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AEW Dynamite - 1/11/2023

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Think of the great wrestlers Bryan Danielson has gone up against: CM Punk, John Cena, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Claudio Castagnoli, William Regal and Minoru Suzuki come straight to mind. For him to say that about Konosuke Takeshita, woah.

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15 hours ago, ExcellenceofAirPollution said:


- I liked the story in Page/Mox, was fine with the finish.  On doing "head injury" angles when you have real concussion injuries going on I've got mixed feelings.  It goes back to the "Owen Voice" stuff.  Wrestling has been faking injuries forever.  You've got Bryan Danielson's take on this, who believes you should use everything in pro-wrestling.  Real life, real injuries, everything.  He wanted to do worked head injury stuff in WWE but they wouldn't let him.  In general I agree with Bryan, but honestly I think I side with WWE on that one.  It's kind of case by case.  I know everyone wants desperately to work the fans and it's really hard today, and there's lot's of blurred lines and grey area....but there's certain stuff I'd rather they not fuck around with too much when you see how devastating repeated concussions have been to people.  But like they say, it ain't ballet and a few eggs may get cracked


To me injuries are part of sports and wrestling is a worked sport so injury angles are for game. Now like you said head and neck injuries are iffy. And I'd probably find something like someone being paralyzed (in a worked sense) to be in extremely bad taste. But on a case by case basis this was fine


8 hours ago, eikerir said:

Forgot to mentioned I laughed when Daniel Garcia told Action Andretti "I remember when I was young like you, naive" while being younger than Andretti.

He's been a quiet highlight for me 

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