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    I've worn the I'm A Hugger t-shirt to a few concerts. Get a lot of hugs, once two girls wanted to a selfie with me. One person SCREAMED Bayley at me. First time I did it, my friend was mocking me for wearing it until three girls in a row walked up to me for hugs. He then apologized.
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    You want his name to have zero syllables?
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    Well, in defense there, he is trying to be an old-fashioned heel and was a very good heel in WWE, so I'm sure he'd love to keep being able to draw ex-PAC Heat in AEW.
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    Kojima's ready to go to Flavortown...
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    Over/under on The Sandman smoking a cigarette to the ring, even though it's a lung cancer benefit show?
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    El Desperado: a role model for children to look up to and defender of fighting fair and clean.
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    You don't need to give me some love for Buddy Rose. He's always blown me away.
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    There’s too much going on in this picture
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    Alright, time to close up this thread until next month:
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    I know it says legitimate but man, I keep seeing Turner and keep getting concerned we're in for a repeat of ONE where multiple sources claim Turner tv and it turns out almost all of it is on the Bleacher Report app and they do a monthly highlight show in the middle of the night on TNT. I will believe it when it is announced.
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    It's because Duggan went to college
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    Anytime we look back on this time and wonder why Dean is done with doing hokey shit, I feel this is the post we should all reference
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    Well I'll be damned Filthy Tom Lawlor won the MLW title over Low Ki. By submission even. Even though he has held the title forever Ki losing period without tons of bullshit is surprising
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    Bret was on Sam Roberts maybe a year ago talking about how he'd like to have a consultant job with the WWE and suggested it to Vince and Hunter and they basically ignored him. He's a really good finish guy and like Thibs said above he can tell one hell of a story I think it'd be a good pick up for them. Not only does Bret understand the wrestling business and how to tell the best story possible in the ring he's always brutally honest and blunt, he'll won't tell you what ypu want to hear he'll tell you what he honestly thinks. Here's the Roberts interview:
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    RE: old names vs WWE names. It's kinda like calling Tom Selleck's character in Blue Bloods "Magnum PI" because you liked that character better. The wrestler who played Chris Hero is now the wrestler playing Kassius Ohno. I understand the nostalgia, though.
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    He does some work on my teeth every now and then.
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    So, yeah, that WrestleMania card is coming along nicely, eh? Can't wait for Rebecca Knox to walkout of MetLife Stadium with Ronda's title. Maybe Tyler Black walks out with a title, too and they dedicate their title wins to Ian Rotten!
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    Rams better fucking win today.
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    Well not only were Cena, and Reigns portrayed as underdogs. They were also portrayed as wrestlers that the “Authority” were completely against being top stars. Which is completely fucking ridiculous. It worked with Austin because he was the complete opposite of the previous eras stars. Cena, and Roman have never been, or will be anti-establishment guys. That’s why Becky has completely worked. Sure she’s pretty. But she’s also foreign, wasn’t home grown, isn’t blond, and has a funny accent. She’s the opposite of the previous women’s stars, and fans have grown to organically love Becky because of it.
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    And that's an exception that proves the rule: apparently the common rule of thumb on the wrestling scene is 'call another wrestler by the first gimmick you met them under"...which works for wrestlers, but becomes yet another way that a smarky wrestling fan thinks they're acting like an insider but just makes themselves sound like a twatwaffle of the nth degree. ...besides, it also hurts your "insider cred"- if, as we said, we're in a post-kayfabe world of wrestling, calling people by their kayfabe names- or even the smarky "by their real names", shouldn't matter. Just call the wrestler something that has nothing to do with their gimmick or name in the first place. To me, there is no Dana Brooke, there is only Zuul.
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    It gave us this, so yes it was
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    Love Big Gold Belt. Best looking wrestling championship belt ever.
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    I miss that teeth grinding, take it to the extreme version of Heyman who felt like the voice of the underdog. Now he doesn’t hide his carny sleaziness anymore.
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    Scott Hall will always be American Starship Coyote in my mind.
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    Virgil out here going all King's Road.
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    Reminds me of the year that I wore an "I Broke Wahoo's Leg" t-shirt to the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. Almost everyone asked me "what do they sound like?" I say almost, because the one dude that got it was one of the members of Turmoil
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    Speaking of bad names. From easy to say, Dijak, to one that is four syllables too long, Dijakovic. That’s one where I’m extremely okay with people going back to the indie name, as a nickname. Wonder why he couldn’t go by his real name, Chris Dijak? Has “Dijak” been trademarked?
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    No, Capcom should remake Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.
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    I have questions. My first one, what?
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    Taichi and Naito are wrestling geniuses.
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    I'd say there was a time around her feud with Bayley in NXT and Charlotte on Raw that you could absolutely rate Sasha as one of the best in WWE's skewed modern history version of the women's division (circa Sunny to present). But since then she hasn't had a lot to work with and what little she got she didn't seem enthused by and that really hurt her, plus the influx of talented women means she has far more competition. And she does reach for some spots that are a little beyond her but a lot of male wrestlers do that all the time, like Apollo Crews taking a couple of tries to press slam Lashley. Shit, Charlotte wiffs most of her big dives too. Wrestlers try things to make moments and they don't always pan out, Sasha is no different than anyone else. And Joe deserves a world title run for sure but they need a transitional face to get the title on him. A final Jeff Hardy run is perfect.
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    I've started Yakuza Zero. I love it. I love it with such incredible force. I am no longer interested in games about The End of the World, whether it be Stopping it, Causing It, or Hanging Out After It. Yakuza Zero is a game about crime, naivete, and real estate. It has small stakes. I'm so fucking here for it. Also I'm now adding the Judgment/Judge Eyes thing to the games I want to play this year, which is now officially One Game I Want To Play This Year. Also Siege and Tekken still. A Tekken Update: I have friends that rage a bunch and make it hard to play stuff with them. Someone in that group suggested that he wanted to start getting together regularly and doing something, and the first thing that lept to mind was Tekken. With great reluctance, I floated the idea and got curious responses. The first night was tonight and everyone fucking loved it. I have missed being able to play Fighting Games with people in person, and even though it's thoroughly clear we're amateurs with gimmicks, it's a fucking blast and I'm just elated.
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    Tap out you ignorant cunt. Get over your bullshit self.
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    Fantastic. If that's what it takes to get kicked off a panel -- then I hope it was a shoot.
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    I’ve been a fan of the guy for a long time, but Kassius Ohno always struck me as the flavor of stupid he’d come up with himself, rather than WWE would suggest. The company has a spotty history, but I just don’t see “what if you had a Japanese surname to go with your Misawa tribute elbows?” being asked.
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