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  1. Lol at Samoa joe being a talented free agent at this point. Reverse the roles and he'd be a "WWE castoff"
  2. I love that people are talking about "ripping off WWE" when at this rate, WWE's entire roster will be ex TNA guys from 2006.
  3. Haven't been following that series but would they have gotten through if not for the Blake injury?
  4. Well we do need a point guard....
  5. That's what I would imagine as well. I'd also like to see Valentine get a few minutes as he can get hot from 3 and is a pretty good decision maker.
  6. I like MCW's speed and defense but he must be forbidden from any drive/layup attempts. Just penetrate and kick it out to an open zipser. He had those opportunities last game.
  7. Bulls playoff curse strikes again. Rondo out indefinitely with a fractured thumb. Un fucking real.
  8. I'm dumbfounded. This Bulls team is not the same team we saw in the regular season. Superstar Jimmy. General Rondo directing traffic. Wade shooting lights out in the 4th. Lopez being an absolute animal. And the scary part is they have 3-4 other guys on top of that can get hot at any minute. Game 1 it was Portis, tonight it was Zipser and Niko. We still have Valentine who can shoot lights out. Grant is better than what we saw tonight. Who knows what their ceiling is.
  9. Rondo already flirting with a triple double at half time lol
  10. The refs tried their best to give it to them.
  11. I was trying to live up to my user name with the "more than enough" thing :). I wouldn't say that we "have more than enough" but I never thought we were the underdogs in this series. Regarding Niko, everyone knows he's a mental midget. I'm completely fine with letting him walk and giving his spot to Bobby.
  12. We've got more than enough. How about some of those god awful calls? Jesus. That out of bounds overturn was mind boggling. Loved Bobby stepping up. If we get playoff Wade next game with Niko (and Zipser) stepping up, we'll win again.
  13. They could then do skits with him getting medical attention from Doctor Hiney.
  14. Or covered in red mist
  15. That's absolutely incredible. I wish they could bring JR in to do a Mankind-style sit down interview with her.