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AEW Dynamite - 1/11/2023

The Natural

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7 hours ago, The Natural said:

I can see Saraya/Toni Storm getting a "You deserve it!" chant when Hikaru Shida assaults them like Charlotte Flair did when Becky Lynch famously attacked her at SummerSlam 2018. Such a big pop.

Oh my god that was funny. Those idiots who write wwe tv really thought people would boo Becky…

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I feel like this is going to be one of those shows that I kick myself for not paying the $40 for a resale ticket to be in the building, but getting out of work and to Inglewood at 4pm on a Wednesday is such a pain in the ass.  

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18 hours ago, Dog said:

What if there's a ... quadruple turn? Hayter and Britt finally go face, Saraya and Toni go heel and meet the righteous rage of Shida?

I'm going with a fair standard on the tag match where if their idea of navigating the moving pieces is smarter than "Toni Storm throws herself into a locker to turn heel and take herself out of the match", then i'll listen.

Shida taking out Toni Storm and Saraya getting a better partner than Toni Storm has been mentioned so many times that it feels too predictable by now. At the same time, the tendency to not do the predictable thing to keep everybody on their toes has led to some really bad ideas over the years.

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  • Page and Takeshita are very similar wrestlers in my eyes. Takeshita is one of the least exciting Danielson opponents for me. I'm expecting big stupid wrestling. Mox is one of the most exciting Page opponents since he'll try to Hansen him again and just force out all of the big, stupid stuff so they just beat the crap out of each other.
  • I very much want to see Hook suplex Bill. That is all.
  • Match 9 of Jumbo vs Bock is from 87, so we're into post Tenryu Turn Jumbo (even if not very far into it). It's significantly shorter. Should be interesting.
  • I am still assuming chicanery on the women's match. Saraya and Mercedes go back. Mercedes inadvertently put Saraya on the shelf for years. Mercedes was the first person Saraya told after she got cleared. I imagine it would be cathartic for the two to team. We shall see.
  • I guess it'll be vaguely amazing for Jericho to babble on about being at PWG?

I'm not as excited about this card as everyone else, but I don't like Takeshita and Page very much.

Rampage on the other hand? Rampage is exciting so far.

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things I remember from this episode of Dynamite:

Gee, there's a lot of black space behind the hard cam in the Forum. The Main Event being a ladder match did provide a logical reason to show that they were running in a large building tonight.

Moxley and Page hitting each other hard and Page going over clean.

Large William takes a bump for Hook.

We have celebrities in the building. Several of them, in fact.

MJF talks for awhile and gets chased off. Bryan and Takeshita hit each other hard for awhile and Danielson wins.

Adam Page is back.

Toni Storm worked an entire match. Babyface miscommunication leads to Britt/Hayter winning. Time for a 2 month long road to Shida or Storm turning heel. Also no Sasha Banks/Mercades, despite all the wishcasting but you can just say that she'll debut after the Shida/Storm split. Or maybe before it. Probably should have figured it was gonna be just another match when it was tucked neatly into the 2nd hour close to the same timeslot that AEW almost always runs their womens matches.

The Jericho group says stuff as Ricky Starks is still stuck in a feud with these guys.

Next week, Power Slap. Good thing there is nobody problematic involved in that!

Finally the Best of 7 is over. We're free from this matchup! It's probably difficult to do this 7 times and really have much new to do in match #7. That ladder piledriver was wild. Kenny beats a 2 on 1 to win it all. So they put up all 3 belts but you just needed to pull down one of them to win.

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