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    Yaaaaaaaay Cristobal you..........uh............won???? Saw this earlier today. I feel like it captures the DVDR spirit.
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    Been doing comedy for about nine and a half years, off and on. Was my first paid weekend hosting at the Westport Funny Bone, so that was a cool milestone for me.
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    I just realized the true genius behind Ethan Carter III. This was Bob Carter's way of ensuring that his name is as far away from this crap as possible. I assume that Dixie's kayfabe brother would be Ethan Carter II and her kayfabe father would be Ethan Carter I. I imagine that he just deflects at cocktail parties by saying, "I have no daughter named Dixie. Do you not watch the program? Her father is clearly some schmuck named Ethan Carter."
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    Join us and let yourself be happy for once.
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    There was something I liked about that match, but I can't put my finger on it.
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    TURF TALK with Harold Reynolds! You all thought you escaped the scope of turf talk... He understands that the Jays played half of their games outside of the SkyDome*, right? *Fuck Rogers.
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    UPDATE: I like baseball again. Harold Reynolds can eat my maple bacon flavoured shit.
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    I don't understand what you mean by that. I didn't even know the Colons were still employed. They haven't had a match since 2013.
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    I know, those fans only accepted Bayley, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks because those three have legions of great SHIMMER and SHINE matches.
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    I didn't dislike Dana Brooke because of her background or look, I disliked Dana Brooke because she was awful. She's improved, and thus, I don't hate her as much anymore. Eva Marie has yet to show even that level of improvement, and is far more high profile.
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    I am not saying that this is my list (it probably isn't), but I do think it's crazy that I could make an argument for Sasha to be my top 3 matches of 2015 in WWE. 1. Sasha vs. Bayley - Brooklyn 2. Sasha vs. Becky 3. Sasha vs. Bayley - Ironwoman
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    Got on for about an hour tonight. First thing I did was notice I had a bounty. Second thing was blow up some asshole's Zentorno. It's like I never left.
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    Fine, be miserable. I tried.
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    Fucking FGs instead of TDs
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    Kofi... lol https://vine.co/v/e0YXdQrOV9U
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    I just want to see Rush vs Del Rio. Is that too much to ask for?
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    So glad I have the Astros this year
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    I hope thats howard stern beetlejuice and not michael keaton beetlejuice.
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    I liked it. Season is 4-0 as far as I'm concerned.
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    Can this please be a new stable?Vince's pop culture impediment is such that he's probably just catching up to We're No Angels on VHS; so, it's possible.
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    So much hate. Let it flow through you. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR NFC EAST CHAMPION ATLANTA FALCONS!!!
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    And fuck the Falcons, too.
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    And here I thought they shit all over Eva Marie because she's fucking awful.
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    Oh injuries on celebrating missed FGs will never not be funny
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    Let's keep making the Barfield Sodapop jokes. If Morelock doesn't like it, he can go pay his air bill.
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    I think Atlanta might not be legit. Thank god.
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    Relatively positive that that was already done in the very thread it was created in.
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    Fuck all of you, I'm running the Strowming joke into an early grave
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    There was that time he slapped a manjigatame on Mark Hughes.
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    Sasha must have done some scouting before the show. (4:37)
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    I'm sorry your grandpa was such a mess.
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    Just to play devil's advocate, does it have historical significance if women's wrestling on the main roster stays the way it is now? Is headlining a full sail show on a network more historically significant than main eventing RAW in 2004? I'd say even the Brooklyn match is more important historically because they had one shot to pay off the Bayley story and they stole SummerSlam weekend. If that match is mediocre, the tag finals headline this show.
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    So it didn't make the cut for botchamania, but thanks for helping me make this. It made the gf laugh so that's all that really matters to me.
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    Meltzer made a great point about the stupidity of this Team Challenge Series. Matt Hardy decided to give up the title because he thought the months and months of the company without a world title would be terrible for TNA. So they decide to create a tournament that unless they chop the hell out of the pre-taped matches are going to run for about 2 or 3 months
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    Seeing Dana do the arm pit taunt 100 times was worth it to see Asuka mock it. I don't know if I'm ready to call Corbin a good big match worker yet. Jordan and Gable are kinda fucking awesome, and the tourney finals was the worst match on the show. He is 10 times better as a heel, and I've been really impressed with his ability to keep up with and bump for smaller guys.
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    OMG! Dusty with the chain assisted Beauty Shot.
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    I was blocked by Punk on Twitter. I am way too proud of that.
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    Thanks for this. Grant Ward is maybe my favourite Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. character since Turn, Turn, Turn in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season One. I grew to like the red suit in Daredevil Season One. Hoping the concept art reflects a new all red suit in Daredevil Season Two. The white on the ground reflects the Punisher's skull logo.
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    This is joined mid-joke, but it's part of my comedy set from Sunday at the Westport Funny Bone in St. Louis. Had a really fun weekend (and paid gigs are always a nice perk). (For the record, feedback is welcome, positive or negative. I do get a bit robotic in my delivery, so I'm aware of that much...LOL.)
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    Alleged photo of Duke Williams leaving the Auburn athletic complex
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    I know the feeling you're talking about, it sucks. When I get prescribed an oral steroid when I have really bad skin problems I get like that. Came pretty close to throttling one of my friends for doing something REALLY stupid at the Lucha Underground tapings, for example. Full on Big Poppa Pump shit. Good times.
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    Bad news is, my comeback as a manager has been cut off and finished, due to various reasons that are too boring to get into. (I did get to work the main event of a show that raised over $2K for a cancer-stricken child, so it was worth it just for that. I donated my cane as an auction item and it actually brought in $40.) Good news is, it's because I'm now the main play by play commentator for ECCW. I started up last Saturday in Vancouver and had some good chemistry already. I can't wait to start on the third phase of this bizarre little career of mine.
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    That's crazy! 'The Bad Seed's a perfectly entertaining little flick about an evil child. The ending is kinda lame because of the film code, plus the post-movie credits stuff where the mom spanks the little girl and smiles for the camera is the worst pandering "See? She's not really evil, we're friends!" thing I've maybe ever seen in a film. But, who cares, the girl's so evil and it's such a nasty little film that it's really enjoyable.
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    That works. Everyone has through the weekend and then I will see where I am at and make adjustments accordingly
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