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  1. What kind of ball was it when he sent Hogan out on TV to burn a WOL newsletter?
  2. Not sure what he's done to come off non professional in that interview. Speaking of professionalism though..
  3. This. Or that this Nordholm might not know the wrestling business but he knows business.
  4. Yes, because its them that can't stop talking about Matt Hardy. Have you been following this whole thing? They've been on the receiving end of batshit crazy twitter rants on a daily/weekly basis for close to 3 months now! Some of the accusations being made included violating child labor laws, stealing IP, ageism, fuck that owl shirts and whatever else Reby's hormones told her to say that day. But they should just sit back and say nothing. After all, the unbiased wrestling media will do a great job judging this entire thing fairly and based on the facts. Besides a few sarcastic tweets from Nordholm, this is literally the only thing they've said on the subject and they ended it by saying he would have no further comments.
  5. I don't think people understand what leak means. He didn't leak anything-- he openly released a portion of the contract that went directly to the towards a matter over which his company has been getting crucified over for months-- whether or not Impact and Anthem owned the rights to the Broken gimmick. We now have proof that they do. If they did the Reddit route, that would be a leak. And to no one's surprise, of course Anthem and Impact are being painted as bush league, not safe to do business with, blah blah blah. All Nordholm did was respond, with facts, after MONTHS of Reby and the Hardys on Twitter making accusation after accusation without a shred of evidence to back it up. Back then, he was the bad guy for supposedly taking away this gimmick that belonged to them. Now that he's shown that they signed contracts signing away IP rights, he's bush league. i will say this though-- he's an idiot for thinking that he can win a PR battle in the eyes of internet wrestling fans when he's on the side of TNA-- regardless of the facts of the situation. He's also an idiot for letting Jarrett run creative but I digress.
  6. Que?
  7. It just goes to her insanity lol.
  8. About time she got a visit from the fashion police...
  9. We don't have anymore evidence that Jinder has "it" than we do about Kevin Owens or Seth Rollins or Finn Balor. My problem is that people on the internet readily accept those guys as "top guys" because they're in love with their in ring work. Regardless of any tangible evidence that they deserve to be top guys. So I guess the larger point I'm making is that if you fall in that camp, you guys are living in your golden age right now-- you have NXT, you have the work rate crew main eventing Raw, you have the Indy scene-- so why not chill out and let other fans enjoy a different, throwback type presentation that might hook some of the viewers that have left in droves during the last couple years. Regarding Craig's post: I agree with his last point that they should have done a better job of building Jindar rather than going from A to Z that quickly. But I disagree about how mic work-- I think he stands out because you can feel his passion and it has a realness to it. I think that also has a lot to do with the intangibles he exhibits in his body language, mannerisms, etc. What would also be a big help to him is if they moved this thing into 2017, got rid of the turban (just because he's Indian) and got rid of his henchman. He doesn't need any of that and would be a lot more effective standing alone.
  10. Not sure what I'm missing with all the Jinder hate but since when do you have to be all about the workrate to be a star and have the ability to draw? Is this what wrestling is now? You have to put on five star strong style/cruserweight matches to be a top guy? I watched this show with a casual fan who is somewhat smart to the business -- I'd day 80/20 casual to smart. He could have cared less about Nak and Owens but was super into Mahal. Jinder has the intangible that all the five star matches in the world won't get you IMO. If we put our personal preferences aside and look at it from a business standpoint, its hard to argue against building Smackdown around Mahal as the top heel, regardless of the fact that he's not Eddie Guerrero in the ring.
  11. Reby's twitter is going to be a huge asset in any court proceedings.
  12. You gotta love Reby. One minute she goes out and gets "fuck that owl" shirts made and now she's playing victim and saying Anthem's "going after" a pregnant women.
  13. I really liked that main event. Eli looked great even though he lost and it was the type of in ring performance he needed to compliment his awesomeness on the mic.
  14. The thing is that "sports presentation" is very prevalent these days. NXT, New Japan, and certain aspects of WWE. I'd like to see a full rebrand and a similar presentation to that of TNA 2016.