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  1. At least with no crowd there (?) you wont be able to hear the groan when coal miners glove is the winner.
  2. "This is what they do in the locker room now?"
  3. Eddie Kingston didnt go over the top rope. he got to the apron by rolling under the bottom rope and didnt go back in the ring after that.
  4. i was at the overseas tour (in Australia). i think Matt Hardy was also supposed to be there but at the time I was more dissapointed that Super Dragon also no showed and instead of Dragon vs Samoa Joe (which to me was pretty much the greatest thing imaginable at the time) we got Joe vs Test.
  5. im shocked that show has been around for 8 seasons. i didnt know it existed until i saw a little bit of it a month ago.
  6. yet the corpse of GoT has barely finished smouldering and they already have another job.
  7. I dont mind the finish. the point of this was Buddys redemption story and this allowed him to turn face on Cornette and also showed he could hang with the best by having Michaels pinned. Plus the timing on the attempted racket shot/kip up was beautiful.
  8. What drew more than 10,000 in 93? Those lucha shows?
  9. as someone who doesnt usually watch NXT my main question after the clips I've seen of the Cole match is why is the referee in blackface?
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