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  1. I’d pay to see the babyface reaction Storm would get after being on the receiving end of a bloody beatdown at the hands of Bubba. Not to mention the heat Bubba would get.
  2. More awesome promo work from this Josephus character I find it pretty cool that Corgan hasn’t put a dime into this thing yet and it’s already developing a following off of basic YouTube videos, a twitter account and Facebook page.
  3. He’s the ultimate babyface. I mean truthfully— is there another babyface in all of wrestling that is as likeable as Tim Storm is right now?
  4. Loved that. Here’s Corgan on X-Pac’s podcast talking more about his vision. He’s going to focus on bigger guys and try to recreate the old NWA bruiser style and get away from the spotfests style that everyone else is doing. Never seen Jocephus but i guess he fits that mold. Would love to see them bring in Bram for this.
  5. Curious, how do they say he was ridiculous? Anyone who watched TNA in 2016 knows that it was probably the best booking stretch they’ve ever had, so I’m hopeful in that sense.
  6. The clamoring for “home grown stars” only takes place when a company is pushing guys who aren’t up to snuff as workers in their opinion. When it comes to a guy like Aries who’s an internet darling for his work, people are perfectly okay pushing a guy who’s almost 40 and is a castoff from multiple other promotions as the main guy.
  7. Same. But they’re not signing tag teams any time soon.
  8. I wouldn’t even bother with those belts. Focus on the 10 pounds of gold for the time being and introduce new belts as you go. As for other belts being used under the NWA name— they can easily solve that with a cease and desist.
  9. Honestly, even though the match wasn’t great, I still thought it was good in the sense of trying to tell a story. Its encouraging that they’re going the opposite route of every indy. And WWE for that matter. Less spotfests, more storytelling.
  10. I can see several Impact talents coming over to the NWA. A lot of them loved working with Corgan. I don’t see EC3 resigning so he could be one. Maybe Rosemary when her contract is up.
  11. Loved the buildup at the story they td during the match. The finish was bad but other than that i enjoyed it. I like that they didn’t do the obvious thing and put the belt on Magnus. Curious to see who else they’re going to bring in. Perfectly ok with Storm being to this version of NWA what Funk was to ECW.
  12. I just meant in terms of a decision that will matter and could have made a difference.
  13. Apparently they’re going to sign around 5 talents at the beginning of 2018 and build from there, focusing strictly on the NWA name and the world title for the time being. They’re starting with digital and apparently are angling to do a studio show eventually. Loving the approach so far.
  14. I think not giving Corgan the company is going to go down as the last big dumb decision they made.