I'm assuming that they'll get in nine holes and murder hornets will promptly sting Peyton to death
  20. I've seen a couple stories on websites that claim Wonder Woman 1984 (or whatever it's called) will be delayed even further if Tenet is delayed. KInda thinking that might be part of the reason the studio is still hoping to get it released in July.
  21. You can't have a ladder match in wrestling without a couple spots where the participants stupidly forget how ladders and things on hooks work. It's a rule. It''s a win if the match doesn't include a spot where the guy on the ladder with no one else even near him doesn't suddenly forget how feet work.
  22. Was it still very active? I went there once after reading Stuart had been arrested and the message board seemed basically dead. Were the other sites in the Puroresufan network still being updated. Fairly sure several of those shut down years ago. KInda sad to see it go, even though I've only visited it a couple times in the past eight years. I was active on the site years ago (mid-late 2000's) when Stuart was really into it and getting ahold of backstage notes about contract talks and such. The last couple years that he updated the main page (he stopped updating in Dec. 2014), his fo
  23. Meltzer has implied it was from both groups. He's made a couple comments, but this is what he wrote in the article about her passing. It sounds like the reality show incident was more significant. On the other hand, mental health issues don't develop overnight. It seems reasonable to think she had some sort of esteem/self-image issue prior to the reality show.
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