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2022 Pro-Wrestling Merchandise Thread

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You are darn tootin' that I made it out to Mos Burger before work today to try out those insane-looking Kazuchika Okada co-designed "nikuniku" burgers, only available on March, April, and May 29th. The staff seemed pretty delighted to have two big gaijin come in and specifically ask for those monstrosities.

I started with the spicy nikuniku, which had burger patties for the bun, then layers of lettuce, sweet Korean style BBQ rib meat (カルビ), lettuce, jalapenos, grilled chicken thigh, and lettuce. Pretty danged tasty! There were a lot of sliced jalapenos, but they were extremely mild. My mouth did not burn. It was surprisingly somehow not heavy eating and I also ate a nikunikuniku burger which had more カルビ but no jalapenos. 

My friend Juan (of Jaun and Yoko of The Lion Marks website, a very nice guy who has ties to New Japan gaijin staff like  Chris Charleton and Kevin Kelly and was the perfect dude to enjoy Okada burgers with) had the "kinnikunikuniku burger" which has cabbage and a soy patty. I'll try to get one of those a month from now.

Anyway, even two of those monsters didn't sit all that heavily in my stomach. They came in at around 525 calories each, a ridiculous total of 75 grams of protein for the duo I consumed. They came in a wax paper holder, which is good because they were messy eating. 

100 percent definitely worth having gone (slightly) out of my way for. Very glad I got to try them!





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7 hours ago, zendragon said:

Are those shorts available stateside?

I don't know, since I don't live in America ?

Apparently they are sold out in Japan now! Maybe I got the last pair.


Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling Long Boxer Shorts, Tomohiro Ishii XL 3445057138 https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B08YY6WP1N/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_i_TNMTAA9DBDQF8KADWQR3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1?

They still have Tanahashi ones (and also Sanada and Naito).


 "Hiroji Kabashi" ?

I seriously considered buying this one:

Thirteen One Sweatshirt, Top and Bottom Set, Men's, Jersey, Long Sleeve, Stylish, Sportswear, Training Wear, Loungewear, Fashionable, Casual, Sporty, Cool, Simple, All Seasons https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07BHFGQV3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_i_22BNA99K5H90M124XNHJ

(If for some reason the link doesn't work or you have to sign in to amazon.jp to see it or whatever, it's a black sweatsuit with an "HDA" logo. Nothing to do with Kawada & Taue, though. It literally stands for "Hood Dy Air." Which is why I don't own one now).

Also, this shirt has nothing (directly) to do with pro wrestling but it might be mildly amusing to anyone who can read a little Japanese.



Basically, it says "booze"


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