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  1. I have started watching CZW from the beginning and holy shit the production quality is terrible. The PA system is atrocious but six shows in we finally have a graphic introducing the wrestlers and a play by play man to translate the promos. While the action is passable, the booking is Russo level at times. No surprise, the best match (by far) from the first six shows involves Mike Quackenbush. I hope the quality improves sooner than later. EDIT: I am unsure if this thread is for all Indie wrestling or just for the 2019 product
  2. The Starrcade match is my favorite Luger/Flair encounter. Absolute perfection!
  3. Love this show and love this match. Great discovery of two unknown commodities out of Buffalo, NY
  4. Is there a test to know whether I am a smark? Is there treatment for this condition?
  5. Has no one in the office thought to congratulate her and be glad she is on their team now? The older I get, the more I hate the WWE office.
  6. Having recently dove head first into the world of independent wrestling (thank you streaming services), I highly recommend AR Fox/Bobby Flaco from ACTION Wrestling's (4/26) show on IWTV.
  7. At the end of yoga class tonight the instructor said "What you learn on the mat you can apply to life". Apparently yoga is pro wrestling too.
  8. Continuing ridiculous arguments is what we do here at DVDVR.
  9. Brisco

    WWE UK

    This is great wrestling booking 101, the face overcomes the odds to win and the heel still gains prestige in the loss for having a great match.
  10. At first glance I read that as Papa Roach...I deserve all back leg roundkicks that come my way.
  11. This is possible, though I was hoping the negative points will negate some of this perceived advantage. We all know Cena and Hogan (possibly Triple H) will most likely be the winner, especially with the length of their title reigns. I thought of adding a way that PPV wins and losses to weigh heavier than TV matches but have not found a way to factor this in.
  12. I am attempting to add a dorky element to my wrestling obsession by making a spreadsheet to track wrestlers progress to determine who is the greatest wrestler according to the point system in place. The following is what I have come up with and am looking for critiques and ideas and solidify my rules before i watch several shows and have to recalculate the results. I am focusing on individual wrestlers and people (Kane/Isaac Yankem are one person) with submission victories and losses being weighed heavier than a pinfall. Considering only events on the WWE Network starting in 1993, though I will eventually go back to the beginning and add results to my spreadsheet. Point system: Title Win:5 Submission:3 (4 in title match) Pin:2 (3 in title match) Winning Tag partner not involved in fall:1 Countout/DQ:1 Double Countout/DQ:0 Losing Tag partner not involved in fall:-1 Pinfall loss:-2 Submission loss:-3
  13. I still remember Lords of Pain from the 90s. My friend thought Tito was the shit.
  14. Why We Wrestle's Hardcore Hell in Cornelia, GA lived up to the hype and was such a fun show. I had never seen a deathmatch in person and it was quite the spectacle. MASADA slamming skewers into Brad Cash's head then letting go as they fanned out while staying stuck in Cash's cranium was insane. I really don't think the crowd knew what to make of this match at first but MASADA and Cash had them into it by the end. Met MASADA during intermission and he is beyond super cool. If this is what Why We Wrestle is going to produce on a regular basis it will be worth the drive to catch a show at the Church of Southern Wrestling. I posted the well written report by Larry Goodman from the Georgia Wrestling History page in the spoiler below.
  15. I am lucky enough to be off for Why We Wrestle's Hardcore Hell show tonight at the Church of Southern Wrestling in Cornelia, GA. The first Why We Wrestle champions will be crowned and MASADA~! TAKE MY MONEY! Dean is not the only person in wrestling to show off his kids for no reason...PROMO~! The Reverend Dan Wilson is BACK TONIGHT~!
  16. I never thought I would be able to own a home after making mistakes in my 20's, but my wife and I were able to work on my credit and we closed on our first house last week. Close to 2800 sq ft, and much closer to town (and the things we do in town) than we were before. Of course my 6 yr old son christened the house by getting sick two days after moving in, such is life.
  17. I first saw Sexton in a tag team with Masada as the Texas Death Club. They won the tag titles that night from a blowjob babyface tag team billed from Myrtle Beach. Rippa has Jimmy Rave in March Madness, so apparently he had some good matches in 2015.
  18. Screw you Rippa for ruining any plans I may or may not have had for the evening. Add me to the list of people who love this project, even if I have not found time to watch all of the matches.
  19. Randomly remembered a couple of notes from the WWW show in Cornelia. Mikael Judas beat Todd Sexton Forgot about Kory Chavis beating Chip Day on the second half of the card. Chavis is billed as the Soul Assassin so either he reaches into the depths of his opponents and assassinates his soul or he kills people with soul and flare.
  20. Made the hour drive to Cornelia, GA to attend the old Anarchy (and NWA-Wildside) wrestling which is now called Why We Wrestle. The only show I have attended in the building was a 2003 December Wildside show where either Caprice Coleman or Rainman went over the guardrail and wiped me out. It was awesome! While I enjoyed this show, the crowd (mainly one heckler) was beyond infuriating. He heckled both faces and heels seemingly trying to become the show instead of enjoying it. Chip Day looked to be very pissed at this guy. WWW are in the midst of their title tournament and most every match had a 15 minute time limit. The card (as best as I can remember) 1. Seth Delay d. Gil Quest - The one good line the heckler threw was in this match where he yelled "You're not the main story, you are just a side quest" which spawned a side quest chant. 2. Anthony Henry d. Prince ? (could not remember his name but he hailed from NYC and was not named Nana) - These two did some fun chain wrestling in the beginning. This served as a vehicle for Henry to cut a promo on David Young and that Henry's valet and Young's daughter is not daddy's little innocent girl anymore. He cut this in front of a camera so I assume it will hit YouTube at some point. 3. Geter was supposed to have faced Tank which would have been a fun battle of big men, but instead defeated a smaller guy and beat him rather soundly. 4. Se7en d. (The Golden Patriot) - Yes I forgot the guys name but the heckler called him The Golden Patriot so that is what I will go with. This match was in the top three for me and I seemed to enjoy the match a lot more than the rest of the crowd. Se7en is a huge muscular guy (listed at 6`3, 277) and the smaller Patriot worked over the arm so much the Andersons would have been proud. He even worked in a codebreaker with Se7ev's left arm chickenwinged behind him. Se7en won the match despite the arm work, but watching the Patriot try and wear down Se7en's arm to negate his power was fun to watch. 5. Todd Sexton lost in his apparent retirement match. It was never billed as such but he gave a retirement speech at the end noting that yes he has come back several times but this time his career is over for good. Looking at cagematch during the intermission I found that he was trained by Shawn Michaels and Rudy Boy Gonzales. I do not remember who he lost to but poor Sexton slipped off the top rope in the first two minutes crashing on the wooden floor below. He was fine to continue the match but was scary sight, especially considering he almost screwed up his retirement match. 6. Kevin Blue d. Sugar Dunkerton - Sugar D is amazing, and was far and away the most charismatic wrestler of the night. Blue stalled so much in the beginning that Sugar D did the traditional circle around the ring by himself. I wasn't as impressed with Kevin Blue and his constantly asking "WHAT'S MY NAME?" but he surprisingly put Sugar away to move on in the tournament. 7. Billy Buck d. Slim J - I wanted to work in a Special K reference for Slim J but I never got the chance. Todd Sexton came out to give the introductions and I assume this match was made for him as he mentioned wanting to see this matchup for a long time. It ended up being match of the night with these two working hard. Slim J's moonsault (that ended up costing him the match) was very impressive on a card that did not feature many flippity floppy moved that some hate with a passion. Billy Buck is the Anarchy Triple Crown champion and I can only assume he will end up in the finals of the tournament. One big angle slowly developing is that of Nemisis paying to come to a show as a fan and jumping the guardrail and attacking a wrestler. These two appear to be slowly building to a street fight or parking lot brawl. At the end of the night Danny Only who was our ring announcer all night (and apparently the commissioner) gave an Ian Rottenesque promo at the end about how much he loves professional wrestling and how if the fans keep coming out to WWW shows they will see things they will be telling their friends about like Anarchy and Wildside before it provided. Shows are 2nd and 4th Saturday's at 8pm in the middle of nowhere (use Google Maps) but are worth the drive for good pro wrestling. I am going to try and attend as many shows as work and family will allow.
  21. Where is new puro found? The guy I am subscribed to on DM doesn't seem to be putting up as many shows as he used to. AJPW and BJW are glaring holes in his account now.
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