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  1. See if you can find the Crossroads special from last week. One of the best shows they’ve done in a while and the first time that I can recall them actually executing the concept of a “Clash-type” tv special the right way.
  2. You really think so? I’ve enjoyed their shows in the last month
  3. Regarding Charlotte, of course they’d keep her with Trips at the helm.
  4. I’ll just end it with this— its crazy to label someone based on an accusation that was never confirmed nor prosecuted. If nothing else, the Enzo text messages prove that. Bram has a great look and can be an awesome old shool monster NWA heel. My opinion of course.
  5. Gotcha. Regarding the Enzo thing, aren’t there text messages that came out where the girl was bragging about just having hooked up with a WWE wrestler?
  6. Well, Callihan is somewhat of an internet favorite so obviously there won’t be the same level of fake outrage in that case. Was there any other proof other than the accusation? Was he prosecuted?
  7. What did Sami Callihan do? Look at a women he wrong way at a stop light and get accused of harassment? i also wonder if those same people are in favor of black balling Steve Austin from the business for his past indiscretions?
  8. I don’t recall it being determined to be true either. And if you’re gonna try to stick that label on someone permanently you should make damn sure that its true.
  9. Bringing up a false charge that was dropped = snowflake stuff. But hey, I guess since accusations automatically = guilt, you can carry on acting like the morality police.
  10. Right because if you leave NXT you’re now a washout. Idk how many times that’s been debunked. Not sure where he’s been put in a position to draw let alone been proven that he couldn’t. The snowflake stuff is incredibly eye rolling. Do we really need to list the people in the biz who’ve committed similar offenses and been given more chances? People make mistakes. The guy has enough attributes that it if used right, he can be an asset.
  11. Why? Because there isn’t a bunch of dives and “this is awesome” chants? He’s doing a different product focusing on story and characters, instead of following the rest of the mark catering herd.
  12. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Sure. I’m just saying that if they need Punk to sell this out, they’ve lost the talking point of how hot Indy wrestling is.
  13. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    If they do get Punk and sell out don’t want to hear how much of a draw Indy wrestling is.
  14. According to him yeah. He was all for tits and ass on PPV. But thought it didn’t make sense if they were going to be on network TV.
  15. According to Russo, it was pretty much that. He wanted a TV MA , HBO “sopranos” version of wrestling on PPV. Interestingly enough, when they moved to a traditional tv model, Russo surprisingly realized that they should change the name. Jarrett wanted to keep it. Also on the “hip” factor, you forget to mention Toby Keith performing “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue”.