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  1. He’s friends with Callis and the wreslting biz is built on nepotism. What else is new.
  2. Thibs

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 11/8/18

    Oh for sure that’s obvious
  3. Thibs


    When you’re losing 50%+ of your audience its not a matter of long term fix... its a matter of trying to hang on to people that haven’t left you yet. And by presenting the type of product they were the last few months, people were leaving in droves. Also, its not like they’re going all shooty era WCW 2000. It was one angle and I would check out the spoilers page before you make any hard assumptions. They’re still doing a lot of things you’ve liked. But you can’t keep blatantly shoving a product down people’s throat when they keep turning the channel. In terms of it never drawing a dime, the 90’s were built on inside comments, “shooting”, etc. Austin/McMahon was built on this stuff. So saying it hasn’t drawn a dime just isn’t true. It drew lots of times, even a few quarters. it just depends how you do it. If you go over the top with it and blatantly call the show fake and beat people over the head with it, then its a problem. If you strategically insert it, where the audience does a double take for a second and says “wait, that wasn’t supposed to happen”, it really adds to the show.
  4. Thibs


    Not sure if you’ve been paying attention but what they’ve been doing for the last 8 months has slaughtered the little audience they had left. So there’s nothing wrong with trying something new. The idea that its somehow bad to try to make a wrestling angle seem real is silly.
  5. Thibs


    The entire idea of a wrestling angle is to do things to make you believe that it is real. That’s what they’re doing.
  6. Thibs


    Other than no selling the finish, I wouldn’t even put this into a worked shoot category. They’re just presenting a feud that seems very real. Nothing wrong with that.
  7. Thibs


    Looked to be in the 1000 neighborhood. I’m glad they finally shook things up with the Aries angle. God knows what they’ve been doing hasn’t been working no matter how much praise it got from the hardcores. To the people criticizing the show: You can’t blame them for trying to shake things up. What they were doing, that a lot of you loved, has pretty much slaughtered the small audience they had left.
  8. Thibs


    So many people whining about the shooty finish. It lasted 30 seconds and was interesting. Not that big of a deal
  9. Thibs


    Enjoyed the show lots of great moments. The venue was great and they made it look better than MLW. How cool is it that they’re doing a PPV in Nashville at the Asylum in January?
  10. I mean this isn’t a surprise. The booking is boring and they’ve put zero effort into actually make the show must see.
  11. The best thing about that PPV when “They” were revealed— Abyss giving the finger and the “FU” motion to the crowd. Idk but it was so amusing watching him do that
  12. Russo was still there during that time I think.
  13. That Felice Herrig chick that fought and lost... went to high school with her. She used to work out in my gym. Scary girl.