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  1. So if this real life situation was a WWE storyline, how would the rest play out?
  2. Alice Crowley has been some of the circles as Kenzie Paige, namely in IWA-MS. At only 19 years of age Crowley has already held the IWA-MS women’s title twice, and may end up the final IWA-MS women’s champ.
  3. As much as I wanted to vote for Dax/Ospreay, I went Reigns/Riddle due to being an excellent match with the title on the line.
  4. Shoot commentaries that weren't supposed to be shoot commentaries.
  5. I disagree with Dean’s assessment of the Minnesota crowd being down for any of this show. I thought this was one of the hotter crowds for a WWE TV show in recent memory.
  6. No, Joe Gacy is the manager of grizzled young druids now.
  7. Obviously what he is accused of is horrible, but if we are going to have trainwreck TV, I hope Vince rides in on one of the carts from Wrestlemania 3.
  8. Dolfan the HR Guy would be a fantastic username!
  9. My joke was intended to be light and help us move along rather than any sort of piling on. Though not personal, after arguing with a fan over his opinion that transgender Nyla Rose wrestling women would cause a slew of injuries; I can understand LaRue’s dislike of wrestling fans.
  10. The only DVDR hive mind I am aware of are: Punches better look good Asses better get kicked and promos better be a FUCKIN PROMO
  11. She’s no good at what she does…….let’s make her CEO!
  12. Attempting this from an iPad but edited my above post by copying and pasting through Notes
  13. As much as I love big headed girl from outer space, I had to punch my ticket for Mox/O’Riley due to the pure pro wrestling excellence put on display. I do think it is a criminal act to not include the Kingston/Hager slugfest in the poll.
  14. If WALTER backs up Tony Stark, does Stark retire Ironman and take care of office shit and party?
  15. Was Candido’s death a catalyst for her problems or was she privately a mess during the height of her fame?
  16. Never knew these commercials exists, they were definitely off my radar as a kid
  17. In what universe is Moxley/Suzuki not a strong follow up to any show?
  18. I kinda like this version of the company as it is fun to talk shit about their horrible booking decisions, and at the same time they are far from a financially sinking ship. While at the same time AEW and the indies allow me to be a fan boy of great wrestling.
  19. We live in a world where Eva Marie/Alexa Bliss gets more time than Becky Lynch/Bianca Belair
  20. This is all well and good but if the door were opened, the match you never knew you wanted to see is John Silver vs Yano.
  21. One of my 2021 resolutions is to watch as much current wrestling I can get my greasy hands on. While I have kept up with the product the last few years, I haven’t watched everything WWE has produced. Tonight’s episode feels like it is the upper echelon of WWE TV from the past couple of years. We had a good storyline match in the main event, a very very good semi main and a good women’s tag. Worst complaint I have is the finish of the women’s tag as I, like most, am not a fan of the destruction finish the WWE feels is absolute money. Let’s hope WWE sticks to a heavy wrestling format. Family had me distracted and I completely missed Sonya’s return. Very happy to see her back. I was one of many who thought Billie was a goner after The IIconics were broken up. Thanks fully, for her, they found something though surely Billie can do better than worst act on Smackdown. The truth is the truth.
  22. While watching Brian Zane’s review of The Authority storyline, I kept remembering how much fun I had reading the DVDVR board at the time. Though I did have a quick foray here within the last year, I have really wanted to return despite my internal criticism of my writing. Looking forward to a fun 2021 with the good dudes of DVDVR!
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