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    The answer to this question is Koji Kitao.
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    Found this gem at the flea market the other day:
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    Not only was his real name Richard, he went by Dick. He was Dick Blood.
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    Sorry Dave, I'm pretty sure she's still getting the job done.
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    The Jimmy Havoc/Will Ospreay 2 out of 3 falls No DQ match from Chapter 75 was quite the spectacle for those who like that sort of thing. A bit too much for sure, but I like when a match plays so heavenly into history to tell a story.
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    I assume you mean Don Frye. I would say Frye did well for himself in wrestling. He debuted in NJPW in '97 and took on Inoki in '98. He feuded with Scott Norton, teamed with Chono in the '99 G1 Tag League. He had two IWGP heavweight title shots, against Mutoh and Kensuke Sasaki. In 2001, he won the G1 World Climax tournament. He returned to New Japan at their 2002 Memorial Day Tokyo Dome show defeating Tadao Yasuda. He teamed with Chono defeating Yugi Nagata and Hiroyoshi Tenzan, then teaming with Scott Norton and Manabu Nakanishi against Shinsuke Nakamura, Yutaka Yoshie, and Blue Wolf. He challenged Toshiaki Kawada for the Triple Crown at All Japan's 31st anniversary show in 2003. Most importantly, he got his role in Godzilla: Final Wars because the director, Ryuhei Kitamura wrote the part with Frye in mind because he was a fan of his matches.
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    Does Bill Kazmier count? Former World's strongest man? Failing that, Wes Sims. UFC veteran, flamed out of WWE Tough Enough.
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    That's obviously what this meeting was about. WWE wants Fallah Bahh to fill its sumo quota. Impact Wrestling officials Ed Nordholm and Scott D'Amore met with several high ranking WWE executives last week at WWE HQ in Stamford, CT, PWInsider.com has confirmed with several WWE sources. Vince McMahon was not involved in the meeting we are told, but members of Triple H's team were in attendance.
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    Not nearly enough is the correct answer. There's quite a bit, but there's also quite a bit lost. Really wish we had all those Georgia masters that Ole threw out.
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    No-eyepatch Scotty Riggs... that means.... Some sadist actually did an hour-long supercut of that if you ever want to torture someone into finding out if it's safe
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    I'd put Tajiri, Mikey, and the Sinister Minister ahead of the FBI, but the FBI were great, especially Guido and Tony Mamaluke.
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    I finally am caught up. I'm all in. This is the best show on TV in a decade, at least.
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    LOL you think they know who Outkast is.
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    How good were they? Rick Derringer wrote "Real American" for them.
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    I need Naomi and Asuka to strut to ringside together with their pimped out fur coats at least once.
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    A screenshot more so than an actual photo taken by someone, but... Yup...
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    At least Rusev is turning face and English heel. I’m a little surprised they didn’t try to do the opposite.
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    FTFY Wonder if there's been any wrestler with better hair compared to his old than AJ. Those old looks were ROUGH.
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