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  1. Wow Saya won. Time to close this thread and give the award to Saya. Hooray.
  2. Have to see if Conan will be erased out of Marvel continuity. They're losing the license again.
  3. New AEW trademark, BLOOD MOON RISING. Seems for PPV's. Increasing the amount of PPV's a year.
  4. WWE filed to trademark Giovanni Vinci and for short name Gio Vinci. Bloody Brutes became the Brawling Brutes instead. Remains to be seen how the Men's tags will be booked going forward, if they're dual branded or mostly for Smackdown. If the undisputed titles are for Smackdown only, then Raw has no tags or top mens title. So for Raw then...U.S., Womens, 24/7 title. Both brands share the women tags.
  5. Old man Fujita starting from scratch He will be in the opening singles match soon.
  6. WWE pulled all of Sasha Banks and Naomi's merch off WWEShop.com and removed them from the rosters on their website.
  7. Max Dupri is LA Knight's new name. The WWE Women tags are vacant and will be crowned new champs later. The Uso's unified the mens tags.
  8. T Hawk aims to be beyond the Ace of AJPW. Yuma had his chance but can't be considered Ace now. Really he is the "rival".
  9. Leak out there with the titles. It was taken down. Remember plans can still change.
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