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1 minute ago, Peck said:

I know this was posted in the MLW thread but it probably deserves more eyeballs.

Richard Holliday diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma


He just had a very good match with Hammerstone a couple weeks back on MLW TV that went all over the building

Get well soon man

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32 minutes ago, Ace said:

I found out that there's never been a Thunderkitty vs Delilah Doom match, and I demand to know why.

I second this.

I mean, I'm not familiar with either wrestler, but just based on the names I want that match to exist.

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7 hours ago, Zimbra said:

Was there anything worthwhile from Jarrett's second WCW run?  I remember most of what I saw contemporaneously as being boring as shit.

the Mike Awesome and Sting matches on PPV were absolute clusterfucks, but entertaining. Similarly - the six man tag with the Harriseses against the Filthy Animals was different given the stipulations, but overall entertaining.

The Booker T title matches are what they are. 

All in all - I wouldn't go out of my way to watch these, but they're not fast forward worthy if you're already there. Starrcade Ladder Match is the best but also depends on how you view watching That Guy. Dustin Rhodes Bunkhouse match from the same show isn't without its plaudits, and the tag match of the Rhodeseses vs Jarrett/Flair from one of the last PPVs is also good.

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2 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

So "Mr. Blackpool" debuts on NXT in a few weeks? Tony can't prove it's Regal!

Regal needs to bring Mr. Blackpool on his podcast if there's also video. They can have tea time together and we can have proof that Mr. Blackpool is definitely not William Regal. 

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10 minutes ago, Krone Meltzer said:

PWInsider (and a few others) are reporting Sasha Banks is set to appear at WrestleKingdom next month. 

Can 2023 trump 2022 in for wackiness in the world of pro wrestling?

I can’t imagine that Sasha’s first match outside wwe will be in a 2500 capacity venue in San Jose, but I can dream, right?

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