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  1. This “new” NWA is my jam. Felt old school yet not dated; fresh by being classic if you catch my drift. Only halfway in the show, but the lack of dives is refreshing as well.
  2. Late to the thread, but the show was dope. Lots of passion and soul. Hope the crowds will stay this hot.
  3. Damn, looks pretty good with all teams being viable contenders/champions. Not sure how they are gonna book the left side of the bracket (probably screwy finishes). Rooting for Best Friends though.
  4. Are people here aware of this channel? https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCdN4Q6jZFHbo-5xd3JnV3sg and also why is it so awesome?
  5. A bit more polished as the previous shows, but still a little bit rough around the edges. Good show. I still have get used to some of the looks and physiques of some of the wrestlers. Loved the hardcore three-way, but guys like Havoc and Allin need to beef up a little bit. Maybe it’s just decades of Vince brainwashing me. On another note, with the debut of LAX, the roster is starting to get stacked. Hope the tv-show will have some sweet early 90’s WCW-style 10-minute matches every week.
  6. Stoners are my least favourite people in the world. And I live in Amsterdam. Best part of the show was the Goldberg squash by the way.
  7. Just wanted to say that Impact is pretty dope lately.
  8. 2k17 was a leap forward from 2k16 gameplay wise, minor tweaks for the better. 2k18 can be a bit frustrating, the controls can be a bit inconsistent. The game modes have not improved at all. Read the last few pages of this thread to get a general idea of the game.
  9. NXT DLC is pretty dope. They really went all out with Aleister Black and his moveset. Also Patch 1.05 added the Great Balls of Fire arena, a bunch of new trons and Batista's machine gun entrance!
  10. I gave up on Universe mode ever since 2k13 where it promised all kinds of cool features (e.g. Paul Heymen written storylines; unique cut scenes) but it never delivered.... I mean it STILL has not delivered. If you play one Rivalry, then you've played them all. I enjoy Exhibition mode and dicking around with random match-ups, but every other feature is just pointless. You don't even need to play them to unlock stuff. Absolute waste of time.
  11. Bought the game yesterday. It's one of those purchases where I know I'll play it for the whole year round. Also bought the season pass because I need to support my homie Alistair Black. So far, so good. I thought I would hate the new carry and drag system, but it is all right and doesn't feel like a tagged on gimmick. I like some of the graphical improvements; I feel that they fucked with the reversal system a little bit compared to last year. You definitely need to temper with the AI settings a little bit to actually make it feel right instead of the default settings. And Larry Z. is in and Arn is out? And we have 5 different Stings? What the fuck? Also miss the November to Remember arena, it felt so indierific.
  12. 10 bucks says this turns into a miscarriage angle..... or better yet a Mizcarriage. Totally unrelated, but what happened to the Titus Brand? Haven't seen it in a while and I kind of enjoyed it.
  13. I don't *hate* him, but he is just uninteresting. Wasted potential.
  14. If you don't have 2k16, just go straight to 2k17. Updated roster, most of the legends/moves/arenas DLC from previous games, gameplay tweaks (such as table, ladder and multiman matches). The SC showcase was alright, but missed quite a bit if you ask me.
  15. Been watching a lot of ECW ppv's lately (in random order), I really want to get into the TV episodes, but not really sure where to start though. Suggestions for a good jump off point? Speaking of which, will the WWECW shows ever be uploaded?
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