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  1. Cornettes goes through an old list of ideas Russo proposed for Shotgun Saturday Night
  2. Latest Crime In Sports episode is about Benoit.
  3. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2022/06/vince-mcmahon-accused-of-rape-by-first-female-wwe-referee.html Mario Mancini corroborates Rita Chatterons story.
  4. that was a great discussion they had about it. one of my favourite things on the podcast in a while. i'm looking forward to the part 2 they said theyd do next week.
  5. Another year has gone by and this is still the greatest WM go home Raw final shot
  6. If the idea behind this was to put an end to comments about Jada he probably shouldve consulted with Barbra Streisand first.
  7. Iirc he didnt play on the studio recording. He played on the tour.
  8. i remember going to NXT in Dallas on WM weekend in 2016. cost me $300 to buy a ticket on the secondary market. granted that wasnt in the NBA arena, but just looking it up now according to wikipedia they had a sold out 9000 people in the building.
  9. Has it been announced what day the KO/Austin thing is on?
  10. Cornette did a segment talking about that on one of his podcasts last week. edit: although listening to the beginning again i guess you already knew that.
  11. I dont watch WWE but as soon as I saw they put the titles on Reigns and Lesnar I figured this was going to happen. They werent going to unify the titles and this is the most obvious way to get to them at Wrestlemania.
  12. "Old NXT rasslin was in smoke filled little buildings until creative genius and all around greatest person ever Vince 'did we mentioned he's a creative genius' McMahon took it mainstream"
  13. Didnt HHH do the same thing with 'Dustys guys' when he took over? I think Rob Naylor was one of them
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