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  1. House of Glory, Amazing Red's promotion announced the double main event for their 12/11/2021 show. Amazing Red v Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews v Low-Ki. Personal feelings on Low-Ki aside, that's a hell of a pair of matches. I might be making the drive up from Philly for this one.
  2. That movie is my hands down my favorite movie of all-time. and it has been for about 20+ years. No matter what movie genre im into, seen, etc, that movie still sits at #1. I can't explain it, nor do I care to.
  3. Completely agree on them firing everyone who could've used it. In another timeline, Keith Lee would've dethroned Roman and gotten the payoff from it.
  4. I'm extremely torn on Roman at this point. I think the whole Head of the Table run has been absolutely incredible and one of the only things worth watching on WWE.....but then on the flip side, is there ever going to be a point where someone gets over on Roman? I said this in a prior thread that for all of the shit the Bucks/Elite get for standing tall to end every show, I'd argue that Roman/Bloodline are far more frequent have rarely gotten their comeuppance. At this point, is there anyone realistically built up enough to challenge Roman? let alone take the title? McIntyre, I guess, but even that at least to me, isn't such a great prospect. Returning Lesnar? They obviously want to do Roman v the Rock, but would they put the belt on the Rock? or have Roman dominate the Rock and then we're back to "Who challenges him?"
  5. A name I've seen omitted from these lists, both as safe from being cut or possibly on the block is Finn Balor. He seems like one of the talent that WWE would do anything they could to keep from hitting the open market, but considering how the chips have fallen lately, who the hell knows at this point.
  6. I've always wanted to see the Uso's v the Briscoes just for the similar promo cadences/styles. Plus theyd absolutely kill it int he ring.
  7. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10017689-bray-wyatt-to-star-in-feature-film-after-being-released-from-wwe-contract Looks like Bray has his first project post WWE. A movie role in a flick described as "Ichi the Killer meets Xanadu" Strange combo, but I'm in for it.
  8. For as much shit gets talked on the Young Bucks standing tall at the end of a good portion of AEW shows, I don't see the same ire directed at Roman and the Usos. I've been a huge fan of Roman's run, but this is starting to seem like overkill to me.
  9. Read that story and immediately cued the "Kick Some Ass" by Stroke 9 in my head.
  10. Speaking from your experience of actually being in Philly and being a fan in Philly? Or just from hearsay and national media narrative?
  11. I completely agree with this. He should be able to find and choose his own therapist, not the 76ers, but he absolutely should be keeping the 76ers in the loop and the fact that he isn't, is just suspect as hell.
  12. I'm not on board with Simmons marginalizing mental health so he can stomp his feet and get his way, which is what all signs point to this being. I'm not a fan of Daryl Morey at all, but I think Simmons is being a massive child.
  13. It's really looking like Simmons is using "not mentally ready" as a loophole to not play fot the 76ers and get paid. Pretty abhorrent if you ask me. I guess we'll know for sure when he actually gets traded and suits up for his new team within the week like nothing was ever wrong. Yes, I'm biased as hell against Simmons, but this is as subtle as a brick to the face.
  14. As someone who has struggled with alcoholism, my heart goes out to Mox. I've been exactly where he is and had to make a very similar decision. It saved my life, as did the birth of my daughter.
  15. Punk/Kingston should be great. I think Kingston should get the win over Punk, just TO break the cycle of "Happy Wrestling Uncle" Punk
  16. At this point, Andrew Bynum is a more popular 76er than Ben Simmons will ever be.
  17. So, apparently at IWA Deep South Carnage Cup, someone legitimately got their finger cut off with pruning shears.....I love death match wrestling but even I think that is just the absolute dumbest shit. I won't post the picture of missing finger in here, but if you look at MurderDeathKillClub instagram, you'll see it.
  18. So i watched the show and was thoroughly entertained top to bottom. Not the best Deathmatch I've ever seen, but i feel like this is just a setup for a series of matches between Moxley and Gage. However, im not sure how many people in here stumble upon the Cult of Cornette group, but jesus christ, i can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to be so miserable about something you claim to enjoy. The term "gatekeepers" get thrown around a lot, but almost every single one of these miserable bastards likens themselves to gatekeep what professional wrestling should be according tot he gospel of Cornette and it's pathetic and sad.
  19. This makes me want Gulak in AEW, well, moreso.
  20. I'm such a huge fan of Thunder Rosa. I also love following her facebook along with ym daughter because it's just so....wholesome. The travel stories and posts have endeared her to me because my daughter will legitimately ask me to see what TR has posted. I can't wait for her and Britt Baker to go toe to toe again.
  21. You can also get some really good recipes in there as well.
  22. I shit you not, I was at that show too, lol
  23. All of this. It seems that he gets Orton to have to hide his face weekly and I love seeing it. It's probably the most I've enjoyed Orton, ever. and whoever said Murder Lashley is the best Lashley wasn't wrong. That opening 6 man/segment was so unbelievable fun. I fell asleep before the main so I'll have to catch it after work.
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