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  1. Christopher Daniels and the Waterworld cast have a tea party with a girl.
  2. I love the Shockmaster helmet and Cartman doll
  3. Where is Fulton attacking Meltzer? I don't see anything on his Twitter like that. As for his defense/non defense of Cornette, heres how it played out. He also challenged Lagana and David Starr to barbed wire cage matches
  4. What happened between Cornette and Bolin? I didnt realize they had a falling out.
  5. i had no idea they made a Bone Collector show. Anyone here watch it? Did it have a proper ending or was it left on a cliffhanger?
  6. You means Cenas own tweet? To me that seems very clear hes contributing to the fans efforts to match the 1m and not donating that amount himself.
  7. Have you heard Cornettes views on the news of the last week?
  8. Just to go back to the Austin stuff on the previous page, the all caps screenshot is 100% a parody account. I don't know what Austins real thoughts are on such issues but that particular post is definitely not him. The audio about gay marriage is him though. I recall hearing that podcast some time ago. It was one of his shows with his friend from Texas Ted Fowler (the "Teddy" referred to in the clip).
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