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Rampage - 10/15/2021

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I wasn't really a big fan of it [before]," dos Santos said. "But this thing changed a lot. After Dan Lambert invited me to go there and see how hard it is. It's not a joke, man. Those guys, they go hard. And they have to be very well-prepared for that. So, then when I saw all of it, I got very interested in it. And then I said, 'Man, I want to do it.' Ask Dan Lambert. I was saying, 'Man, I need to be in that ring.'"

Dos Santos said the most "amazing" thing for him was the loud, raucous pro wrestling crowds and how they interacted with the show.

"That type of energy was amazing to feel," dos Santos said. "A long time, I don't feel this way. Long time, I don't feel this excited to go in the ring and perform and give the best of me and my performance. Man, I'm looking forward to Friday night.


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Can't say I love the MMA stuff, but I guess being covered by the likes of ESPN was probably the endgame, so I'm at least happy for AEW that it's successful in that regard. 

I will reiterate my point that I think Men of the Year aren't a great fit for this angle (though I've since learned Scorpio has been training these MMA guys, so I guess it makes sense from that perspective). Even with Scorp and Page's legit credentials, the fashion gimmick makes no sense here. I'm in no way ready for a formal Inner Circle breakup, but I think for example a  Lambert/Hager pairing would have made all the sense in the world. It doesn't even need to be an MMA guy, just any no-frills wrestler: think pre-Wingmen JD Drake or a 2.0-less Daniel Garcia

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1 minute ago, Swift said:

Will the Buy In show still be available on YT after the weekend (I'm away) or is it only available to watch live on Friday?

It streams live and stays up on their YouTube channel permanently. 

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So looking forward to Bryan Danielson vs. Minoru Suzuki. Hope it gets the required time. I can see Danielson/Suzuki going on first. Hot crowd and making sure the opener gets the required time as AEW's had some timing issues with things going long causing things to go short.

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I have not seen two guys saunter into a ring and produce a classic like that with such effortless brutality in a long time, if ever. My God, man  My balls feel like concrete.

And then every second of the actual televised show overachieves. Junior Dos Santos looked like he was having the time of his life. Bountiful amount of pro wrestling joy. My Crockett Cup runneth over.

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