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  1. i was the first to trash Leto, 10 seconds in the trailer and im back in.
  2. This was 100% my thoughts when I saw it. I really would've hoped that they'd have differentiated it enough from any of the MCU Cap Uniforms, when in all honesty, he just looks like a cosplay attempt. I'm assuming it's the finished product as well(unless Walker gets a new uniform on the show), because it seems that Walker is the "Cap" we see during the halftime show in the trailer.
  3. I....uhhh.....F***! I don't get how 20 some odd minutes of WandaVision are as good as some 2 hour plus MCU movies, if not wildly better, but here we are. I was always more amped about Falcon and Winter Soldier, but I have no idea how the whole slew of series coming out, let alone just that one are going to live up to what we're watching. Perfect slow build and the payoffs have been incredible.
  4. No matter what im watching, the Royal Rumble is one of my favorite shows of the year. I'm beyond let down
  5. The Eagles hired someone to coddle Wentz and cowtow to Roseman. Wonderful.
  6. Is there anywhere I can find a clip or gif of the Cage/Allin table spot?
  7. Yay, Goldberg, here to put someone else months and months behind like he did with Wyatt last year.
  8. Yay! Goldberg. The fuck, that dude is wretched. I hated him 20 years ago, I think he's even worse now. Also, I thought the Firefly Funhouse match from Mania with Cena was pretty awesome (I refuse to acknowledge the Inferno match because it was beyond horrible). If it's done in a similar vein with a similar result, it could be good.
  9. Wolfwalkers was such a great movie, animated or not, albeit a little darker in parts than I expected when I watched it with my daughter. We both loved it as we joke that I'm a werewolf and she is my little wolf and we practice howling all of the time, but I highly recommend it.
  10. In that case, who is left after Orton? Taker? Goldberg even?
  11. I really liked the ending of the Wyatt/Strowman match. and holy hell that was a fun, fun, fun spectacle.
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