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  1. When WWE does something right, they really do something right. Sami and the Bloodline is one of the best storylines in years great show
  2. So I've sat and thought about this for a few days. I struggle with alcoholism, struggled since I was 18(I'm now 39). I give AEW the benefit of the doubt with things because they haven't destroyed good will the way WWE has regarding on air substance issues, but I felt really uncomfortable watching that angle Weds, but also enamored because it felt so "real", which it was to a sense. I'm willing to see where it goes, and if Mox gave the blessing for them to use his issues as part of an angle, who am I to say differently, but as someone who has struggled with it, it made me feel uncomfortable and "some sort of way". A lot of what Danielson said hit home for me and, it was just an uncomfortable, yet amazingly acted segment.
  3. At the time, I thought Man on Fire was the best Punisher movie to date, lol
  4. Every single aspect of what they did was *chefs Kiss* and I don't like the Bucks all too much(though i recognize the talent). My only problem with it is that it's all people are talking about, when they should be talking about the beating Ishii laid on Jericho and how amazing that match was.
  5. I know I'm heavy handed in my hatred of Punk, and make no mistakes, I think he's an overrated asshole with severe maturity issues, but there is no way I would be as into MJF as a champ without the Punk feud, so for that I'm thankful for him being there. The rest of his run, meh, take it or leave it, including, IMO, the only bad Hangman Page match this year, but the MJF feud was pretty damn incredible to the point where I went out and bought a T-Shirt from PWT the day after their Dog Collar Match with the "fight poster" on it and I'd put neither MJF or Punk in my top 25 all time.
  6. I'm absolutely honored I got to see that live. It was just something else to see someone realize 20 years of hard work into one moment. It's 100% my top moment of the year and probably my all time favorite live moment. Incredible.
  7. As far as I'm concerned, Kingston is the best worker in AEW. I agree with the sentiment that he deserves a World Title run more than anyone and I'll be honest, i initially wanted him to have a short-ish, fluke win just for the pop, but i think he deserves more. Whether he wants more is another story all together, but no one is more deserving.
  8. The mystery woman has to be Beth Phoenix or someone of that caliber given how they're dragging this out
  9. i honestly never knew so many wrestling fans were financial analysts. Crazy. I feel like I'm in a Facebook wrestling group
  10. Common sense is lost on anti-AEW clowns.
  11. .....I got tickets for Rampage and Full Gear next week..... Holy shit......alone Kingston and Ortiz v Akiyama and Takeshita is worth what I paid
  12. Fun thing, I saw this figure once while perusing Target and scooped it up. I honestly forgot he dressed up as Darby, so I thought it was going to be a decent collectors item
  13. I rewatched Sammy/Danielson. I might need to rethink my opinion on Sammy, and it hurts me to type that.
  14. I agree with you on that one, but I'm interested to see where it goes. I don't think whoever wins MJF/Mox is losing the title for a long, long time, so I don't want Kingston to get his "one" shot and lose it. I want him to get his big "Foley" moment and win, so if he needed to be fed to Page to continue Page's push, I'm okay with it. Keep Kingston away from the World Belt entirely until he has the chance for the big upset. I think you only get one chance for that level of reaction.
  15. Also, not sure the consensus, but I thought Saraya/Baker had a great segment. I'm going to Full Gear and while this match was initially a novelty, it's now become one I'm really looking forward to
  16. Jesus. I've never seen that before, and if I had I might've turned my head until the aftermath. I don't know who saved it(probably both), but it was definitely a "time stands still" moment. Great job on both Page/Kingston.
  17. I dislike Sammy. But holy shit, that was a goddamn main event and it wasn't all Danielson. There was a brief moment or two that I thought the avalanche Ego's Edge was going to go horribly, horribly wrong.
  18. Someone not as mad as you. Your only input into this is negativity. You're adorable by the way.
  19. AEW Could reinvent the wheel and you'd still be saying "Well the roster is too bloated for the carriage to run"
  20. I honestly am not thinking of anything else other than Jiji chiming in to grab his stone tablet and declare the "end times" of AEW. You can miss humor when you're smelling a dead horse.
  21. Do you ever get tired of doom and gloom AEW posts?
  22. I'm a petty human being, so I could not stop laughing like an asshole when Cabana came out.
  23. The Bloodline segment was the most I've laughed in wrestling in a long, lont time. Seeing them all try to keep it together and running with "Ucey". PHenomenal TV.
  24. This is exactly the type of perfect train wreck we all need
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