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  1. He laughed and question how serious they want people to take it with Stevie and Torrie Wilson.
  2. Wade Keller is saying he gave notice over the weekend and will be leaving when his contract is up in April.
  3. Im not sure exactly when the show went off the air, but after Gargano came out at the end, Dream showed up and confronted the two of them, then Cole came out, then Ricochet and then Black came up from the ring. Cole sided with DIY and there was a brawl that was broken up but then continued in the back. After that Black/Dream/Ricochet came out and posed for a while.
  4. They drop deadly creatures into the ring at random intervals.
  5. He's spoken about going through phases of giving up drinking and dieting a bunch of times in the past. Usually when he's getting ready for some project he has coming up.
  6. Apparently Vince Neil teamed with The Young Bucks over the weekend.
  7. I hope Lance comes back to Killing the Town, but I've been enjoying the solo Cyrus shows/interviews the last few weeks. Much prefer it to having Lazenby. Did Raven ever go back to doing the episodes where he chronologically goes through his wrestling career? I loved those shows, but stopped listening when it went back to mostly being banter between him and the co host.
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