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  1. Goddamn, can we just appreciate for a second that we had a Nick Gage death match and a barbwired death match in this promotion for free. Fuck, I love this promotion.
  2. Fenix vs Andrade was just amazing, but here is my silly nitpick about Fenix: his mask. Its design is just not marketable enough. It’s very generic for a lucha mask in my opinion. Not nearly as recognizable as Mysterio or Liger’s mask (just two examples that come to mind). I think it holds him back to being a main-event star.
  3. Silas Young! The man looks so sleazy, I love it. His AEW debut got kind of overshadowed by everything else major on the show unfortunately. Need to see more of him on TV.
  4. Dont give a fuck about shootyworkshoot shit. I do care about the fact God’s champion is back!
  5. Ah, the old “I haven’t had a full night of sleep in weeks” stare. Every dad feels his pain.
  6. Dreadful main-event. Commentary was awful as well. Shit card all together. Also, I’m drunk.
  7. That corner spot with Gresham/Dalton was stupid is hell, even for pro-wrestling comedy spots. Don’t get me wrong, I get a kick out of comedy spots in general, but this was lame. Loved the fact Dalton got everything in and looked like a star. Gresham’s style just isn’t for me.
  8. Bought the Definitive Editions last week. I get the criticism the games get, but damn it Vice city is still a blast. Takes me back to high school. It’s also amazing to see how much the franchise has evolved.
  9. The Butcher looked like a fucking stud out there. Darby bumping all over the place helped as well. I only heard Butcher talk out of character, and boy the voice doesn’t match the appearance.
  10. I dont think he’s outright antivax, he made some comments in the early days of the pandemic and before the vaccine about alternative methods to combat the virus.
  11. Goddamn, that Guevara bump was nuts. Dramatic main-event and I loved it.
  12. Rampage is my Saturday morning ritual. Cup of coffee and watch some sweet 60 minutes of wrestling and then adult chores and stuff.
  13. We might be used to thinking how WWE operates. Aew doesn’t really do the whole “endless” season or no “off seasons” thing that WWE does. Signing new talent looks like overkill from a WWE perspective, however the great thing is AEW kind of rotates their talent. At least that’s how they did it for the first two years. Hopefully they return to that style of booking, especially with the recent amount of high profile signings. The last few months they signed a boatload of talent, but hopefully that keeps things fresh and talent injury free for the foreseeable future.
  14. All I’m saying is that I am willing to accept Jay White as our new AEW champion. The dude is a stud in the ring. Hobbs is also one of my fav’s in AEW. Dude has the look and skills. Needs a bit more character work to be launched into stardom. Sure, wearing a bad ass coat in the snow does a lot, but a bit more time on the mic and working on his character besides just being a big dude fucking shit up would do a ton for him. Definitely potential break out star in Team Taz.
  15. Here we were bickering about Osprey and Gargano and we got Switchblade and Keith Lee, which is a million times better. I quit social media this year and it makes the shows so much more enjoyable with the constant spoilers (I usually watch the shows a day later on Fite). Also love the fact we were dreading the Inner Circle and MJF segments and they both delivered and didn’t disappoint in my book. Jericho gets his fair share of shit the last couple of months for whatever reason, but the man is a professional and knows what connects with the crowd.
  16. Man, what a lot of Killer Kross hate. Honestly prefer him over Gargano, Osprey or Swerve. He could be a decent signing. Decent in the ring, looks menacing. Not a ppv headliner, but a nice challenger for an aew champ on TV. Dont have him aligned with House of Black.
  17. Lance heeling it up was great. Scaring little girls, fake outs with his signature moves, beating the shit out of his opponent. Shit like this needs to be on Dynamite. Good opponent for Hangman.
  18. God, I hope OC wins next week. He needs a win. Never got the Adam Cole hype with his weird looking eyes. It’s like some accidentally messed with the eye sliders in character creation. The thought of Gargano potentially signing with AEW annoys me.
  19. Perhaps shorter matches on TV. Kind of like early 90’s WCW. Short and sweet tv matches with a longer main-event. Some matches on Dark could’ve easily been on TV. Also, sign me up for Eddie vs Jericho.
  20. Hook is a meme, but damn it I loved the roars he got from the crowd. Cody is going to be a more interesting champ than Sammy. After his victory over Rusev, he didn’t really do anything worth mentioning. I hope this leads to a new interesting Inner Circle storyline. PnP is great, but lost in the shuffle. Jericho is always amazing. So hopefully we’re going to see more of them in the new year.
  21. Dont get the Hook meme, but I’m starting to get old. He Looked smooth in the ring though. Action Bronson entrance music is dope though. Good album as well.
  22. Out of the loop, can you give me the cliff notes?
  23. Late to the party. Ordered the replay on Monday (avoided social media for two days) and just finished it. First PPV I ordered in 20 years and worth every cent. Can’t remember an event where I was invested in every match. My least favourite match was the battle royal and even that was memorable.
  24. Stacked PPV. Will Miro and Eddie also be added to the card?
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