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  1. just dont go full retuhhhh...I mean disabled.
  2. Thats going to be the big twist of the season.
  3. Any luck? Pretty shitty if Podcast One dont have the full archive available.
  4. Cant help you with that story, but Cornette has a Patreon page that is gradually uploading all the older shows.
  5. I cant wait to hear Cornettes review of this.
  6. Did Raven ever get back to going through his career chronologically on his podcast? He spent a couple of months doing that years ago and it was great but then he went back to the talking about random shit style of show and I've barely listened since.
  7. Why would you be bummed to hear that? You dont have watch them and even if they were cancelled its not like CBS would be coming up with anything great to replace them
  8. Good lord. Not only does he refer to Russo by name rather than "shit stain" he actually excuses him and passes the blame on to McMahon, wich is perfectly reasonable but Cornette discussing anything Russo I like how he excuses Russo and places the blame on McMahon because he was working with Russo at TNA at the time, then in another video that was recommended by YouTube shits all over Russo for it.
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