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The Wrasslin Songs..

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Are we talking currently or of all time? My list:




1) Demolition

2) Jive Soul Bro (Slick)

3) Lord Steven Regal

4) The Quebecers

5) The Rocket Owen Hart



1) Nexus (We Are One)

2) Dashing Cody Rhodes

3) Masked Cody Rhodes (same as above but slower and more evil)

4) Cult of Personality (C.M. Punk)

5) Booker T

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In the one-time only categoryKinya Oyanagei's Lost Filipino Soldier using Space Battleship Yamato


Along similar lines, Scott Sullivan using the Gatchaman theme at the OMEGA reunion show.

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Badstreet USA

Jive Soul Bro

Simply Ravishing

Imagine What I Could Do To You by Adrian Fucking Street

Cool Cocky Bad by Honky Tonk Man

I'm still pissed about the wrestling theme tournament we did & Jive Soul Bro lost in the first round.

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My favorites as a kid



Jive Soul Bro

All American Boys

I'm the Mountie/We're Not the Mounties

Hard Times (Big Boss Man)

Real American- although I hated Hulk Hogan as a kid

Honky Tonk Man- 1st theme

Mr. Perfect

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While Real American is the gold standard, Hogan's theme before that (off the wrestling album) is awesome in its own right.  Got to show some love for the late 80's-early 90's  electronic WCW theme's, like Sting's, Luger's and especially Doom's. "simply ravishing" is one of the few off slam jam that was worth a damn. . .


Hogan's theme on the Wrestling Album was Bonnie Tyler's "Ravishing" with her lyrics taken out and replaced with the "Hulk!" chant.  I've seen it listed as his NJPW theme but I can't confirm that.


Here's Mad Dog Vachon singing!  :


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I have to be the only one with fond memories of this music.  It meant that a Thunderfoot or Cruel Connection was in for a beatdown only Jimmy Valiant could provide, followed of course by one of Valiant's friends turning on him for vague reasons.


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Bah, I see you all of this and raise you the Road Warriors singing (growling, really) to an awful 80's synthesizer beat:



Does anyone know what this is from?  It's pre-Crockett, judging by the Roadies' face paint.


Edit: What I'm really asking is, why does this exist?  Did the AWA think there was a market for a Legion of Doom Christmas album or something?

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I have a few I dig:

1) Hennig's Exodus riff is just ... just fantastic. I seriously don't think a day has gone by since I graduated college that I haven't hummed this to myself at some point, and yes, every day.

2) Yes to Huka Blues. Yes to Adrian Street's "Imagine What I Could Do to You."

3) I completely enjoy the goofy aspect to that song the Road Warriors recorded for that music video.

4) Enjoy the theme for RVD, "One of a Kind." Far better than the TNA theme by Van Kushinator or whatever. Just terrible ...

5) Samoa Joe's ROH championship reign resulted in now I can't watch Godzilla without some point hearing "bum buh-buh bum, THE CHAMP IS HERE, bum buh, bum buh, THE CHAMP IS HERE ..." and so on.

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MidSouth. Notice the rasslin' footage is Lawler, the Fabs, etc. Plus, the Watts family and Ross are in the credits.

The vid is from Memphis. It got used in Mid-South as well. The credits are for the TV show. They often used to play music videos to close the PPW show.

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I found that same Luger comp on YouTube last night and I was seriously going to plan on trying to watch all of it, I had no idea it was 20 parts though, I only saw the listing go up to part 9. Maybe I'll run thru it over a 3 day weekend or something as a badge of honor, or dorkdom, whichever.

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