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  1. I'm definitely of the mind that KOR is the best of the Cole/Fish/KOR trio, so this makes me happy. His match v Balor at Takeover 31 was incredible. I want faux hawk, denim vest ass kicker KOR back though.
  2. I'm hoping that KENTA costs Punk the match, to set up a match at Forbidden Door. 1-Because I want to see Kenta/Punk 2-I want Punk nowhere near the title.
  3. Outside of the CGI, I think this looks fun. Also, I'm into the most likely Abomination v She-Hulk/Hulk handicap match, because I feel that is going to happen. I do miss the harder edged Netflix shows something fierce. Daredevil Season 1 and Jessica Jones Season 1 are two of my favorite Marvel properties and definitely in my top 5. That being said, I'm aware that these shows aren't really "made for me", but im loving them anyway. My daughter is unbelievably excited for Ms. Marvel and I can't wait to show her this trailer too. Between the amazing womens wrestling we're currently getting and the influx of female superheroes in the mainstream media, she's overwhelmed with positive female representation. I have no doubt I'll be adding to her Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman and Black Widow wall decorations in short order.
  4. I'm looking at my list I posted yesterday, and it changed already outside of about 4-5. I have my top tier, but the rest is flowing depending on the day and my mood and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Like today, I just want to watch old Eliminators v anyone matches because The Eliminators were one of my favorite tag teams of all time. That's the best thing about having so many time periods, territories, promotions. You really could make a "Favorites" of each individual one and it would't be wrong. Except for the fact that I will go to my grave saying that R-Truth is one of the best comedic wrestlers of all time, criminally underrated when he played it straight and probably one of the most entertaining people to ever step in the ring. R-Truth is absolutely a constant. I think i made this post just to talk positively about R-Truth, lol
  5. In no particular order: Danielson, Foley, Funk, Macho Man, Piper, Brody, Vader, Samoa Joe, Sabu, Eddie Guerrero, The Great Muta, Mikey Whipwreck, R-Truth, New Jack
  6. I don't know how in the span of a few months have I gone from super excited CM Punk is back and enjoying everyone of his matches/AEW involvement, so being annoyed at his very existence and face while still enjoying his matches/AEW involvement, lol. It's quite a conundrum. I like everything he does, yet still don't like his face. It's the Rob Riggle/Step Brothers effect I suppose. I want Hangman to retain so badly. That was a tremendous Dynamite, another in the long string of them. Outside of the aforementioned, and I admit irrational hate of CM Punk's face as of late, I love everything about the current direction of AEW. I'm hoping Toni Storm wins the womens Owen and after last night, I'd be okay with a Jeff Hardy Owen win on the mens side(depending on who the Joker is.)
  7. Cody/Theory is worth at least one watch, IMO. I'm really liking Cody's work since coming back to WWE. Liv/Rhea is solid, but the other stuff involving Judgment Day is skip worthy.
  8. I thought Theory/Cody was solid and enjoyed it, even the ending. KO/Ezekiel is hilarious. the 24/7 stuff is just there at this point, but I always smile whenever Truth is on screen. Unhinged Becky Lynch is my favorite version of her since Nia Jax busted her nose open. Edge is lame. Absolutely lame. Everything about this presentation screams "Hot topic angry" at me. I'm just hoping that the in-ring work will overshadow how little I think of Edge right now. Poor Ciampa. I get he's featured on Raw, but for how long?
  9. My personal opinion is one of that if they take the belt off of Hangman and put it onto Punk, it will be the first time I genuinely disliked an AEW booking decision. I'm not sure if im in the minority, but while Punk being back has been great, i feel like it's just the same thing over and over. I enjoy the matches, everything he's in, but it really has stopped "moving the needle for me" at all.
  10. I might be in the minority, but I want Hangman to go over Punk clean as a sheet. I feel like Hangmans reign needs more title defenses with top talent and Danielson AND Punk putting him over would go a long way. That being said, if Punk wins, i would love to see MJF take it in the trilogy OR have it lead to Kingston getting a title run, even if it's only a Tommy Dreamer-esque one day or 20 minute reign. I equate Kingston with Dreamer in that I feel Dreamer was the heart of ECW the way Kingston is the heart of AEW.
  11. I dont have many thoughts that haven't been stated here, but let me tell you, I had an absolute BLAST at my first AEW show. My best friend and I have been going to wrestling shows for the past 20+ years but this was the first one we've gone together to in about 4(Last one was a CZW Cage of Death a few years back). It was just a great time. The Liacouras Center is a perfect "in-between" of rec centers, bingo halls and gyms and big stadium WWE shows. I was a bit letdown by the merch table. I had wanted to get my daughter something, anything Shida or Thunder Rosa, but didn't see anything and I myself was a bit sad I couldn't have picked up a Kingston shirt. Funniest thing that was for either the Dark/Elevation taping Also (Rampage) I'm not a huge Guevara fan, but the roof blew off with how much the crowd was against him and it made Scorp winning even better. This show sold me that I need to do absolutely EVERYTHING i can to get to Forbidden Door in Chicago. I don't have 4 weeks vacation for nothing.
  12. JLowe, I live in Abington/Glenside area as well. This is a really good area.
  13. I had to make sure I was there for this as well! It will be my first AEW show.
  14. Really looking forward to Hangman/Punk.....as long as Hangman goes over.
  15. I need to update my AEW Best of Lists, but man,and it might be bias of just seeing it, Joe v Suzuki is going on it without a shadow of a doubt, the only question is how high. That was everything I wanted from that match.
  16. I was thinking more of Pesci in the cornfield at the end of Casino.
  17. I do surveillance, am a Private Investigator and I can't endorse this statement enough. AC is real trashy outside of a few select blocks.
  18. Hanging out with the cast of Justified would be entertaining, rife with bourbon and just as likely to end with a bullet or in jail.....but a conversation with Boyd Crowder might tip the ride in it's favor, haha.
  19. I had a close friend in high school die of literally the exact same thing....fuck, my heart goes out to his family.
  20. I'm still hoping Velvet is Jade's first loss to pay that storyline back.
  21. The sheer amount of quality wrestling given to us on a week to week basis is mind-blowing to me still. Maybe it's because I'm still, even after a few years of AEW, getting past the WWE model of endless PPV's, mindless drivel TV shows, but man, i look forward to the cards weekly and I'd make a strong wager that every show, every week has a dream match for someone watching. IT's awesome.
  22. I'm probably in the minority on this, but I'd really like to see Trent win.
  23. I still maintain my assertion that Walter had to have kicked someone's puppy.....
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