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AEW Dynamite - 7/28/2021 - Fight for the Fallen

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14 hours ago, The Natural said:

Adam Hangman Page has to beat Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship at All Out.


  • What combination of the Dark Order goes for the AEW World Tag Team Championship held by the Young Bucks?

If you asked me before, I'd go with John Silver/Alex Reynolds but I have a plan for John Silver so Evil Uno/Stu Grayson.

  • Do the Dark Order win them on the same show to go with Adam Page's victory?

I think so. Makes for better optics that both succeed going from challengers to champions. I was open to a suggestion here on the board that Santana and Ortiz beat the Bucks at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam for them but I'd go with the Dark Order for reasons I've given.

  • What about John Silver beating Miro for the TNT Championship to go with Page and the Dark Order winning championships? Isn't it too soon for Miro to lose it?

I like the idea of the Dark Order holding three titles. Hell of a turnaround from the start of the Dark Order getting hated to becoming loved from the late, great Mr. Brodie Lee and Being the Elite. It is probably early for Miro to drop the belt. I do think John Silver should be the next champion when it's time for Miro to lose it.



10 hours ago, The Natural said:

I can see barbed wire and thumbtacks in Jericho/Gage as we've seen them on AEW Dynamite. Be surprised if glass is used as Gage favours light tubes.

Well I got those wrong.

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AEW is a crazy fucking promotion. I mean, seriously, what the hell is going on?!!? Nick Gage and Chris Jericho in a full-on deathmatch, they pretty much confirm they’ve signed Punk and now Juvi!


Oh, and Tanahashi!

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2 minutes ago, Jiji said:

Hangmin... Lost? Killed the crowd for a while and I wasn't able to get back into the show. Sounds like we are getting Punk on the 20th. 

Deflated me as well. Didn't expect another delay to Omega/Page.

1 minute ago, John from Cincinnati said:

Wanna pack the United Center? Do everything short of say his name.


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Liked everything but the main but even that led to the announcement of a televised Juventud Guerrera match in 2021. AEW has a lot of irons in the fire right now and I'm very excited about the next few months.

Hope Cash Wheeler is ok. And does Stu Grayson owe everyone money? No one wanted to protect him tonight.

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It's a good thing Gage is known for the deathmatch style because his wrestling is pretty bad.  It was apparent that he was led through a lot of things in the match and but they let him be him.  Surprised they let Gage be Gage and not just in PiP but it was a wild spectacle.  Now for the love of everything can we PLEASE stop with the blood matches for a long while?  At least save that for PPV.

As for the opener I was really dialed into the story of everything going on.  I'm certain they'll find some way to get Page to the title match so I wasn't deflated much.  But holy cow those entrances were two of my favorites they've done.

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1 minute ago, The Natural said:
Hiroshi Tanahashi in AEW. One of the Greatest Wrestlers of All Time, he's in  my top five. Promotions working together reaping the rewards.

Not really IN AEW, they said the match vs. the winner of Hikuleo/Archer would take place in Japan.  Just being on TV for now, though, was pretty boss.

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Incredible opener with one of the best entrances ever from the Elite, perfect intro for finally being in NORTH CAROLINA~!   Ortiz/Santana vs FTR felt kinda short and ended abrupt but was solid while it lasted. I love Konnan being back with Ortiz & Santana. Great to see Haku. Six man tag was a fun sprint, I'm surprised they seemed to be bringing things back around to Omega/Christian but I'm glad, wanted to see that from the initial tease. Tanahashi, Punk/Darby tease, so much excitement all around.  Thunder Rosa looked great in her showcase, thought Julia Hart looked good here as well. Things are on fire and I love the pace of the action throughout the show. 

Insane main event as expected, I loved it. Awesome stuff and the Judas Effect remains the one shot kill. Another excellent surprise bringing in Juventud, definitely looking forward to him and Jericho meeting once again! 

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Just now, HarryArchieGus said:

Nick Gage may not be a world class athlete, but his presence was fantastic.  Loved the Leduc-Abdullah-Sandman-George Steele vibes. 

It started off kinda hokey, and I was afraid they would squander the hype with a standard hardcore match, but they turned it around pretty soon. You gotta give these psychos credit for going buck wild like that, and not fucking it up for the closing stretch. 

This makes up for the obvious crash pad(that I know fucked up Jerichos arm, but still…), and the shitty explosion.

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