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  1. I'm wearing egg on my face lol, but as a huge fan of Wyatt's I'm pretty damn proud to be wrong. Super interested to see how they get him back to Raw tomorrow night on Smackdown. Team Flair v Team Hogan was fun, I dug the chants for Harper and wouldn't have minded him winning over Carillo, but Carillo/AJ wasn't bad at all. The less said about Cain/Brock the better. I'm unclear was this a one shot for Cain(forgive my ignorance) or is he signed? Having him come in to further a Brock/Mysterio feud wouldnt be the worst idea ever and I'd be all in on Mysterio/Lesnar happening, possibly at Mania?
  2. Color me shocked, honestly and I will gladly admit I was wrong.
  3. I rolled my eyes so hard I think I had a seizure lol. Not that I dislike either, I'm actually a huge fan of both, but i dont think either of them can take an "L" in a feud.
  4. Absolutely. It fits the narrative that people get punished for getting themselves over, because I don't think they planned for him to move this high ont he card this fast, the crowd just dictated it. I may be wrong on that front, but back to your original point, I would like to know how he feels about it, because they cut the rug out from under him every single time he gets momentum, and ti says something that he is ALWAYS able to get that momentum back, one way or another.
  5. I can sadly say there is no chance Fiend leaves Crown Jewel as the champ, which means the character gets further neutered. I've noticed a markedly less enthusiastic response/anticipation to Firefly Funhouse/Fiend segments since that Hell in a Cell bullshit.
  6. I'm on Episode 8 of Daybreak (Netflix) and it's been a pretty fun show. My only gripe is that is that "main" storyline(there are a few concurrent ones, but the one driving the narrative) is pretty vanilla and not very interesting. Every other side story is MILES better
  7. I thought I was DOA in my one league, then Hunter Henry happened......
  8. Fuck. That. That's all I have to say.
  9. The answer is always Big Trouble in Little China or The Thing. You really can't go wrong combining Kurt Russell and John Carpenter.
  10. A Serbian Film. Fuck that movie, but especially fuck that ending. EDIT: I didn't see the "great" part of the title. I in no way think that ASF was great.
  11. I have a soft spot for The Incredible Hulk for 2 reasons.....how good Tim Roth was as Blonsky and the possibility of seeing The Leader
  12. It definitely also helped that they took his kidneys and not his dick.
  13. I still can't wrap my head around Tarantino and Fincher BOTH casting Damon Herriman as Manson. Those were certainly not the end times for Dewey Crowe. He definitely looks the part in the brief glimpse though
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