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  1. My buddy & I recently started a YouTube channel where we compare the year end awards for PWI & WON. On this edition of Newsstand vs Newsletters we discuss one of the greatest years in wrestling history, 1992. Who did a better job of summing up this classic year? Was it the magazine readers or did the newsletter readers nail it? Tune in to see what we think and feel free to add your input too. Newsstand vs Newsletter
  2. A Quiet Place is the movie of the year. An amazing theatre experience & so much tension. Over delivered big time.
  3. Y’all gotta check out this guy’s bootleg Faux Razor blouse Photobucket can go pound sand.
  4. I am a huge fan of Kids In The Hall & when I google image searched them I saw this screenshot taken from Bruce McCulloch’s monologue.
  5. All this talk of great songwriters & no mention of Hank or Willie? Jesus.
  6. Sunday, December 31 New England Detroit Indianapolis Minnesota Washington Philadelphia Pittsburgh Atlanta Baltimore Miami New Orleans Tennessee Kansas City LA Rams LA Chargers Seattle Tiebreaker #1: Cam Newton passing yards 214 Tiebreaker #2: total points in Oak/LAC 28 Tiebreaker #3: longest field goal made in Wsh/NYG 47 yards
  7. Saturday, December 23 Baltimore Minnesota Sunday, December 24 LA Chargers Carolina Chicago Detroit Kansas City New England New Orleans LA Rams Washington Jacksonville Arizona Dallas Monday, December 25 Pittsburgh Philadelphia Tiebreaker #1: Dak Prescott passing yards 248 Tiebreaker #2: winning margin in Det/Cin 17 Tiebreaker #3: Philadelphia Eagles team rushing yards 125
  8. Atlanta Sunday, December 10 Buffalo Minnesota Cincinnati Green Bay Houston Oakland Tampa Bay Dallas NY Jets Tennessee LA Chargers Seattle LA Rams Pittsburgh Monday, December 11 New England Tiebreaker #1: Joe Flacco touchdown passes 1 Tiebreaker #2: Todd Gurley rushing yards 104 Tiebreaker #3: total points in Wsh/LA Chargers 39
  9. Thursday, November 30 Washington Sunday, December 3 NY Jets Minnesota Baltimore New England Chicago Tampa Bay Jacksonville Miami Tennessee LA Chargers New Orleans LA Rams Oakland Philadelphia Monday, December 4 Pittsburgh Tiebreaker #1: Interceptions thrown in SF/Chi 4 Tiebreaker #2: Carson Wentz passing yards 247 Tiebreaker #3: Atlanta Falcon team rushing yards 89
  10. Thursday, November 23 Minnesota LA Chargers Washington Sunday, November 26 Carolina Atlanta Cincinnati Tennessee Kansas City New England Philadelphia Seattle New Orleans Jacksonville Oakland Pittsburgh Monday, November 27 Baltimore Tiebreaker #1: Winning margin in GB/Pit 26 Tiebreaker #2: Drew Brees passing yards 217 Tiebreaker #3: Buffalo Bills turnovers 3
  11. I for one am loving this and check back multiple times a day to read it. Too bad you didn't do this last year, Dwight Yoakam's 2016 album was aces.
  12. Pittsburgh Sunday, November 19 Detroit Jacksonville Baltimore Arizona Minnesota New Orleans Kansas City Tampa Bay LA Chargers Denver New England Philadelphia Monday, November 20 Atlanta Tiebreaker #1: Tom Brady passing yards 268 Tiebreaker #2: total points in Rams/Minnesota 48 Tiebreaker #3: NY Giants turnovers 9
  13. Edge & Christian’s, Killing The Town, Our Vantage Point (if for nothing else I love the Rushmore/Death Valley stuff) Ron Fuller’s Studcast.
  14. Thursday, November 9 Seattle Sunday, November 12 NY Jets New Orleans Chicago Detroit Pittsburgh Jacksonville Tennessee Minnesota LA Rams Dallas NY Giants New England Monday, November 13 Carolina Tiebreaker #1: Philip Rivers passing yards 245 Tiebreaker #2: Total points in Dal/Atl 51 Tiebreaker #3: Total turnovers in GB/Chi 6
  15. John Travolta must be shaking in his boots right now.
  16. Thursday, November 2 Buffalo Sunday, November 5 Carolina Jacksonville LA Rams Philadelphia Houston New Orleans Tennessee Seattle Arizona Kansas City Oakland Monday, November 6 Detroit Tiebreaker #1: Oakland points scored 29 Tiebreaker #2: Dak Prescott passing yards 187 Tiebreaker #3: Todd Gurley rushing yards 86
  17. I have never understood how anyone could watch the Wyatt family act & not see that Harper was the real star.
  18. Thursday, October 26 Baltimore Sunday, October 29 Minnesota Atlanta Oakland Cincinnati New England New Orleans Philadelphia Carolina Seattle Washington Pittsburgh Monday, October 30 Denver Tiebreaker #1: Matt Stafford passing yards 211 Tiebreaker #2: Total points in Hou/Sea 37 Tiebreaker #3: Longest touchdown scored in Oak/Buf 48 yards
  19. Kansas City Sunday, October 22 NY Jets Buffalo Carolina Tennessee New Orleans Jacksonville LA Rams (at Twickenham Stadium) Minnesota Dallas Pittsburgh Denver Seattle New England Monday, October 23 Philadelphia Tiebreaker #1, as suggested by Dolfan: Higher total, NY Giants points scored or Dallas Cowboys kneeling during the national anthem 18 Tiebreaker #2: total points in Atl/NE 46 Tiebreaker #3: Philip Rivers passing yards 187
  20. Thursday, October 12 Philadelphia Sunday, October 15 New England Atlanta Baltimore Houston Minnesota New Orleans Washington Tampa Bay Jacksonville Kansas City LA Chargers Denver Monday, October 16 Indianapolis Tiebreaker #1: Winning margin in NYG/Den 32 Tiebreaker #2: Kevin Hogan passing yards 147 Tiebreaker #3: Miami Dolphin turnovers 5
  21. That was so fucking good & also the first time I’ve ever seen this. Holy shit, brought a tear to my eye. This segment reminded me of the Dusty/Dustin “view never changes” promo. The thing about a heel turn or making a long time fan favourite a rulebreaker is that you’ll have fans in attendance & watching at home who are lapsed fans. Ones who preferred the show when they were watching consistently. That Austin segment, he came across so hateful & cruel that people who popped for the glass shattering were telling him to stop beating up the JR replacement dweeb who they probably talked shit about beforehand. Brilliant piece of business there & reminded me just how damn good Austin was. The problem was that Rock wasn’t around & Taker always makes for a dull main fan favourite.
  22. I can honestly see the Giants missing the playoffs this year.
  23. I agree that it’s Taker’s best match. However Michaels’ Best has gotta be the Rose/Somers stuff. I’m thinking the blood in the sand one.
  24. New England Sunday, October 8 NY Jets Buffalo Carolina Indianapolis Tennessee NY Giants Philadelphia Pittsburgh LA Rams Oakland Green Bay Kansas City Monday, October 9 Minnesota Tiebreaker #1: total points in KC/Hou 41 Tiebreaker #2: Dak Prescott passing yards 216 Tiebreaker #3: total turnovers in NYJ/Cle 5
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