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  1. I think they were doing that on purpose to drum up interest in the match
  2. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 4/12/18+

    Idk Steiner and Eli Drake is must watch tv.
  3. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 3/29/18

    He had a towel over his head I believe. I guess its a way to get heat on Berto.
  4. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 3/8/18

    The more I think about that move by Anthem, the more brilliant it seems. There’s two things that can come out of it— 1) They use those characters/trademarks on the indies or god forbid WWE— which in turn PROMOTES Impact— Which there’s no way around. The minute an “EC3” walks out on Raw and someone googles him, they’re immediately exposed to Impact. 2) They don’t use the characters. And there’s no harm, no foul. All the while, it creates a ton of goodwill with talent and makes it more likely for talent to go there. And so far, judging by Matt Hardy, the WWE doesn’t know what to do with those characters in the least.
  5. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 3/8/18

    Actually going to TNA rehabbed his career. If we’re being honest.
  6. I like that they’re getting new event names to give the company a fresh feel. Read that Aries/Impact was incredible.
  7. What did dishwater ever do to you??
  8. Guessing since impact already has the building rented, Billy worked out a deal where they can show up beforehand and do some quick taping.
  9. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    Ahhh gotcha.
  10. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Wrestling in 2018: trying to draw 10k to a show based off a bet with Dave Meltzer. Sad.
  11. This. I’m not surprised by this because Corgan and Lagana did the same thing in TNA in what was their best booking period in history. Anyone know who Jocephus’s spiritual advisor is? Talk about a perfect fit.
  12. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    Personally I’d never be able to do this but I see your point.
  13. Like the new color scheme over that horrendous green goose shit. They couldn’t get rid of the owl though lol.
  14. This is like....awesome.