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  1. WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 (Jan 28, 2018)

    We should be so lucky. EDIT: In response to Aiden English's tweet
  2. Clash of the Champions XXXVII

    The tag title match was my favorite match on the show. I think that everyone came out of it looking better than when they went in.
  3. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Finally watched this last night. Holy shit was Velveteen Dream v Black fantastic. Killain Dain was immense. I really enjoyed the show from top to bottom. Only gripe is that I don't think Ember Moon should have won, I would've had Nikki Cross win, but thats minor. I've never been a fan of Drew McIntyre, but that title match was great.
  4. Marvel Phase III Movie Discussion Thread

    I paused it as best I could and with the Black Order being in this, is that Proxima throwing the spear at Cap at 1:21?
  5. Marvel Phase III Movie Discussion Thread

    "Evacuate the city, engage the defenses and get this man a shield" Yes. Yes. Yes. It looks like Hulk/Cap/BW/BP/Winter Soldier will be on the front lines on the ground
  6. SDL is Ruby Ruby Ruby Soho - 11/21/2017

    No matter how much they try, they seemingly cannot dim Rusev's star or destroy his enthusiasm. I echo the sentiment, Rusev is a national treasure.
  7. SDL is Ruby Ruby Ruby Soho - 11/21/2017

    Sami Zayn's irritating......everything is awesome, I really like him as a heel. Bludgeon Brothers attire was terrible, everything else was awesome.
  8. Turn The Paige - Raw - 11/20/2017

    Authors of Pain v Bludgeon Bros is the match I didn't know I wanted until right now.
  9. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    The only show that dragged through the 13 episodes for me was Iron Fist, but that seems to be across the board so I'm not out of the norm. Jessica Jones is still my favorite of the Netflix shows, but this is up there. But then again, that's probably because I'm a hard drinking (formerly), Private Investigator (currently) haha.
  10. Survivor Series XXX

    If I ignore the main event, this was a good to great PPV and AJ/Brock was awesome. Take away the main event and just have it end with Braun wrecking HHH and it's a good PPV.
  11. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    I didn't mind the normal, beginning of the first episode. It showed him finally ending the lives of those that were involved from Daredevil Season 2 and then trying to settle in. It made sense. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Frank and Micro. I went into this blind and didn't realize that
  12. Survivor Series XXX

    I really would've liked seeing Bray with some time at the top. I hate that WWE took one of my favorite wrestlers in the company and made it so I just don't care if he's on TV and what he is doing currently.
  13. Survivor Series XXX

    I think they mde a mistake moving Bray from SD to begin with, but hey, needed to give Orton a token run and then the shitshow that was the Jinder experiment.
  14. Decent episode of Raw and I guess I should be used to it, but im so sick of Stephanie McMahon de-balling/emasculating everyone. It really needs to stop.

    I'd like to see a discussion about greatest villains in cinema. Comic book medium or otherwise, I searched and didnt see anything, is there a thread for that?