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  1. I shit you not, I was at that show too, lol
  2. All of this. It seems that he gets Orton to have to hide his face weekly and I love seeing it. It's probably the most I've enjoyed Orton, ever. and whoever said Murder Lashley is the best Lashley wasn't wrong. That opening 6 man/segment was so unbelievable fun. I fell asleep before the main so I'll have to catch it after work.
  3. I made the mistake of looking at the comments regarding the Owen announcement in the "Cult of Cornette" Facebook group. What a bunch of miserable assholes.
  4. Going back tot he previous page regarding the Undertaker.....so I would imagine it's pretty well accepted at this point that the Undertaker is a massive scumbag?
  5. That was too wholesome and too funny.
  6. Still better than Bron breaKKer with two K's lol
  7. You're not the only one. I did a double take, then imagined it wouldn't be half bad, lol
  8. I've admittedly hated on Raw for a while, but I give credit where it's due. RK Bro is ridiculously entertaining.
  9. The stuff with Black is incredible, I echo the sentiments that his pacing is tremendous compared to the rest of the AEW style and that Black Mass he hit on Johnson looked nasty. I do worry that he's going to run through the entire Nightmare Family only to lose decisively to Cody when he comes back. Also, that Boston Crab(?) variation Statlander used was absolutely awesome....does anyone have a gif/video of that?
  10. That was the most entertained I've been by a match on Raw in months.
  11. I'll say it, R-Truth is someone I'd still pay to see. Outside of that, Roman, The USO's, Finn, Becky, Sasha, Bianca....that's it. If we're counting NXT and NXT UK, well, im still really into both shows/rosters.
  12. Same vein as people running someone down who actually recovered from their dark period in life to continually label them a drug addict.
  13. Jesus, Raw is an embarassment and I'm actually semi-excited for Reigns/Cena.... Congrats Nikki Cross.
  14. Wow. Finally finished. I haven't read all the comics and comments, so forgive me if im repeating sentiments. So basically, with the introduction of Kang, the (possible bread crumbs to God Emperor Doom).....is the MCU basically saying "Yeah, the Avengers should've lost, buckle up?" That's what I'm getting and I'm ALL IN on the next however many years of Fallout.
  15. I'm just going to continue to enjoy the shows and not read the threads, lol, goddamn.
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