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  1. Movie

    War on Everyone was like if End of Watch was a Black Comedy and it's exactly how awesome it sounds. Loved it.
  2. Late to the party, but I second the sentiment above that the Joe/Brock segment was the kind of thing that keeps you watching wrestling.
  3. This will be the last Wyatt comment I bring, but i think i'd mark out like a 10 year old new fan if he quit tomorrow.
  4. I hope that the rumors of him being pissed behind the scenes are true. I don't comprehend how he handles being booked like garbage.
  5. As a Bray Wyatt fan, it hurts my soul to know he lost at Mania for this.
  6. and the look on his face was one of sheer amusement. Like a little kid who just kicked his sister in the shin. In short, fuck Randy Orton, lol.
  7. My fiance is an at an arms length wrestling fan. She enjoys the storylines more than the matches. She only watches Raw and some bits of smackdown and never NXT Her reaction to the DIY/Ciampa heel turn was amazing. She loved the whole show, loved the match and let out an audible "aw" during the DIY chant as they stood in the ring. When shit hit the fan, she was ont he edge of her seat and said "holy shit" It was fucking awesome to see her that invested in something that she has only recently got into.
  8. NFL

    I'm pretty excited for the Eagles new faces on offense. Sure they'll let me down, but I think they'll be fun to watch.
  9. William Hurt in A History of Violence
  10. I didnt tune in until the last 90 mins, but this was boring. I missed the Wyatt angle at the beginning, but thank you Raw for making it, despite the booking, the first time I ever didn't give a shit about Bray Wyatt. Also, It's fucking ludicrous that the champ (Lesnar) is such a non entity that the title isn't mentioned.
  11. This might be my favorite run of Jericho's. I was commenting to the missus how Owens/Jericho lacked murder rage in their matches, then this match/the ending pretty much silenced me on that. Great send off
  12. I will enjoy hearing Philly shit all over Goodell all night.
  13. NFL

    Eagles/Raiders in Philly on Christmas. Let the "Threw snowballs at Santa Clause" shit start, because I guarantee that will a non stop story.
  14. I don't post much, but your posts are always on point and this one is no different. Pretty much sums up my feelings on this matter without myself having the words to do so.
  15. I missed cage matches were the escape felt lke a big deal and a satisfying win, this brought that back.