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  1. I dare say heel Don West was Bobby Heenan-esque at times in 08 and 09.
  2. Did they go to court? Or were they just able to patent it
  3. It is kind of a big deal that they now have a one-two punch of Impact on Spike and WOS on ITV. Regardless of TNA themselves, kudos to Anthem for pulling that off.
  4. Ugh. Awful awful stuff. RIP. i hope he's got a lot of family and support system around him.
  5. The thing about KOTM is that it would be fine if it just got rid of the stupid rule that you have to actually hang the belt. If the rules are first person to grab the belt wins, and every time you get pinned you do 2 minutes in the penalty box, I'd be fine with it.
  6. Apparently JR's wife was in an auto accident and is in surgery with multiple skull fractures. He says they need a miracle. Prayers. Shitty news to wake up to.
  7. That was one where there was a lot of bickering. They're not all like that .
  8. Agreed that Prichard's podcast is in a league of its own. Must-listen for me every week. Makes the drive home from work on Friday entertaining. Conrad is great too. Would love to see Bischoff/Conrad on the WCW version instead of Schiavone. Bischoff's reaction to conrad's grilling would be worth it alone.
  9. So it looks like they've formed a partnership with AAA now and Konnan seems okay with it. So now they've partnered with NOAH, AAA, and Crash. It looks like the WOS thing is on the horizon in the U.K. along with the India tour and startup promotion. I have to imagine they'll do something in Canada as well. Ideally it would be cool if they could just rotate tv tapings in all of these international markets along with Orlando. You do a set in Orlando, go to the U.K and India, go to Mexico, throw in Japan and Canada and all of a sudden you have a year's worth of TV in hot markets with great crowds. Its really a great option until they're in a position to draw anything in the US. Which probably means it won't happen.
  10. I love the fact that it took hiring a lawyer for her to figure out that she should keep her mouth shut and stop litigating things on Twitter. You really can't fix stupid.
  11. Reby is now claiming that TNA violated child labor laws because Maxel. Never mind the fact that she willfully brought him out every time. Or the fact that her entire claim is based on the fact that they were 100% behind the Broken storyline...which would then make it her call to use Maxel in the first place.
  12. LOL love it.