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  1. When did WWE become a reality TV show?
  2. I like how Brooke Hogan is charging as much as Foley, Nash, Booker, Trish, Lita, Tiny fucking Lister and others.
  3. Modern day WWE directors cut of WM3
  4. My problem arises from the fact that the entirety of the outrage about this was based off something that, as you have pointed out, he did not say. Saying people should be killed in various ways for perceived crimes against the wrestling industry is pretty much a staple of Cornette. Given that, as far as I'm aware, none of the probably dozens of people he has said such things about have actually been murdered by someone in an Outlaw Mud Show tshirt I can only assume that even his most ardent fans take it as the hyperbolic dark humor its obviously intended to be. If you or anyone else has a problem with him using such speech then thats fine and I wont be wasting too much of my time arguing about that, but I do take issue with it when what are nothing less than lies about what he said are reported and subsequently repeated. I dont think anyone has said he didnt say that and I wont be the first as I'm well aware that he did. But theres a big difference between making a joke about someones appearance and claiming someone is actually a pedophile. Cornette did the first but it was dishonestly reported that he did the second. Again, its the complete misrepresentation of what he said that I have a problem with. Attacking Cornettes behavior is fine. Attacking Cornette, or anyone else, based on made up, dishonest representations of their behavior I dont think is fine
  5. I know about that. I also know that Cornette did not say that guy should kill himself as was erroneously claimed by some dishonest people and blindly believed by many more.
  6. I dont think anyone has denied its a "he looks like a pedophile" joke. But making such a joke is not stating, suggesting or implying that he actually is a pedophile.
  7. Whats this about Cornette thinking Meltzer is a Trump supporter? I listen to his podcasts each week and dont recall hearing him say anything like that.
  8. They had a couple of really great matches against Austin and Pillman.
  9. I love Cornette but jesus christ. How could you look at that picture and actually think theres any chance thats Excalibur?
  10. Speaking of Xpac heat https://streamable.com/c8cys
  11. For added realism the KOTR one shouldve also included him saying what an honor it was to compete against "WWE legend Jake The Snake Roberts".
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