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  1. Davey Richards is gone from the company to pursue a career as a doctor. Good for him.
  2. Well I meant in GFW. But I could see how you would think I meant anywhere. I can't imagine anyone from outside of wrestling thinking it would be a good idea to put Prichard or Mantell as you on screen authority figure.
  3. Agreed. I would feed any kind of authority figure decisions through the announcers. The problem is that the current on air authority figures are there strictly through nepotism.
  4. Berto's off the hook according to Orlando PD.
  5. Putting the Alberto drama aside, I really enjoyed that last segment. Berto showed fire that I didn't know he had. Guess that's what happens when you're allowed to go do your own thing instead of being scripted like a robot. I like that ELI got the win in the 4 way, hopefully its a sign of things to come. His facials after the match were hysterical. i like the fact that they're combining great wrestling featuring workers from around the world with episodic television and storylines. Basically the WCW Nitro formula. The only thing I didn't really like is the stupid "executive team". Bruce has no business being there.. he doesn't promote the show on his podcast and brings nothing to the table. Dutch should focus on writing. And Karen... well, you know.
  6. Because its TNA. Duh. The narrative will never be anything other than them being in the wrong. Back when Matt was getting DUI's every week and Jeff could barley walk, they were chastised for even hiring them in them in the first place. Now they owe them the world.
  7. So got Destination X we have: Ishimori vs. Desmond Xavier in the Super X finals Trevor Lee vs. Sonjay for the X division title in a ladder match (and there's actually a reason for the ladder) Sienna vs. Gail Low Ki vs. AEP (if he's not suspended anymore) Lashley vs. Sydal Looks like a damn good card to me.
  8. Should've kept watching the Mayweather/McGregor presser from Toronto, it was way more entertaining. And this show wasn't bad.
  9. Laurel was absolute money throughout that whole segment. Not sure why the announcers feel the need to talk over the coolest entrance on the show. I'm liking the influx of international talent. It has a very WCW circa 96-98 feeling to it. Although I wish they'd do a better job explaining who these guys are.
  10. I think you missed the point. I didn't mean that the fact that it happened 15 yrs ago made it okay. I meant that 15 yrs ago, without Twitter and social media the way it is, made it easier for Austin to come back from it. Had this happened today, with as big of a name as Austin was, it would have been a bigger deal and he would've faced a more sustained onslaught via twitter, etc.
  11. I don't really have an argument. Obviously if he's really beating the shit out of her, he should be fired and preferably have his teeth kicked in. i was just making an outside observation on whether or not he's "done" and using Austin as an example. I think its silly to say "he's done" because we've seen people come back from worse. That doesn't mean that this whole thing doesn't suck or that his actions are excusable. Just saying, he might go to rehab, settle up with her like Austin did, apologize and come out of it smelling like a rose. Or he could be another wrestling tragedy. Time will tell. But I don't really have an argument-- just trying to analyze the situation as a whole. Speaking as a fan, I was enjoying his LAX storyline and the company seemed to be getting some momentum so this sucks all around. They have themselves to blame for not properly vettting him.
  12. But he still came back and wasn't "done". He was also ten times the star that AEP is. Then again, it was a long time ago and things are different. So I guess we'll see. On a side note, I think the GFW name would be a little more endearing if they got rid of the stupid green colors and had a cool logo.
  13. Didn't Austin get arrested for slapping Debra around?
  14. Yeah just saw that. Wonder if the tweet is deleted yet lol.
  15. Paige posted on twitter that it was an argument with a different female who apparently threw a drink at AEP. Paige and AEP then got the cops involved. According to her.