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  1. I immediately thought of the scene in Casino where they bring the cheaters into the backroom, lol. Just have that dude brought into a room with Mox.
  2. this is a sentiment I've been discussing with my buddy. We've been wrestling fans/best friends for our entire lives, and our fandom was in a lull until AEW. I'm not blind to the fact that there are issues in AEW, but goddamn it's fun to jsut watch it. I'm back to actually making sure i watch wrestling programming live weekly for the first time in over a decade because of AEW and it's incredible.
  3. I love KMFDM, but i completely spaced on Sturm und Drang and Goethe and Mozart, hence my uncultured swine comment, lol.
  4. I thought of Sturm & Drang by KMFDM because I'm an uncultured swine, lol
  5. I'd be happy if the Eagles ended up with those three picks from Kipers mock, though other mocks have them taking Jamison Williams over Chris Olave.
  6. I was super impressed with Strong/Walter. Actually, I genuinely enjoyed this episode more than I have a lot of the 2.0 stuff....then...Gunther and I'm like "Of course, why wouldn't they immediately destroy the goodwill they just earned with me"
  7. Walter winning the Rumble and having Imperium at his back to combat the Uso's against Reigns is the only outcome that would get me psyched at the result that I can think of at the moment. That or a returning Wyatt w/Strowman/Rowan. I feel like a Trios coming straight at Reigns would be enough to run to Mania with enough variety int he feud/matches for WWE. This version of Lesnar is currently my favorite version, so I have no idea who could win to challenge him that would be exciting.
  8. Cardona's reinvention and success on the indies is so awesome to watch. I'm a huge fan of what he did in 2021 and it seems like 2022 is starting off with a bang. The man is 100% doing pro wrestling right.
  9. Someone needs to start the slow clap, lol, that was tremendous.
  10. It's probably my 2nd favorite Baker match behind the obvious Rosa/Baker, but this one was a better match from a wrestling standpoint.
  11. Riho/Baker is making a strong case for being on the list
  12. DAMNIT! I forgot the most recent Bunny/Ford v Conti/Jay! lol, that was great. I was tempted to throw one of the Shida/Deeb matches on there, but it narrowly missed the cut. I haven't seen the Deeb/Riho match though! That's going to be required viewing once I'm finished work.
  13. The Brodie Lee Tribute Show is my "favorite" AEW show of all time. I hate the word favorite in this instance, because the circumstances surrounding it were so tragic, but to see how the company came together for -1 and Huber's family, and just, all of it. It's hard to put into words, but that was such a special, special show. The one thing about my list I don't like is the lack of women's matches on there outside of Baker/Rosa. That being said, i full expect to have some contenders to the top 20 this year as AEW's womens division continues to get stronger and stronger. I don't know why, but I want to see a Deeb/Martinez showdown as I have no doubt that would fly onto my list.
  14. I've been pondering on a top 10 for a while and I'll be honest outside of the few usual suspects, there are a few matches that just waver depending on my mood/mindset, etc when i watch them. But here goes, I'm going to give it a shot. (Natural, thanks for being so detailed in your list, im going to ape the show/dates from you because my memory isnt nearly that good lol) 1.) Danielson/Hangman Part Deux Dynamte, 1/5/2022 Truth be told, I think this match is so good because of the draw in the previous. This match doesn't work nearly as well as a standalone, but when you take the story built from the last one, holy shit, it's perfect. This might be one of my favorite matches of all time. 2.) Britt Baker/Thunder Rosa, AEW St. Patrick's Day Slam Dynamite, 17th March 2021 This was my MOTY for most of last year, only being replaced by WALTER/Dragunov II. Brutal, bloody and I think if RIHO doesn't win the belt tonight, Rosa HAS to be the one to dethrone Baker, though she looks to be tied up with Mercedes MArtinex going forward. 3.) Omega/Danielson, AEW Grand Slam Dynamite, 22nd September 2021. ***** Dream MAtch that lived up to the hype. 4.)Hangman/Omega v The Young Bucks, AEW Revolution 2020 5.) Hangman/Danielson I, AEW Rampage, Winter is Coming, 12/15/2021 6.) Cody Rhodes v Dustin Rhodes, AEW Double or Nothing 2019 7.) Danielson/Suzuki, AEW The Buy In: Rampage, 15th October 2021 8.) CM Punk/Eddie Kingston, AEW Full Gear 2021 9.)The Elite v The Inner Circle Stadium Stampede, Double or Nothing 2020 (This one is on here because of just how much goddamn fun it was to watch) 10.) MJF/Darby Allin, AEW Full Gear 2021 11.) Brodie Lee v Cody Rhodes, Dog Collar Match, October 7, 2020 12.) Matt Jackson/Nick Jackson vs. Fenix/Pentagon. AEW All Out 2021 13.) Moxley/Archer, IWGP Title Match (Date escapes me) 14.)Darby Allin/Ethan Page, Coffin Match, AEW Fyter Fest, 2021 15.)FTR v The Young Bucks, Full Gear 2020 16.) Dark Order/Hangman v The Elite, Fight for the Fallen, 2020 17.) CM Punk/Daniel Garcia, Rampage, October 8, 2021 18.) Trent/Chuck Taylor vs. Santana/Ortiz. AEW Dynamite, 16th September 2020 19.) Adam Page/John Silver/Alex Reynolds vs. MJF/Santana/Ortiz. Dynamite, 30th December 2020. 20.) Dax harwood/Pac, AEW Dynamite 11/10/2021
  15. I definitely agree with the anticipation surrounding Thor Love and Thunder. Ragnarok is one of my favorite MCU movies and a top 5'r for me.
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