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  1. Keller is taking the piss with the intros to the two Moxley podcasts. 15 minutes of plugging his shit and telling us what we will hopefully get to hear Moxley talk about if we dont die of old age while Wade is rambling. And I will never not find the way he says "WWE" incredibly annoying.
  2. I havent heard it but heres a rundown blatently stolen from Reddit He knew he wanted to leave the company in July 2018 when he was out with an injury Refused to read a scripted promo because he believed it was idiotic/ridiculous whilst Vince believed it was great Talks about the promos he read whilst feuding with Seth late last/early this year, and how they made no sense, tried to rewrite them and got frustrated when he couldn't Says he thought him cutting the promo talking about Romans cancer was distasteful Says he felt like walking out on the Raw where he got shots during a promo, and that was the day he 100% knew he was leaving and not coming back Vince tried to talk him into saying another cancer remark about Roman, says it was so bad they could have lost sponsors, refused to say it (34 minutes into the podcast) Says he was excited to return to wrestling when he was injured, but not excited to return to WWE Says if there was no other promotion other than WWE, he still would have left Vince "didn't know" he was unhappy, even with Jon/dean being open with his frustrations to Vince about scripts Was happy to take bumps from Nia, but felt like it was them punishing him for leaving They offered him a new contract, he didnt look at it His goal in AEW is to be the best version of himself, looking forward to creative freedom Says Tony Kahn is the exact opposite of Vince, likes him and the fact hes a huge wrestling fan Talks about using social media now that hes out of WWE He told Seth hes a wild animal thats been domesticated for too long when Seth was upset about him leaving
  3. I think Jericho was expecting the barrell to be lighter.
  4. Bret fell off the stage on his way back. Tried to walk between the tunnels.
  5. Austin just tweeted that his podcast will be back in a couple of weeks
  6. Jerichos latest is with Meltzer and they discuss Owen Hart.
  7. Get woke. Nothing short of ruining this guys career over dumb shit he said years ago is acceptable.
  8. Review with Forrest McNeil is the only acceptable answer.
  9. I would love to have been able to read Jerichos thoughts when Bubba Ray said he wouldve had a better match with Omega.
  10. Whos the guy in yellow pants?
  11. I guess being banned from interviewing WWE people has left Jericho feeling like he doesnt need to hold back on criticism because his Wrestlemania episode was full of it. Even calling WWE out on trying to police what words the media can use. Maybe the vodka played a part as well.
  12. He laughed and question how serious they want people to take it with Stevie and Torrie Wilson.
  13. Wade Keller is saying he gave notice over the weekend and will be leaving when his contract is up in April.
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