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  1. Brody Lee is dope. Outfit is slightly better than last week. Matt Hardy isn’t for me. I dug the delete shit couple of years back, but this is just hard to get into. Jericho is the GOAT. It is not even up for debate anymore. True MVP of AEW.
  2. Yeah Dark was pretty good. They should keep this format for Dark, but have the main-event be something meaningful. Speaking of which, do the wins/losses of Dark count in the rankings?
  3. Brody Lee's pants reminded of the indy phase around the the early 2000's were every wrestler wore pleather.
  4. Same old shit. Watched it with a buddy who has the Network. I liked Balor/Gargano though. We turned it off afterwards and read the results this morning. Mauro is fucking insufferable.
  5. Great episode, can’t wait for next week’s show.
  6. Has this mean mentioned before? MLW constantly uses instrumental hiphop beats. I heard beats from Wu-Tang and Action Bronson (and some others). Now I know both are massive wrestling fans, so I wonder if they worked out a deal or something.
  7. I bet the shirt will sell like hot cakes.
  8. Sammy Guevara is pretty dope. Good presence, talks naturally on the mic in a way that doesn’t really feel forced; must be all that vlogging. Could be a star in the making.
  9. So far everyone in those segments comes off as a mega face. Including MJF although his segment was a bit more kayfabish. Butcher and the Blade will also make their In-ring debut tonight against Cody and.... QT Marshal.
  10. Have him either go full Spike Dudley or get him to hit the gym, take a shower and get a clue.
  11. Watched the episode a second time. Again, matches felt kinda off. The Jericho segment was just as good as first viewing, best call so far is crowning Jericho as the first champ. He can carry any segment. I remember his Fight for the Fallen promo and I was kind of worried we would get drunk Jericho every week. Jericho is up there with Flair and the likes as best ever. Absolute legend.
  12. Saw Butcher and Blade a while ago and really digged their look. Glad AEW picked them up. Worst Aew show so far, something seemed off, but still it was a decent show to watch. A two hour wrestling show is a blessing.
  13. The Jericho video was a highlight for sure, but damn that crowd was also hot as fuck. Say what you will, but the OC kicks definitely popped the crowd. I completely banished WWE out of my life and I am so glad that AEW manages to scratch my North American wrestling itch. Good stuff.
  14. We’ve been sorta spoiled by previous AEW Dark shows. It is not as good as the others, but check it out if you have nothing else to watch wrestling wise. The end was pretty brutal though with the pliers.
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