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6 hours ago, NoFistsJustFlips said:

My guess, Rechsteiner sounds too much like Rex Steiner. They decided to change it so if he leaves he can't sow up somewhere as Rechsteiner (one word) that sounds exactly like Rex Steiner. Of coarse now if he leaves he can be Bron Steiner since Bron is his legal first name. Bron Steiner isn't similar enough to sound like Bron Breakker. But this is them over thinking themselves into a shoot.

that would also explain names like Wreck Steiner or Brick Steiner not being candidates (of course, they might choose to not have a Brick as long as Brock Lesnar is around)

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McGillicutty has to be up there, if not the winner. I actually dug Husky Harris (and Skip Sheffield). Bull Dempsey was a name I could get down with too, but should’ve gone to a trucker that just breaks arms and arm wrestles.

For your consideration: Brayden Walker, The Viking Experience

If Sylvester Turkay wasn’t the dude’s real name, it’d be on the list. 

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Oney Lorcan?  Not sure that counts.  IRRC, the former Biff Busick suggested that himself (if true, that's probably an argument in favor of the random name generator).

Orcan or the already mentioned Digg Rawlis would probably be my picks.  

46 minutes ago, eikerir said:

I still can’t get used to Kassius Ohno.

Didn't Hero either suggest that himself or at least pick it from the list of suggestions?  I might be wrong, but I'm thinking Hero wanted a name with the initials KO to riff off his Knockout Kid gimmick.


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1 hour ago, Ultimo Necro said:

Oh lord, just realised that Bronn Brekker will just be “Brekker” when he gets that main roster call up. 

Which brings up Riddle and Murphy being terrible WWE names.

"He's a breaker, he will take ya/destroying all around you..." - "Breaker", Accept

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8 minutes ago, BobbyWhioux said:

All the Storms, Pages, and Cages should start kayfabing that they’re related. Greatest wrestling families, etc

I could dig face Adam and heel Ethan Page being cousins that don't really get into each other's business but unite in a time of need like the Garvins did with Cornette nearly blinded Ronnie.

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16 minutes ago, BobbyWhioux said:

Best bad WWE name belongs to Roman’s older cousin and predecessor Luther Reigns.

My favorite running gag on What Happened When is Conrad insisting Teijo Khan is related (Tony's uncle) to Shad and Tony Khan to the point where it legit got back to TK.

Re: Robbie Steiner's kid having a shitty 80s B-movie villain name that probably came from an online generator

Based on the naming convention, maybe someone is a NBA fan and wanted something along the lines of Von Wafer and Thon Maker.

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26 minutes ago, Stefanie the Human said:

I'm thinking that's the roster of the Festival de Lucha pilot taping, since I see what I think is Blitzkrieg's head poking up in the back over Psicosis' shoulder.

I think you are correct. Garza is wearing a Festival de Lucha t shirt, and that is absolutely Blitzkrieg.

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3 hours ago, Stefanie the Human said:

He never did give Jericho's Loverboy tape back, did he?

He did, eventually, but it still ended in tears, because he took so long that Jericho no longer had a functioning tape recorder to play it on.

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