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Can't move pages back/forward

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I dunno if it's just me or if this is a problem for everyone, but the past couple days I haven't been able to move from page to page by clicking on the page numbers. So for example if I'm on page 2 of a thread and want to go to page 3, clicking on the 3 (or even on next) does nothing. 

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It been a known problem (well at least by us) for awhile now

I have no idea if the board folks are ever gonna update it or if we are also just gonna have to suffer

Sometimes changing browsers helps but not always

And I should note its not consistent - like I am in Chrome and just moved back and forth fine in the NFL thread.

But if I use Safari on my phone - it doesn't work

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It depends on if you’re on http or https. If you’re on http, none of that is a problem. If you’re on https, stuff like moving pages and pasting Twitter links is a problem. At least for me on Chrome.

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I'm still not able to read ANYTHING more that the page I'm on...clicking to go forward/backwards, to the beginning of the thread or even by typing in the page number that you desire into the page listing widget pop-up....and nothing works? Still no help from anyone on that madness?


I'd just like to be able to read in this amazing community like I used to. Now it's whatever page you land on, and your stuck.

Long live this board!

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Posted (edited)

I'm usually (always) able to switch pages if I click on the topic title first, then navigate to the page I want.  My habit used to be to enter the thread by clicking on the  latest page.  That never works.  If I click on the title, then select a page once I'm in the thread, I can usually move forward or back.

Hopes that helps.

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