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  1. Point missed by a country mile, predictably. BTW where do I have the rage boner? I called him a shill and all the psychos came out of the Woodward throwing mud and all I’ve done is respond.
  2. You have any kids? That haven’t killed themsleves out of shame? Because their pathetic father needs to remind wrestling message board users 3 times that he’s known Dave Meltzer for 40 years like its a badge of honor .
  3. They’re employing trans people and are positioning themselves to be the Bernie Sanders of pro wrestling. So Alt Right Wild makes a lot of sense, you fucking halfwit .
  4. And another guy, who’s still butt hurt because what he likes is a underground joke that looks like a cooperative ballet that most people laugh at and disregard. Also, its beyond hilarious that you want me banned and yet you can’t stop visiting my profile page. Weirdo.
  5. I love Penta. I just wish someone did something more with him other then having him do his hand gesture 25 times. He could be the lucha Undertaker or Sting. I understand he actually had a character in LU but I didn’t watch that.
  6. Lmao you do realize that ten times more people watched that stuff than what you like right? Your sarcasm doesn’t work when the your tired act is actually true.
  7. That reminds of the time Impact did a bunch of those type of awesome matches last year and two thirds of the audience they had left, went away in droves. So logically speaking, that would for sure get ratings. I mean, Penta throwing up his hand gesture 25 times is must see TV after all.
  8. It also sounds like he orgasms sometimes when talking about some of the matches and moves in New Japan.
  9. I’d love to see some outdoor venues.
  10. You think they’ll be able to get 3-5k on a weekly basis?
  11. Idk why its that hard for people to admit that. All I said was he shills, which he does, and people lost their mind and started trolling me for stating the obvious.
  12. The fuck does them selling out MSG have to do with it? What, because they sold out MSG that means he’s not in the tank for them? Nobody is arguing that the reason for their success is his shilling. But he’s a shill, regardless. Good straw man tho.
  13. Moving on. Super impressive that they sold out that quickly again and it should look great on TV. I will readily admit that this product can draw awesome houses once every few months. Not sure how well they’re gonna do when they need to fill up houses every week for live TV. Also, I’m wondering how many of these people are the same ones that went to All In...
  14. Its absurd to say with a straight face that the guy doesn’t favorite, isn’t biased towards what he likes, and doesn’t troll what he dislikes. Have people seen his twitter? FFS. The constant worship of NJPW to the point where he’s trying to convince people that some of their talents are the greatest of all time better than Flair, Austin, etc. If you’re discussing this in good faith and not being a troll, you cannot claim that he’s some unbiased source. It’s laughable.
  15. FFS. That’s the crux of the argument you ignorant, ignorant human being. I’m done, you’re blocked.
  16. Seriously bro you’re like a child. For the third time... he shills what he personally likes and shits on what he doesn’t. He hated the Russo booking of 2000’s TNA and shit on it, despite your retarded argument that he puts over companies that are in a position to be a legit number 2 (which they were back then). Impact in 2019 is exactly the type of product he loves so he puts it over. How many more times does this need to be explained to you?
  17. I guess we’re gonna do the song and dance where we pretend he and Alvarez didn’t make an entire shtick from shitting on TNA. I don’t understand why ppl want to pretend things that happened didn’t. This was from the quickest of quick searches. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess he didn’t send out emails promoting this show.
  18. Are you insane? He shat on TNA every chance he got. His entire stance on TNA for their entire existence was that they were about to go out of business (they never did). Just stop embarrassing yourself because you have nothing to stand on here.
  19. Well in your world, he’s heaping praise for his buddies company because supposedly he wants a number two promotion since it would be good for his business and not because he’s a shill. So explain to me why he continuously shat on TNA, including during the time when they were on Spike drawing 2 million? Why didn’t he do everything he can to put them over so there could be a number two company? Why didn’t he send emails to his subscribers promoting their PPV’s? Because he didn’t like their product and he only shills for the shit he personally likes. Case closed.
  20. Tell me more about this network TNA was on nobody got (Spike TV) and how it was a niche product (2 million ppl watching). Out of all the things to say about TNA... why would you say something so stupid..
  21. Then fuck off and don’t answer. The idea that Meltzer isn’t shilling for them is completely insane to anyway that isn’t a troll and a built in bias.
  22. In my book, send emails that contain information about an event is promotion. Sorry.
  23. I stopped at TNA being on a station almost nobody got (Spike TV lol) and drew pretty much what Smackdown gets today... and Dave shit on them every chance he got. So spare me “he wants a second company” bullshit. He wants to put over what he personally likes. And even if tha wasn’t the case, there’s a difference between being excited about something and actively shilling it. Also, get your memory checked. TNA was on a station nobody got
  24. The news media sucks yes. I complain about that too as do most people I know, and by the sounds of it, you’re not too fond of it either. Meltzer’s shilling is ok because the news media also does it? Its just a turnoff for me. If you don’t agree then that’s cool no big deal.
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