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  1. I really liked the ending of the Wyatt/Strowman match. and holy hell that was a fun, fun, fun spectacle.
  2. Gulak v DB was as good as I had hoped and thought it would be.
  3. What a piece of shit, from top to bottom.
  4. I will absolutely second Grand Budapest Hotel
  5. The Haweye Disney+ series is focusing on Kate Bishop as well.
  6. Well, this is going to be a long 8 days until the next one. Goddamn.
  7. SupremeBVE, that's an absolutely phenomenal list and one I can get behind, especially the Randall Cunningham love.
  8. Lamar Jackson's season has to be going down as one of the best by a QB in history, right? He's more than proven himself as a passer and his running ability is so far ahead of any of his contemporaries.
  9. So wait, is Miz facing Bray or the "Fiend" I find it interesting that Miz was the first person laid out by just Bray as opposed to the Fiend since he came back. The Fiend has been the "violent" side while Bray has been the mouthpiece, but this is the first time he didnt bust out The Fiend for combat. I might be reading way too much into this.
  10. Lamar Jackson is going to end up throwing for over 30 TD's and running for over 1k yards. That seems absolutely insane to me......
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