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  1. Looks like they're going back to calling themselves Impact Wrestling instead of GFW. What a clusterfuck of epic proportions. i like the name Impact way better than GFW but to go through all the confusion and nonsense is amazing. How simple is this-- -The company name is "Impact Wrestling." -They're part of a "Global Wrestling Network" of promotions all across the world, including NOAH, AAA, etc. They share talent, do joint shows, etc. -You can watch content from these other promotions on the GWN app.
  2. I mean, I always assumed the shows belonged to the company and are part of their library. Would be surprising if that wasn't the case.
  3. They were never owned by Viacom.
  4. The hilarious thing about oVe is they're supposed to be these dark type character. And then they come out in front of the live crowd, completely get away from their character and deliver the typical "I'm better than you, let's wrestle" promo that you see 99% of the time these days.
  5. It could also be that they're smartening up to the rasslin business and wanting things to be on a tight leash to avoid the bullshit.
  6. Did he talk about whether or not the selling rumor has any legs to it? Doesn't sound like they're selling if they're moving it to Toronto. I would really be interested again if they got rid of all the Jarrett cronies and basically went back to the type of show they were producing last summer with Corgan/Gaburick. With Anthem's backing.
  7. Looks like Gaburick is back in charge. Which is fine since I preferred his and Corgan's product to what we have now.
  8. Couldn't think of a better Baghdad Bob than Ryder.
  9. We can't. But its such a TNA thing to do particularly the week when the bottom falls out of your viewership.
  10. The idea of a TNA intervention is glorious. Also, I love the fact that a week after ratings completely plummeted, Jarrett's reaction is to hold a Super Bowl draft party for employees. Typical.
  11. Sell it to Corgan who should have gotten it to begin with.
  12. No wonder he does so much cardio.. Gotta sweat that alcohol out.
  13. Damn really? Where did you hear that?
  14. Man, I hope this is for good. Take Prichard, Dutch, Sonjay and Karen with you and hit the bricks. Jarrett basically came in, hired his buddies, rebranded (if you can even call it that) the company into his vanity project that never took off, and then it was the "rasslin" business as usual. Not much effort, lazy booking, the yes men coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches. He's obviously not the guy to grow any company let alone this one. If Ed Nordholm, I'm looking for Billy Corgan's number and giving him the chance he should have had last fall.

    Glad to see he's doing better but very sad at the way he looks.