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  1. Speaking of Xpac heat https://streamable.com/c8cys
  2. For added realism the KOTR one shouldve also included him saying what an honor it was to compete against "WWE legend Jake The Snake Roberts".
  3. Not the greatest choice of response to a low level troll
  4. Jericho celebrates https://streamable.com/54i6k
  5. Michael Cole needs to do a show that takes callers
  6. Ric Flair on both Austin and Jericho podcast this week.
  7. i cant remember them saying anything about it, but if they did it was only a brief mentioned to acknowledge it. the show was all about their time in SMW and specifically the Night of Legends match.
  8. The return of the Foley/Rock forklift camera. Just what everyone had been asking for.
  9. I recently watched the Flair vs Savage cage match and after Flair starts bleeding it becomes almost unwatchable as they try to keep the cameras from showing the blood. Wouldve been a lot better if they just left it on a wide shot.
  10. I was listening to the latest Cornette podcast and he speaks at length about Monroe and all the racial stuff at the time. He read an old newspaper article reporting that Monroe had been arrested for being in a "negro cafe" and how he had a black lawyer in court which the judge of the case said he'd never seen before.
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