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  1. i'm an alcoholic, ive said some reprehensible shit in the moment throughout my life. I've been one for 20 years, the fact that someoe ca judge someone from a statement 10 years ago is disgusting. I'm so happy Mark is going to be on AEW tomorrow night, but i also hate it that it wasntwith his brother.
  2. It's an absolute shame a tragedy like this had to happen for a Briscoe to be on TV. That exec, or whoever is behind them being blacklisted from AEW TV is an asshole, plain and simple.
  3. I'd argue he's only the 3rd best QB in the NFC East alone, Daniel Jones even was less turnover prone that Dak.
  4. The people who don't like the MJF "Run the gauntlet" gimmick must just ignore the level of awesome we get with each one. It's the schtick that has given us weekly Danielson matches, Wardlow powerbombing "Big Bill" and got us Nick Gage on live TV with a pizza cutter. I hope he never steps using it.
  5. Odds on Cage/Danielson being yet another finalist in the weekly "Best Match" poll? Danielson is just on another level and that's not taking anything away from Takeshita/Bandido or Brian Cage
  6. You know what I realized looking at your list? My top 3 AEW Womens matches are all bloody, hardcore matches Rosa/Baker, Ford/Bunny v Anna Jay/Tay Melo and Willow/Ruby v Tay/Anna Jay. I'm not sure if it's because I'm sleeping on some other matches but I ahve to say, the women in AEW absolutely rise to the challenge when they have to get violent.
  7. I want Rhea to win the Women's rumble, but I'd really like her to show up in the mens rumble and be the one to eliminate Rey Mysterio.
  8. I watch next to no IMPACT, but put eyes on that King/Bailey match. Fucking A that was awesome.
  9. Man, that was pretty damn great. It's easily the best I've ever seen Shafir look and Athena always brings the goods. It's not going to crack my top 5, but if i extended it to a top 10, it's 100% in it. I loved it. I keep saying i need to watch Dark more and this cements it. Appreciate you ranking it and linking it, it made me put eyes on it.
  10. on the subject of the Chiefs run game, i'd agree, but it seems Pacheco might be the real deal going forward as a "lead back", whatever a "lead back" means in an Andy Reid offense.
  11. I need to watch the Athena/Shafir match since you have it so highly ranked. I haven't seen it.
  12. Danielson/Bandido, but Darby/Kushida was an absolute contender. I admit I didn't watch anything but AEW this week, so my vote comes with an asterisk
  13. My Top 5 for the short amount of time we've had 2023 rolling. 1. Danielson/Bandido 2. Danielson/Takeshita (1 and 2 are interchangeable depending on my mood, both are just so far above anything else AEW has done so far) 3. Willow/Ruby v Tay Melo/Anny JAS 4. Moxley/Hangman 5. Darby/Kushida Honorable mention to Darby v Joe, The Acclaimed v Jarrett/Lethal(the non street fight)
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