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RAW IS RIPPA IS AN IDIOT - June 13, 2016 (all fixed now)


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Most of this show sucked. Charlotte looked like a moron losing to Paige clean before a tag match not involving Paige. Cesaro lost again in a short match to Sami - which was at least good. Steph buried Dean a bit, and then we got a corny Shield meeting on the Asylum. At least Dean was made to look strong. AJ vs. Cena remains the best thing on Raw by leaps and bounds. They're pressing all the right buttons to make this click and it does feel like a big match - but they're rushing it now, and it seems like it should be a Summerslam match instead of just an MITB one. Everything going down between them in just two weeks has hurt this, but also given them less time to fuck things up. Jericho doing his wacky ladder pose to close the show amused me.


Shane's face seems to sum up Raw.





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Hey, Jericho-Ambrose was fun, as was Zayn-Cesaro V, and who can forget Owens dragging ADR to victory. 

"Do I have to do everything myself?"

Also, Cena-AJ was a nice twist on the standard contract signing.  I still think AJ is winning this one and losing the next 17 matches, but hey.

So this was a good little Raw! 


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4 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

New Japan gets mentioned frequentely.  ROH has been mentioned before, but this has to be the first time PWG has ever been namedropped. It's cool to hear as an indy fan. What's next: Chikara, CZW, IWA-Mid South?

Poor unloved TNA. 


Actually, nah, fuck em. 

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42 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

To really get under TNA's skin, they should acknowledge AJ being a former NWA champion.

JBL referred to Sting as a two time NWA World Champion when he made his debut. He won that second title in TNA. It would be pretty hilliarious to start counting those NWA Titles as part of championship history outside of WWE.

Man this show was boring as hell. The Ambrose thing had me falling asleep. Ambrose did it his best to make it interesting, but Roman just doesn't have the power to make anything interesting. Seth and Ambrose would be a fun feud for the title so of course it won't happen.

The AJ/Cena thing was great. I suspect they are setting up for maybe Balor running in to join AJ as the new member of the Club or in typical WWE fashion AJ just loses the match which would make him 0 for the Century on PPV if my math is right. They should have saved this for Summerslam, but typical Vince is to just blow it right away.

I had the dvr running so I went back to the basketball game and I fell asleep. I woke up at 11 on the dot because I heard the Tonight show theme. My DVR switched to Antenna TV for Johnny Carson. Because of this I didn't know where I was and I thought RAW went off early for once. Once I realized I wasn't back in the early 80's I flipped the channel and caught the end of RAW. I was surprised there was no 7th man to end the show. I guess they really are only going with six. I can't imagine they'd really go with Jericho winning. I hope Ambrose wins, but I doubt they'd want the prospect of someone more over than Reigns with the briefcase just waiting to cash in especially if Roman's gonna be champion for a while.

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4 hours ago, Phantom Lord said:

AJ just loses the match which would make him 0 for the Century on PPV if my math is right.

He did win a few matches on TNA PPVs over the years. Fewer than he should have, but every time there was a regime change his character reset from 'Multiple time World Champion and company Ace' to 'Up and coming hungry youngster'.

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So wait are there actual people complaining about Alberto Del Rio showing up in the 10 bell salute because it ruined the storyline is that Del Rio was late.  A storyline that probably won't even be remembered on Thursday much less next week?


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I must say that the product right now is pretty good. Solid low-, midcard and main-event scene. Still three hours is too long and the champ sucks, but everything else is pretty good right now. I just dread that they will fuck it up with the brand split and two ppv's a month rumour.

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