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17 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

Didn’t he have some kind of legal issues that probably kept him from WWE signing him? I thought that was the speculation a couple years ago. 

He did a stint in jail for a bit when he was 18 or so (robbery I believe) which some assume is the reason no bigger fed so far has touched him. It's a shame as he's rather good and he wouldn't be the first wrestler who did something legally stupid in his youth (gestures towards Booker T).

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Youd think that if Roman would push for him, they’d likely hire him. Or maybe he has. 

besides the McMahon obviously, wonder what record is fir most family members (counting spouses)  in the company regularly  at one time in the modern (post 84 era)? (Not counting 1 offs like Calgary Stampede ppv)

Current Samoans (5) and then harts (4)? 

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