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    Because it's the internet and wrestling dudes make gifs.
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    He's, uh, he's not handling it well. "Impact Fan @EN090 · 2h TNA had better wrestling than WWE and people wouldn't watch. Russo didn't kill TNA, smarks did. FUCK YOU ALL FUCK YOU FUCK YOU #diesmarks" "Impact Fan @EN090 · 2h @davemeltzerWON Congrats on killing another promotion with unsubstantiated rumors and lies. Killing fans confidence. Dixie deserved better." But he's moved on to denial"Impact Fan @EN090 · 24sTNA should go on @WWENetwork TNA has 1.4 million viewers. That would give WWE network over 2 million subscribers at the very least."
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    I'd bet he's thinking, "This sushi is DELICIOUS. Karl, pass the wasabi."
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    Wow, Bubba is almost unrecognizable. Seriously.....I thought that was Chris Hero for a minute.
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    We've already seen the first casualty. EN090 has deleted his Twitter account.
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    TNA's last episode: -Eric Young has it with these fools are drives off to Alaska to start a new life -Magnus fakes his death and becomes a lumberjack -Jeff Jarrett dies in his meth lab -Dixie takes off her mask to reveal...Stephanie McMahon. TNA was a McMahon joke on wrestling fans all along. -Russo sits alone at a diner, makes eye contact with a suspicious man while Don't Stop Believing plays in the background then...CUT TO BLACK.
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    But she thought she could change him.
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    And Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, MVP, and Gail Kim sitting in a jail cell, when Angle says to MVP, "Did you see that midget jerking off in a trash can when we came in?" MVP: "Yeah ... but you know, I keep thinking I've seen something like that before." Angle: (pause) "You know, you may be right." fade out
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    Jae, five minutes ago "What the...there's a whole TNA section of the board? Jeesus why?" *click* "TMZ report that TNA Wrestling is..." *click* "'Vince Russo was the last straw' LOL'" "'Negotiations ongoing but not really' LOL" "'I don't have a twitter' LOL" Well, can't say I'll miss this section.
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    You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day
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    Pour out a little liquor
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    Vince Russo made it but he was only supposed to email it to Mike Tenay.
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    And Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, MVP, and Gail Kim sitting in a jail cell, when Angle says to MVP, "Did you see that midget jerking off in a trash can when we came in?" MVP: "Yeah ... but you know, I keep thinking I've seen something like that before." Angle: (pause) "You know, you may be right." fade out The ending should be a young Vince Russo holding a Impact Zone snow globe.
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    I was trying to quote, like, 32 posts that I wanted to give my appreciation for. But fuck it, this whole thread ... the whole damn thread. That being said ... *ahem* ... "YOU GET A LIKE! YOU GET A LIKE! AND YOU ... YOU GET A LIKE!!"
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    Scrolls Weapon Wheel. Selects Sticky Bomb.
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    Coming this fall to Spike TV...Jim Cornette in Wrestling Rescue.
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    It sucks that TNA wrestlers will be looking for a job but from what I understand, there are only a small handful of guys making decent money (Angle, Bubba, etc) and those guys are already set. The guys constricted by TNA contracts but aren't able to make ends meet who have talent should be able to make as much on the Indys or somewhere. Those who can't find a gig are probably saving themselves from even more pain and suffering when they get old and probably shouldn't be in a ring anyway. People make the argument that with TNA, at least there is another option for wrestlers. My argument has always been that bad wrestling shows hurt the long term viability of wrestling as a whole and that wrestling as an artform won't exist much longer anyway if bad companies are allowed to exist even though they are proven failures. It only serves to shrink the wrestling fanbase, not expand it.
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    Vince Russo:Wrestling Promotions::Ted McGinley:Situation Comedies
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    Triple H having every member of the TNA roster line up one by one to take a Pedigree as the final image of TNA would be kinda cool, I think. Go for it Hunter!
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    Finally, a WON Obit that I won't feel bad about finding so interesting.
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    The only possible reason to buy the TNA library is to set it on fire.
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    Remember way back when Dusty first joined WWE as part of the creative team and a story emerged that they wanted him to learn how to work computers because he apparently didn't have a clue? No? Well, it did happen, as evidenced below.
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    This would be called the denial stage.
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    Amongst all this Devitt signing, TNA imploding news, this cropped up in my facebook timeline, a former DVDVR favorite made his return to his home promotion last night. Pretty epic.
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    "Somebody take the damn cock!!"
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    That car is too hot to claim as your own or take to a pay and spray.
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    Has someone said grumpy?
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    I know he was only in recently but... It wasn't Snitsky's fault!
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    He rates too high. They should send Rosa Mendes and Justin Gabriel to do it.
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    I told my boss today about TNA being canceled. He seems legit disappointed. I think I might work for EN090.
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    Take it somewhere else bub. We're talking about TNA in this brand new TNA section I just found.
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    In other news: Still dead. Still Catholic. Still in the woods.
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    Saw this Zentorno on the streets of NYC the other day. Is it wrong that I wanted to shoot the driver as he left his lunch at Chipotle?
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    "10 years on...AND PEOPLE STILL TALK ABOUT THAT EMAIL. It got mainstream attention, so I don't regret it at all."
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    I can't wait for the Vince Russo response to this. I would bet $1000 it starts with "Okay listen. What people don't understand is.....NO-BODY-WAS-USING-AUTO-FILL at the time that i wrote that email.."
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