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    "Yet, thanks to my trusty safetysphere, I sublibed with only tribial brain dablage." One of my favorite Futurama lines isn't quite as funny anymore. So over the past year or so, I've been suffering from bouts of anxiety and depression, coming in and out in waves. Issues with work and home life have contributed but it was definitely something out of the norm. After urging from my wife and doctor, I visited the Amen Clinics in Bellevue this week to get treated for my ongoing ADHD issues and to get SPECT scans of my brain. What we found was far worse. What you see in this scan is multiple, cumulative TBIs (traumatic brain injuries) in my brain, clustered in the occipital and frontal lobes, but in multiple locations. Two scans were taken - this one, after I had engaged in mental activity, and one at rest. (The one at rest looks even worse.) In short, the bumps and head shots I took through my wrestling career have led to brain damage, and are the probable cause of my anxiety and depression. Most of the damage is to the back of the brain, which makes sense, as that's what would be impacted by standard bumps. There are a few in other places, and nearly all of them I can directly attribute to individual shots over the years. One was hard enough that it not only caused damage on the impact point, but on the other side as well, meaning my brain actually bounced - that was from a superkick by Scotty Mac in ECCW. (I did a promo line back then that I felt my brain actually bounce in my head. Guess I wasn't imagining it.) However, like I said on Twitter, data is beautiful and knowing is half the battle. Now that we know, I can be treated for it, and I began treatment this morning for all issues - I've started once again on Adderall to counter the ADHD symptoms, and on a low dose of Cymbalta to help with the anxiety and depression. Cymbalta also helps with issues with pain and neuropathy, which I've experienced in the past year due to possible degenerative disc issues in my neck, and a shoulder injury suffered in 2016. I will also be getting a volumetric MRI and a full spinal scan to help with those issues. But it scares me what kind of shape the brains of my friends that are/were full time wrestlers and take far stupider bumps than I ever did will be in at this point, or five/ten/twenty years from now. I was just a referee, manager and occasional wrestler, and I still ended up with noticeable, actionable damage. One thing is for sure - my wrestling career is definitely, definitively over. I may do commentary spots or appearances of that nature here and there as the itch strikes, but I will *never* take a bump of any kind ever again. This is my own decision, not the doctor's - I am medically disqualifying myself. Unlike Daniel Bryan, there will be no comeback, and honestly, I don't want one - pro wrestling in this area has changed to the point that I had already decided to walk away with my sanity, finances and health as intact as possible. This just makes it easier, in a way. But to make one thing perfectly clear: I don't blame pro wrestling for this whatsoever, in any way, shape or form. I knew what I was getting into, which is why I was careful about the bumps I did take (and the ones I *didn't*). I wouldn't change a thing and I don't regret any of it (well, maybe some of the people I associated with). You won't see me involved in a frivolous lawsuit blaming others for this. Hell, 99% of it was my idea to begin with. (I hate to pop everyone's bubble but nearly every fun angle, match and storyline I was part of was almost entirely my idea. Sadly, that includes the dumbass bumps, too.) I'd say this should serve as a cautionary tale, but it won't. The new guys never listen to those before them that tell them to take it easy, just like those that come after them won't listen to them either. But I know there's some current and aspiring wrestlers that might read this, so I'll just say - please be careful, and be smart. And if you start feeling "different", or especially if those around you notice something different, please, seek help. It's not there to judge you - it's there to help you get better. I should've gone to the Amen Clinics months ago - they have been fantastic and both the doctors and I are extremely optimistic of a significant, if not full recovery. I did more in my wrestling career than I ever would've dreamed possible. I had experiences I wouldn't trade for anything. It brought me out of my introverted shell and taught me so much, good and bad. Without it, I wouldn't have moved to Seattle, and I wouldn't have met the woman that would eventually become my wife and soulmate. I refereed a match with Kevin Nash in front of 1800 people, got punched by Ross Hart, booked guys like Christopher Daniels, Raven, Matt Borne and Fit Finlay for matches, was front and center in three fantastic stables and major angles, main evented in major matches, was carried out of a building kicking and screaming by a local women's tackle football team (Seattle Mystics represent), got to piss off more fans than I can count, main evented as a referee, a manager and a wrestler, transition for six months into a commentator, be the executive producer of a promotion and TV show in my own vision, had my own championship belts created (twice!) and even held two championships at the same time. And guess what? It was fun.
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    I liked the Becky 3:16 - I just whipped your Lass” sign that was in the crowd.
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    He started playing his crops his matches and they refused to sprout. Seriously, when you - become the first yokozuna expelled in bad standing from Sumo - get fired from NJPW for calling Riki Choshu an ethnic slur - get fired from SWS for being a baby and shooting on John Tenta then calling wrestling fake on the mic - then get shot on by Takada and KO'd with a headkick, you might as well be failing at growing taters.
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    The answer to this question is Koji Kitao.
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    Perhaps Becky snapping is nothing more than her subconsciously becoming anti-Sting. She's just playing the long game by mounting a preemptive strike against Charlotte eventually sticking the knife in her back, as Flairs are wont to do to anybody and everybody. Anybody and everybody that isn't their fake cousin from Minnesota (even though said "cousin" is actually from North Carolina). You can't trust shit about those Flairs or their phony baloney Southern-accented cousins from Minnesota. Arn really needs to interfere in their match at Evolution just so Becky can kick out of the spinebuster.
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    Found this gem at the flea market the other day:
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    Is it possible for a MOTYC to have a fuck finish?? Because we just had one.
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    That read like a PWI interview, which hero would prob take as a compliment.
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    "Why are we taping all of these damn dark matches?!?"
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    https://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=120397 http://www.ringsidenews.com/2018/09/19/impact-wrestling-negotiating-new-deals-talents/
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    Lame story, dude. You should’ve said you were jumped by Abby.
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    well that is might white of them. Was Train busy that night
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    I didn't really notice anything that horrendous. *shrug*
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    Sidekicks gave the former target audience a character they could identify with. Now nerds think that Spider-Man being married makes him too old and unhip. They worship at the altar of Batman as a loner/anti-authority figure while lapping up story after story where he sets up a goddamn police state and then bag on Superman for being a boy scout/government stooge.
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    When a man can't even grow a damn potato, you know he's a failure.
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    Not only was his real name Richard, he went by Dick. He was Dick Blood.
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    Sorry Dave, I'm pretty sure she's still getting the job done.
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    And here I was waiting for the "X-rays of Sweetser's brain revealed nothing" joke... Seriously, what you've shared here is incredibly important. I've seen way too many guys in the business who can barely put a sentence together after years of abuse, including a few I'm friends with on FB. Also, I had a really bad concussion a few years ago, plus a handful of others from childhood into college that I'm 100% certain weren't diagnosed at the time. Your post a) is giving me PTSD, b) makes me want to get re-evaulated for some of them. Congratulations on "graduating," Mike. As @OSJ said, you're one of the good ones.
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    High time for another NXT Greatest Matches DVD set, WWE (hint hint)
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    I don't think Vince is aware that they have such a program.
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    It was nice hearing a crowd that was actually interested in what was going on. Cedric/Gulak was good.
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    To the surprise of no one - Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that an annual Star Wars movie is over.
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    Thank you for this. I could not figure out who this was and kept wondering if Walt Goggins had some sort of secret wrestling career I was unaware of.
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    I hate that there's even rumors about them trying to dump Impact. They've been on a roll since at least the beginning of the year and the only thing I see is that they just need more eyes on them.
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    That's a hell of a bold statement, thing is, I don't think that you're wrong.
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    Bags of taters = Irish revenge!
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    I actually quite enjoyed that mashup team. And holy shit, Kronus looks like a heavier Punk there.
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    I'd like to see Shaul Guerrero return to aide her husband against Rusev and Lana.
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    I assume you mean Don Frye. I would say Frye did well for himself in wrestling. He debuted in NJPW in '97 and took on Inoki in '98. He feuded with Scott Norton, teamed with Chono in the '99 G1 Tag League. He had two IWGP heavweight title shots, against Mutoh and Kensuke Sasaki. In 2001, he won the G1 World Climax tournament. He returned to New Japan at their 2002 Memorial Day Tokyo Dome show defeating Tadao Yasuda. He teamed with Chono defeating Yugi Nagata and Hiroyoshi Tenzan, then teaming with Scott Norton and Manabu Nakanishi against Shinsuke Nakamura, Yutaka Yoshie, and Blue Wolf. He challenged Toshiaki Kawada for the Triple Crown at All Japan's 31st anniversary show in 2003. Most importantly, he got his role in Godzilla: Final Wars because the director, Ryuhei Kitamura wrote the part with Frye in mind because he was a fan of his matches.
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    Does Bill Kazmier count? Former World's strongest man? Failing that, Wes Sims. UFC veteran, flamed out of WWE Tough Enough.
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    That's obviously what this meeting was about. WWE wants Fallah Bahh to fill its sumo quota. Impact Wrestling officials Ed Nordholm and Scott D'Amore met with several high ranking WWE executives last week at WWE HQ in Stamford, CT, PWInsider.com has confirmed with several WWE sources. Vince McMahon was not involved in the meeting we are told, but members of Triple H's team were in attendance.
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    The only thing I'm interested about is whether or not there's going to be a random sumo wrestler that shows up again.
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    I really liked their match against Super Crazy and Kid Kash @ Massacre on 34th St. in 2000. Plus, the finals of the tag tournament against Simon & Swinger and Tommy Dreamer & Jerry Lynn. Yes, Tajiri should have been champion, but that's on Paul E. ECW's booking was pretty much a mess at the end.
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    When I clicked on the Mario Kart trend yesterday...
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    I need Naomi and Asuka to strut to ringside together with their pimped out fur coats at least once.
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    A screenshot more so than an actual photo taken by someone, but... Yup...
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    FTFY Wonder if there's been any wrestler with better hair compared to his old than AJ. Those old looks were ROUGH.
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    You know how you can tell Becky is the heel? She comes out on top in every segment. Also, that AJ/Almas match was awesome, with a truly excellent finishing sequence.
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