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  1. Poor Gangrel. WWE don't bring him in to do something with Edges entrance and then AEW cancel his planned appearance because they don't want to look like they're riding the coattails of said entrance.
  2. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2947773-riddle-talks-record-breaking-wwe-summerslam-rk-bro-brock-lesnar-reigns-more It wasn't long after the news broke on Tuesday morning that he(Roman) took credit for SummerSlam's success because his bout with Cena was the headlining attraction. Of course, it was an in-character tweet, but there's no denying the roll he's on right now and how there is some truth to his tweet. Riddle reacted to Reigns' response in the only fashion he could: brutally honest. “No disrespect to Roman, he seems like a swell fella, but at the same time, it's like when people say they're a good parent," he said. "You know what? If you were a good parent, your kids would be telling you you're a good parent. When he's saying 'Acknowledge me' or 'I move the needle,' no, you don't. You're related to The Rock. Shut up. Like, I'm not impressed, I can beat you up in a real fight. So, shut your mouth." "You're not moving needles. I'm the real stallion, RK-Bro is moving the merch, we're moving the needle, and that's it. I don't want to say too much, I'm not trying to get in trouble. Hey, hats off to him. He's amazing at what he does. I do like what he does, but at the same time, it's like, get off your high horse. You're in that spot for a reason. You're not a bro. You're second generation. I'm first generation."
  3. i agree. i love the altered version of it they used.
  4. Ok, im listening to this right now and one just made me laugh at how ridiculous it is. One of the band members is talking and says "...we shouldve been that band that was on Lollapalooza..." and an obvious Jericho overdub says "Geico thinks so too" before going back to the band member. So tacky.
  5. Listening to Jerichos interview with Anthrax and its the first time i've heard his show in a while. When did he start inserting sponsor names into the question? "Our friends at Geico would like to know..." in what is obviously a different recording placed over whatever he actually said while talking to them. It sounds awful.
  6. i remember that, but not exactly what the topic was. i have a very vague recollection that it might have had something to do with America firing missiles somewhere? he actually says something like "cut this out" but it wasnt.
  7. A while back in this thread someone was looking for a particular episode of Austins podcast that seemed to not exist anywhere. If that person happens to see this, did you ever find it? I ask because im interested if its possible to get every episode. On Spotify it only goes back to 2017 which is 4 or 5 years after he started it.
  8. re: the Kane training video. thats Jim Cornette showing him how to do the proper situp and he talked about it on his podcast
  9. Drake is completely nuts, but to be fair, there are dogs that are trained to sniff out hidden electrical items. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/electronics-sniffing-dogs-how-k9s-became-a-secret-weapon-for-solving-high-tech-crimes/ I dont know exactly how Drake worded it (god forbid a clealry biased twitter recap may have puprosly misrepresented someone to make them look as bad as possible) but thats likely what he's refering to.
  10. The tweet she responded to had an audio clip of what meltzer said.
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