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November 2022 Wrestling Pics and GIFs

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5 minutes ago, zendragon said:

that's not a good look for taker, I can see why he didn't wear it again

It gives me "Buck Robley in a yellow t-shirt" vibes. We all see that gut, man. Your attire isn't hiding it. Cut back on the beer and do some sit-ups. 



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The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield at WWE Elimination Chamber 2014. Not only the 2014 MOTY, one of the best matches of all time. Fucking love that match. Luke Harper is the MVP which is impressive with the talent involved and the numbers game catches up with the Shield but you briefly think Roman Reigns is going to overcome the odds. It's still the best match all six have ever had. *****.

One for, @Greggulator.

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