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    But she thought she could change him.
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    Vince Russo made it but he was only supposed to email it to Mike Tenay.
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    And Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, MVP, and Gail Kim sitting in a jail cell, when Angle says to MVP, "Did you see that midget jerking off in a trash can when we came in?" MVP: "Yeah ... but you know, I keep thinking I've seen something like that before." Angle: (pause) "You know, you may be right." fade out The ending should be a young Vince Russo holding a Impact Zone snow globe.
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    It sucks that TNA wrestlers will be looking for a job but from what I understand, there are only a small handful of guys making decent money (Angle, Bubba, etc) and those guys are already set. The guys constricted by TNA contracts but aren't able to make ends meet who have talent should be able to make as much on the Indys or somewhere. Those who can't find a gig are probably saving themselves from even more pain and suffering when they get old and probably shouldn't be in a ring anyway. People make the argument that with TNA, at least there is another option for wrestlers. My argument has always been that bad wrestling shows hurt the long term viability of wrestling as a whole and that wrestling as an artform won't exist much longer anyway if bad companies are allowed to exist even though they are proven failures. It only serves to shrink the wrestling fanbase, not expand it.
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    That car is too hot to claim as your own or take to a pay and spray.
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    In other news: Still dead. Still Catholic. Still in the woods.
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    Saw this Zentorno on the streets of NYC the other day. Is it wrong that I wanted to shoot the driver as he left his lunch at Chipotle?
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    It should end with Eric Young waking up from a nightmare, and he's suddenly back to 2000 when he jobbed to Val Venis on Velocity. He breathes a sigh of relief, thanks God and Dusty Rhodes, and then it fades to black.
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    If that's the one thing that bugs you about that shithouse school, well, you're a Notre Dame fan alright.
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    I'm gonna use my daily limit of likes in this thread.
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    Honestly when I thought of what would eventually kill TNA, "a misdirected email" was not one of them. One last swerve, I guess.
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    Cuz Russo's the fucking moron that, when he got a job and was told he had to keep it on the down-low, CC'ed Mike Johnson on an email? Apparently he meant to send it to Mike Tenay but it did that thing where it went to Mike Johnson instead. It happens a lot. Too many Mikes in the world = TNA's doom. Only in wrestling can a whole promotion possible get shut down because of a misdirected e-mail.
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    From Da Meltz: Dixie still bullshitting until the very end.
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    Freakin' tornado came right up Mel's ass, right in his section of town. I think it didn't get his exact area. Friend of mine lives near him and reported no damage. One dude moved his four cars into his barn to keep them from being damaged by hail. The tornado flattened the barn. Nothing happened in the middle of town. It's raining harder now than it rained during the tornado. Fun watching the TV station freak the fuck out.
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    He was just like, "Well, I can scratch that appointment with the urologist off my to-do list."
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    I can only.assume this was taken right after a light tube shot?
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    I work in cable, and you'd be amazed at the amount of people who call and ask me about the WWE Network, or how to watch Main Event, etc. There is definitely a LARGE number of fans not aware of how this works. It amazes me that someone would be willing to sit on hold with a cable company for three hours but doesn't have the patience to wait two seconds until Cole and Lawler walk them through every step for subscription multiple times in each match.
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    I work in cable, and you'd be amazed at the amount of people who call and ask me about the WWE Network, or how to watch Main Event, etc. There is definitely a LARGE number of fans not aware of how this works.
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    Jesus man, you JUST got married a month ago
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    Well - they moved over before that. Also, Rogers have Brunt - and he's pretty much the best sports writer in Canada
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    HE TOLD ME ENOUGH. HE TOLD ME YOU KILLED HIM... and that negotiations with Spike are ongoing.
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    I said it was great, too. Of course, I meant it was great for the Browns...
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    I saw him and Sydal against Do FIXER live, and that was pretty great. And we really can't let Styles, or TNA, pass by without mentioning this:
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    To me this is as much Jeff Jarrett's fault as anyone's. Jarrett constantly got in the way of the growth of TNA.
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    Re: The moves and stuff for bad guys/good guys I guess I am just too old for this new style of everyone gets cheered. Judging by most of the crowds that have been dead for a long while, they are too. Imagine if The Freebirds and Von Erich BOTH got cheered in Texas.. Would their battles be any more exciting? Probably not. What if Lawler wasn't so beloved in Memphis that regular joes in the crowd weren't willing to climb the cage in that match with Austin Idol? Wrestling's most beloved matches are because the crowd gets invested into because the good guy/bad guy dynamic. If the bad guy starts getting cheered, doesn't that defeat the point?
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    I'd be shocked if any network would pay them for TV now. I could see someone taking them for free, but I think Spike's money was the only thing really keeping them afloat.
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    Okay, thoughts on the 7/27 Korakuen show...at this point, if you were interested in it at all, you've probably already seen the results, so just a heads up that I'm dispensing with spoilers since they no longer seem necessary.... First of all, I arrived at the show late, entering right at the end of SUSHI vs. Menso-re Oyaji. I actually thought that the fact that I could still buy a ticket and enter was a bad sign regarding the attendance. I was completely wrong. The place was packed; if not an actual sell-out, then really close to it. In addition, it was a really hot crowd (on a dreadfully hot day). I've seen All Japan at Korakuen multiple times now in the last 10 years, and it was never like this. The Dory Funk Jr. match was on next, and man, is Dory old. Sorry, Dory. It was a little uncomfortable to watch, and I think the crowd was with me in cheering Dory along to do what he needed to and click on the right spots and then take it home. Which everyone did. If this was Dory's last match in Japan, this would be a good way to wrap it up: big crowd, great reception. Dory is apparently the "President" figurehead now, so that's cool. Omori gets bonus points for heeling it up with Dory, which really got the crowd into the match, despite the occasional slow motion aspect of it all. It was fun, it was nostalgic, it worked for this crowd. Plus, I got to hear the old Funk brothers swanky theme song live, that was a blast! Next up was KENSO/Kengo Mashimo vs. Zeus/Hideki Suzuki. KENSO can be entertaining, and can be lead to a good match here and there, but that's about it, and this match didn't sway my opinion. Standard prelim match, nothing terrible, and a few nice spots from Suzuki and Mashimo. I really like both those guys, lots of upside. Due to being up against DK, Suzuki had to play face in this one, which wasn't his strong suit. Rather awkward. The crowd really got into Zeus, though; he's not really anything special to me, but he's certainly trying to make an impression. He made an impassioned speech about joining All Japan after the match, and the crowd got into it. I guess he might be a regular soon as well. He does have charisma, I'll give him that. I'm not sure when this happened (I think before the six-man with Dory), but here's another spoiler (sans the tag): Brother Yasshi returned. He came out and made a cryptic speech. Honestly, the crowd was lukewarm to this. Of course, they were surprised at first, but I could sense Yasshi is not really the type of wrestler they want to see at this point, myself included. Dark Kingdom would make the most sense to me. The Akiyama/Kanemaru vs. Miyahara/K. Suzuki match is where things really started cooking. Short but sweet, Akiyama was his usual surly self, and he made sure the match went where it needed to go. Miyahara with a significant win here, that was clearly the story. They have a future star with this guy, and they picked a great time to showcase him. Due to the attendance, there is a renewed interest in this promotion, and making it clear that Miyahara is a star on the rise, even though more diehard fans already knew that, was really smart booking. Irie and Ishii defended the tag titles against Takeshi Minnamino and Mitsuya Nagai next. A good match, but nothing I would call great, although there were some nice moments near the end. The tag champs were clearly a level above their challengers, so the right team won. Mitsuya Nagai is a lot bigger than I imagined, actually. Minnamino is also a good pick-up for All Japan; I'm not sure if I see him as a top level guy, but he's got a fun character and he worked well bumping around for Irie and Ishii, and you should always have guys like that on the roster. Miyahara and Suzuki stepped up to challenge for the titles at the end, and that's absolutely a match I'd like to see. Aoki and Sato for the junior title was up next. Really intense, well-laid out match. The crowd was rowdy all night, but quieted down at times during this, not out of boredom, but out of keen interest in following along. The finish could be seen as a little flat, but given the logical aspect of where this match was going, it didn't detract from my overall enjoyment. Good stuff. Finally, Suwama vs. Doering. Dory's back to make the introductions. First of all, there was a REALLY vocal contingent of fans close to where I was sitting that called out "JOE! JOE! JOE!" pretty much from the get-go, and if anything, that spread throughout the crowd by the end of the match. As expected, both guys laid it in heavy, Joe in particular. Suwama sold most of the match, and this really helped the crowd to be fully convinced of Joe's superiority. Suwama did the tried and true make the other guy look like a million bucks routine, and it paid off brilliantly in the end. The ending was of course a surprise, but the crowd really took to it almost immediately. It was a really cool moment which made me glad I went, although I had no idea this outcome would be the thing that would put it over the top for me. Joe soaked up the cheers for a while and everyone went home happy. I'm sure there will be some debate about putting the title on Joe here, but honestly, it couldn't have been executed any better. You had the crowd leaving with something really neat that they just saw, the buzz was definitely there. Doering, Irie/Ishii, Miyahara and Aoki all looking strong. That works for me. Of course, it really helps to have a near sell-out crowd that was more than willing to be vocal. I have no idea if All Japan can keep up the momentum, and to be brutally honest, their match quality is still a bit dodgy at times, but there's definitely more positives than negatives at this stage for this promotion, if last night is any indication...
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    If they really told indy promoters to wait until today to book people because they'd be cheaper, the talent should sue the Carters for every last penny they have.
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    Rampage was offered the first spot in British Bootcamp 2 Yay??????
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    No, it was server maintenence I think. I got back on just in time to get a Gold level ranking for the Devil Walker group interaction. Also managed to get through the Devil's Lair with two of the worst randoms ever. Got a proper cloak for my Hunter to replace the shitty Makeshift Scarf just in time for the beta to end; BOOOOOO!!!!
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    I'm still trouble shooting this *while at work, trying to do...you know...work*, I saw that we need at least four members to start a clan, Fresh wasn't showing up as a member so he got demoted *temporarily, trying to get us up and running to get the in-game clan tag thing or whatever. Also, you have to go into the group, and set it as your Destiny clan. I've created another bungie.net account to troubleshoot this, since obviously I can't do it as an admin of the group/clan. *edit* I'm getting 500 errors on bungie.net using chrome and firefox right now. Bungie.net needs a little break. We're pampering it with some much deserved maintenance. Bungie.net a besoin de prendre une courte pause. Il se laisse présentement dorloter avec une maintenance bien méritée. Merci de repasser plus tard. Bungie.net necesita un respiro. Estamos dándole el cariño necesario para mantenerla en perfecto estado. Vuelve dentro de un rato. Bungie.net braucht 'ne kleine Pause. Wir päppeln es mit wohlverdienter Wartung. In questo momento Bungie.net si sta prendendo un (meritato) momento di pausa, causa lavori in corso. Vi preghiamo di essere pazienti. Bungie.net precisa de uma folga. Estamos mimando-a com uma merecida manutenção.
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    Oh Sheila rules!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqqxx4mXD7U And I still own the 45 to this one...
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    Blade was confined to the non-Marvel Studios thread. I'm excited for Constantine and the Flash, and ambivalent about Arrow, but supposed Batfans have browncoated the movies by fellating Frank Miller's aesthetic and going back to the same well for nearly 30 years. It's as embarrassing as TNA running ECW nostalgia shows in 2014.
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    Saints Trainning camp at The Greenbrier was amazing. Though the Greenbrier looks like they could have shot The Shining there. Highlight of the day was talking to Luke McCown about the sibling rivalry between him and his brother Josh now being in the same division.
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    But if you finish her in 15 minutes, you get the strap and $15,000.
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    Kerry von Erich says "fuck yo piledriver".
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    I kind of wanted, you know, more announcements.
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    I heard that sex with Tully's daughter is frustrating because it takes her 10 minutes to finally get into bed.
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    70s punk/power-pop is my favorite genre of music. GET PREPARED. The greatest song ever written? Quite possibly. The music in the song has such an ethereal quality and matches the lyrics perfectly. And those lyrics? They have so many possible meanings -- A crazy relationship that reminds the lead singer of how he jumps around from love-to-love and is in over his head? A man confronting his heroin addiction? Both? It's really hard to find Elvis Costello doing "Radio, Radio" on Saturday Night Live on YouTube, which is really perfect if you know the backstory. Elvis wanted to do this song, but Lorne Michaels wanted him to do something else. Elvis thought it was because of the song's criticisms of broadcasting. Lorne insists it was a formatting issue. Either way, Elvis Costello changing songs on the fly on national television is the most punk rock thing that has ever happened. Bram Tchaikovsky wrote a bunch of really great songs. This one is his best. This is one of the all-time best power-pop nerd songs. Such an awesome hook and bridge and a transcendent chorus.
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    But, above all else, it sounds like Black Motherfucking Sabbath https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpAi0Srfqtk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Qx1vs2NJ6M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIyjSgbia58
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    Tajiri's working the August 5th, 6th and 7th TV tapings in New York. Nice! This should make for some fun TV.
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    That's the first one that came to my mind as well. At the least they recognized the problem and didnt let it go on long. I'm not a regular follower of TNA, and it seems like they always get a lot of hate, some deserved, some not. That being said, I've always felt like they did the best thing possible in that situation. They delivered a match, somewhat, so as to avoid being accused of bait and switch, and ensured that it was as short as possible, and managed to reasonably maintain order at the same time. The sad thing was that there were three matches on that PPV that were worse. "Restart the match" - "NO!" has got to be the greatest duelling chant ever.
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    The 70's, the decade of classy reggae stuff on tv.
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    Siri, whatta we have here, a couple of teeny wangers?
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