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  1. If WALTER backs up Tony Stark, does Stark retire Ironman and take care of office shit and party?
  2. Was Candido’s death a catalyst for her problems or was she privately a mess during the height of her fame?
  3. Never knew these commercials exists, they were definitely off my radar as a kid
  4. In what universe is Moxley/Suzuki not a strong follow up to any show?
  5. I kinda like this version of the company as it is fun to talk shit about their horrible booking decisions, and at the same time they are far from a financially sinking ship. While at the same time AEW and the indies allow me to be a fan boy of great wrestling.
  6. We live in a world where Eva Marie/Alexa Bliss gets more time than Becky Lynch/Bianca Belair
  7. This is all well and good but if the door were opened, the match you never knew you wanted to see is John Silver vs Yano.
  8. One of my 2021 resolutions is to watch as much current wrestling I can get my greasy hands on. While I have kept up with the product the last few years, I haven’t watched everything WWE has produced. Tonight’s episode feels like it is the upper echelon of WWE TV from the past couple of years. We had a good storyline match in the main event, a very very good semi main and a good women’s tag. Worst complaint I have is the finish of the women’s tag as I, like most, am not a fan of the destruction finish the WWE feels is absolute money. Let’s hope WWE sticks to a heavy wrestling format. Family had me distracted and I completely missed Sonya’s return. Very happy to see her back. I was one of many who thought Billie was a goner after The IIconics were broken up. Thanks fully, for her, they found something though surely Billie can do better than worst act on Smackdown. The truth is the truth.
  9. While watching Brian Zane’s review of The Authority storyline, I kept remembering how much fun I had reading the DVDVR board at the time. Though I did have a quick foray here within the last year, I have really wanted to return despite my internal criticism of my writing. Looking forward to a fun 2021 with the good dudes of DVDVR!
  10. I have started watching CZW from the beginning and holy shit the production quality is terrible. The PA system is atrocious but six shows in we finally have a graphic introducing the wrestlers and a play by play man to translate the promos. While the action is passable, the booking is Russo level at times. No surprise, the best match (by far) from the first six shows involves Mike Quackenbush. I hope the quality improves sooner than later. EDIT: I am unsure if this thread is for all Indie wrestling or just for the 2019 product
  11. The Starrcade match is my favorite Luger/Flair encounter. Absolute perfection!
  12. Love this show and love this match. Great discovery of two unknown commodities out of Buffalo, NY
  13. Is there a test to know whether I am a smark? Is there treatment for this condition?
  14. Has no one in the office thought to congratulate her and be glad she is on their team now? The older I get, the more I hate the WWE office.
  15. Having recently dove head first into the world of independent wrestling (thank you streaming services), I highly recommend AR Fox/Bobby Flaco from ACTION Wrestling's (4/26) show on IWTV.
  16. At the end of yoga class tonight the instructor said "What you learn on the mat you can apply to life". Apparently yoga is pro wrestling too.
  17. Continuing ridiculous arguments is what we do here at DVDVR.
  18. Brisco

    WWE UK

    This is great wrestling booking 101, the face overcomes the odds to win and the heel still gains prestige in the loss for having a great match.
  19. At first glance I read that as Papa Roach...I deserve all back leg roundkicks that come my way.
  20. This is possible, though I was hoping the negative points will negate some of this perceived advantage. We all know Cena and Hogan (possibly Triple H) will most likely be the winner, especially with the length of their title reigns. I thought of adding a way that PPV wins and losses to weigh heavier than TV matches but have not found a way to factor this in.
  21. I am attempting to add a dorky element to my wrestling obsession by making a spreadsheet to track wrestlers progress to determine who is the greatest wrestler according to the point system in place. The following is what I have come up with and am looking for critiques and ideas and solidify my rules before i watch several shows and have to recalculate the results. I am focusing on individual wrestlers and people (Kane/Isaac Yankem are one person) with submission victories and losses being weighed heavier than a pinfall. Considering only events on the WWE Network starting in 1993, though I will eventually go back to the beginning and add results to my spreadsheet. Point system: Title Win:5 Submission:3 (4 in title match) Pin:2 (3 in title match) Winning Tag partner not involved in fall:1 Countout/DQ:1 Double Countout/DQ:0 Losing Tag partner not involved in fall:-1 Pinfall loss:-2 Submission loss:-3
  22. I still remember Lords of Pain from the 90s. My friend thought Tito was the shit.
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