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SummerSlam XXXVI - 8/5/2023

Dolfan in NYC

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Lord, save me from anymore 40 minute Roman Reigns things

Loved Gunther/Drew, 3-way, and Seth/Finn.

Favourite thing about the 3-way was that they worked it almost exclusively with all 3 wrestlers in the ring, rather than the usual 2 in, 1 out. It led to some awkward moments and timing as they tried to position 3 people for spots, but I appreciate it. Great finish, great cap with the cash in.

I liked, but was disappointed in Cody/Brock. Glad Cody Rhodes can move on.

The rest was varying levels of butt (e: I guess the battle royal was fine for a payday match, would have rather had Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus if we are dropping things)

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Paul/Ricochet was fun, somehow both less spotty than I expected but also pretty spotty. I liked the brass knucks finish.

Cody/Brock was shockingly good, probably the best Suplex City Brock match since Bryan. the pos tmatch respect was unexpected, makes me curious if Brock is finally on his way out.

The battle royal was fun, and it was nice to see Knight get a victory on a big show.

Shayna/Ronda was not good. The MMA route was a mistake. Should have been more physical with some hatred. Was good to see Ronda choked out, but this didn't feel like it achieved much for Shayna in the end.

Gunther/Drew built into something pretty good though it felt like it could have gone a bit further. I did like Gunther hitting a several of his finishers in one go to make sure Drew stayed down.

Seth/Finn was good, probably better than their last match. Still this felt like the time for Finn to win. 

The Women's 3-way had an uphill battle with the crowd I suspect due to burnout. Still, I thought they put on something good and dragged the crowd into it by the end with Bianca's injury angle. I liked that it stuck to being a 3-way fight with everyone truly trying to win on their own opposed to any team ups. Really dug the finish with mist and Bianca's victory. The post match cash in with Io was a welcome sight. As was Dakota coming out to celebrate with the rest of Damage Ctrl.

Thought Roman/Jey was pretty good-great up until the finish. With the way things built it just made zero sense. The Jimmy turn was just dumb and definitely something done to drag things out. Still enjoyed the match overall, but this was one of the few times it felt like Roman could lose and it would have worked well. I assume this occurred more than anything because they feel Roman needs to lose at Wrestlemania. I would have been fine with Roman retaining, just with a sensible finish.

Up until the finish I thought this was a generally good show even with Syana/Rousey match. Now I would probably still settle with solid though the disappointing end dragged it down a notch. 

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There's not a snowball's chance that Reigns drops the title before Wrestlemania 40.

It's just a matter of who they're going to try to build up to put over him and whether or not they'll actually pull the trigger on it. . .but they're pretty rapidly running out of people.

I'd say GUNTHER, but I don't think the E has the stones for it.

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God bless Jey. He’s an all-time tag worker, and he’s been a great supporting actor throughout this story, but tonight proved that, despite the nickname, he’s not a main event-caliber singles guy. He brought absolutely nothing to the table (multitude of possible puns not intended).


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Paul/Rick O'Shea was fine but probably Paul's least good match so far.

Cody/Brock was every Brock match we've seen for years now only he did the job this time around.

The battle royale got everyone a paycheck. LA Knight is following in the footsteps of Bobby Roode and Shawn Spears of having a catchphrase the fans like to chant and not much else.

Rhonda/Shayna was pretty meh

The IC title match was about the only thing on the show I was really looking forward to and it delivered big time. Happy Gunther won.

Both world title matches were solid with the women's being especially good. I thought Bianca getting the rollup while still being partially in the Figure 8 was a cool spot. Her short lived reign was kind of predictable.

I honestly thought the women's match was the main event and started watching Collision. After finishing the opening tag match I remembered the Bloodline match and it wasn't even half over. Anything Bloodline related has been skippable for me since after Jey's recent turn and this was one of the most boring main events I can recall.

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Pretty good show for the most part. The first two matches were amazing. I hate admitting that Logan Paul is good, but damn he is good. It was a good match with Ricochet and I liked the finished.

Brock vs. Cody was good. Typical Brock match where he kills someone for most of it only for the guy to rally at the end.

Ronda vs. Shayna fell flat. For an MMA fight it was pretty bad.

The battle royal was fun. Glad that LA Knight won. LA Knight needs to win the Royal Rumble in January if they can keep his hot streak going till then.

GUNTHER vs. Drew was fun. 

I honestly was not interested in Seth vs. Finn. I feared Finn wouldn't win and of course he didn't.

The women's triple threat started off slow but it picked up at the end. And I was glad Iyo cashed in and won. But I knew Bianca was winning the triple threat when she posed with that C4 Drink in her entrance. At least Charlotte lost...which is most important here.

The main event I thought could have been way more violent. Why were they doing regular wrestling to start. It should have been a fight from the get go. It picked up at times, but I suspected the turn with Jimmy was happening. Can't wait to see the bullshit they spin for him to justify turning on his own brother like that.

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In no universe did Reigns vs. Jey need to go 36 minutes. Could've shaved it off by half and given that time to Trish Stratus vs. Becky Lynch.

Triple H is addicted to overly long drawn-out main events that go way longer than they need to be. Case in point, his 50-minute Hell in a Cell snoozefest against Shawn Michaels.

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Time will tell if this is the moment that kills the Bloodline storyline, but it does sort of feel like they could've simply had Cody win at WrestleMania. Win the rematch, then have Owens and Zayn beat Reigns and Solo to cement their title run and vanquish Bloodline to finally pay all that off. 

The problem is, what does WWE replace The Bloodline with? They don't have that next angle ready to go.

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I know it goes against every promoter’s natural instincts to move on before you’ve squeezed every last dollar out of something (and judging by WWE’s business over the last 6 months, there was still much to be squeezed from Roman as champ), but at the same time, I think there can be equal value in taking the right off-ramp.

And I think we’ve officially hit the point where we can safely say they missed the right off-ramp. With this Jimmy turn, we’re venturing nearer to self-parody.

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25 minutes ago, Gonzo said:

There's not a snowball's chance that Reigns drops the title before May 28th, 2028

Fixed that for ya. Everyone needs to get on board with the breaking Bruno's record deal like I've been saying for ages now. They print money out their ass these days. The bottom line is safe no matter what they do. Might as well break the all time record, crown Reigns the biggest WWE mega star of all time, and try your best to make the next guy off of beating an eight year reign.

Sami was red hot, they didn't do it. Cody was red hot, they didn't do it. Jey Uso was red hot (and made the most story sense), they didn't do it. The goal post moving and explanations as to why never make any sense. Except for one.

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