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2022 Pro-Wrestling Merchandise Thread

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15 minutes ago, stinger12 said:


Is this belt available anywhere?

Very limited run and amount, and not on WWE shop online.

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Junkshopdog finally has the Giant Baba, Bull Nakano and Dynamite Kid figures available for purchase. Also a Bull Nakano glow in the dark shirt, a Dynamite Kid polo and socks.

Hopefully they aren't sold out by next week when I get paid, I've obviously been waiting a while for the Nakano stuff.

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On 5/10/2022 at 10:58 AM, The Natural said:


I have no idea how any of this works but I hope that Kingston being in the top ten means he's getting some merch money. I also kind of want someone to go back in time four years and tell him that in May 2022, he'd be the best selling action figure behind basically 6 other people (two of them being Reigns and the Undertaker).

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